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Full Name: Christopher Bond
Nationality: British
Organization: British Intelligence
Occupation Agent

Creator: Wyndham Martyn
Time Span: 1933 - 1952


Christopher Bond is an agent with British Intelligence.

At least he becomes one at the start of the hostilities of WWII. Prior to that he is known as an adventurer and, on at least one instance, a "famous criminologist". He is also referred to as "a young man with a thirst for excitement and adventure ... smiling, fearless and eager for adventure. He seems to be able to smell trouble, for he certainly finds plenty of it."

According to The Mystery Fancier, "Bond is an adventurer, always looking for trouble. During the war years the British use his reckless powers to combat the Nazis." Prior to the start of that horrible War, however, Bond had already made a name for himself in some intelligence circles as a good man to have on their side in combating foreign agents.

He did this through his primary profession "based upon the theory - abundantly proved - that many rich and famous men were likely to become victims, at some time or another, of blackmailers, who had ferreted out old and almost forgotten follies which could, by judicious manipulation, be magnified many diameters, and cause distress to the victim's family. It was [his] profession to stand as their defender and champion against such criminal actions. And this very often thrust him definitely into danger zones."

In doing these defenses, Bond would on several occasions find that the would-be victims were men of important standing in the government and the blackmailers were foreign operatives out to inflict grave damage to the security of the Crown. In solving several of these matters, Bond had earned the respect and appreciation of several high-ranking leader of British Intelligence who would quickly learn who to call upon in such matters.

In his preparatory school, Bond had been a bit of a rebellious sort, "an individualist .. not invariably recommended to his housemaster and tutors" (apparently not a good thing). Later at Oxford, he had "persisted in the fascinating but forbidden game of roof climbing". Further, there was "a cheery sort of insolence about [him] that some people hated" but which others did not.

Bond would greatly expand on this adventurousness by traveling all over his homeland and then onto the Continent. He fell in love with flying and quickly became proficient at it. He went so far as to spend a great deal of time as a volunteer test-pilot, logging according to him at one point "1500 air-hours". His love of aviation extends to knowing every part of a plane such that as a mechanic he felt confident he could take apart and reassemble any aircraft.

But even more than flying, Bond loved being in the thick of intrigue and mystery and going up against foreign agents seemed just the ticket.


Number of Books:9
First Appearance:1933
Last Appearance:1952

1 Christopher Bond, Adventurer Christopher Bond, Adventurer
Written by Wyndham Martyn
Copyright: 1933

Many years ago a rich and influential man had loved a woman named Lucy Grey and written to her numerous intense letters of devotion. Now several decades later with that lady long deceased, the letters have been uncovered and a much younger American actress with the same name is working with others to claim it was to she that the letters were written. Considering the current age difference now and the nature of the letters, the scandal would be huge. Christopher Bond is determined to stop it.

2 The Spies of Peace The Spies of Peace
Written by Wyndham Martyn
Copyright: 1934

"Christopher Bond - a young man with a thirst for excitement and adventure ... smiling, fearless and eager for adventure. He seems to be able to smell trouble, for he certainly finds plenty of it in the gripping story."

3 The Denmede Mystery The Denmede Mystery
Written by Wyndham Martyn
Copyright: 1936

[plot unknown]

4 The Marrowby Myth The Marrowby Myth
Written by Wyndham Martyn
Copyright: 1938

[plot unknown] Bond is described in the blurb as a "Famous criminologist"

5 Noonday Devils Noonday Devils
Written by Wyndham Martyn
Copyright: 1939

A millionaire approaches Christopher Bond with "an elaborate proposition to rid his daughter, Ruth, of an undesirable lover". This in turn leads Bond to discover that Ruth and her father were in fact dangerous spies stealing secret documents from the government. "Bond embarked upon a delicate plan to counter treachery with treachery."

6 Capture Capture
Written by Wyndham Martyn
Copyright: 1940

"To the beautiful, unscrupulous Emillie Borsht, head of a highly dangerous group of Nazi agents, Christopher Bond was an unprincipled adventurer living on his wits - a soul to be twisted as she pleased." Deals with his working his way into her inner circle to stop them destroying a new secret base.

7 Shadow Agent Shadow Agent
Written by Wyndham Martyn
Copyright: 1941

"When Christopher Bond and his faithful henchman, Binns, accepted an unsavoury and dangerous case of blackmail they were prepared for the usual hectic period of violence. And they were far from disappointed. But the case developed into something much more formidable: they stumbled across a powerful conspiracy to render the might of Britain impotent - which would place her at the mercy of terrorists and then, finally, of the dictator tyrannies."

8 Cairo Crisis Cairo Crisis
Written by Wyndham Martyn
Copyright: 1945

"Wing-Commander Christopher Bond is active in counter-espionage work in war-time Egypt."

9 The Chromium Cat The Chromium Cat
Written by Wyndham Martyn
Copyright: 1952

[plot unknown]


My goodness, how I enjoyed the writing style of the author, Wyndham Martyn. Far too many books of the era in which he plied his trade felt it necessary to make their adventures plodding and dry. Not so with Martyn who makes sure that the action takes priority and lets nothing slow down the moving from one fun scene to another.

And Christopher Bond is a hoot of an adventurer, anxious to get deep into trouble somewhere. In that he share a terrific kinship to Simon Templar, aka the Saint. They also have in common an intense desire to bring malefactors to justice, if not always the law.


My Grade: B


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