1874 - 1963

Writing as: Wyndham Martyn

According to Al Hubin, Hosken was born in England but moved to the U.S. after the turn of 20th century. He was for a time the editor of The New Yorker and Pearson's Magazine.

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Series Books
Christopher Bond Christopher Bond, Adventurer (1933)
  The Spies of Peace (1934)
  The Denmede Mystery (1936)
  The Marrowby Myth (1938)
  Noonday Devils (1939)
  Capture (1940)
  Shadow Agent (1941)
  Cairo Crisis (1945)
  The Chromium Cat (1952)
Other The Man Outside (1910)
  All The World To Nothing (1912)
  Under Cover (1914)
  Anthony Trent, Master Criminal [Anthony Trent] (1922)
  The Secret of the Silver Car [Anthony Trent] (1922)
  The Return of Anthony Trent [Anthony Trent] (1923)
  The Mysterious Mr. Garland [Anthony Trent] (1923)
  The Bathurst Complex aka The Murder in Beacon Street (1924)
  The Recluse of Fifth Avenue (1925)
  Trent of the Lone Hand [Anthony Trent] (1927)
  The Triumphant Prodigal (1928)
  Anthony Trent: Avenger [Anthony Trent] (1928)
  Murder Island [Anthony Trent] (1928)
  The Death Fear [Anthony Trent] (1929)
  The Social Storming (1930)
  The Trent Trail [Anthony Trent] (1930)
  The Scarlett Murder [Anthony Trent] (1931)
  The Great Ling Plot [Anthony Trent] (1933)
  Death By The Lake [Anthony Trent] (1934)
  Nightmare Castle [Anthony Trent] (1935)
  Criminals All [Anthony Trent] (1935)
  The House of Secrets [Anthony Trent] (1936)
  The Blue Ridge Crime [Anthony Trent] (1937)
  The Old Manor Crime [Anthony Trent] (1937)
  Murder Walks The Deck [Anthony Trent] (1938)
  Trent Fights Again [Anthony Trent] (1939)
  The Ghost City Killings [Anthony Trent] (1940)
  The Headland House Affair [Anthony Trent] (1941)
  Men Without Faces [Anthony Trent] (1943)
  The Last Scourge [Anthony Trent] (1946)
  Stones of Enchantment [Anthony Trent] (1948)
  Manhunt in Murder [Anthony Trent] (1950)