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Full Name: Paul Rocher
Series Name: Paul Rodgers
Codename: Red Wolf
Nationality: British
Organization: British Intelligence
Occupation Agent

Creator: William J. Makin
Time Span: 1932 - 2015


       Paul Rocher is an agent with British Intelligence.
       Known as the Red Wolf of Arabia, Rocher, though an Englishman, is every bit an Arab. His knowledge of the terrain of the Arabian Peninsula is certainly as good as its citizens and usually considerably better. While it is never expressly stated that he has been to virtually every community on that huge tract of land, it would be a safe bet based on his displayed experience to go with his having come close. This includes the holy cities of Mecca and Medina, the former being supposedly off limits to nonbelievers.
       Despite there being a good number of short adventures written about Rocher, he is surpisingly a mystery. How he came to be so firmly entrenched in the Middle East is never explained and how he got so well connected with the powers that be in so many parts of the region is also unknown. What is known is that he is both of those - entrenched and well connected. British governors and local police commanders routinely ask for his help and in return often readily provide their resources. Still, most of the missions that Rocher undertakes invariably putting himself in harm's way and occasionally paying for it.
       When not chasing down gun runners or saboteurs or assassins, Rocher is often found in establishments where he can either enjoy listening to good music on the piano or, if no is available, providing it himself. From the comments made by others, Rocher is very much a virtuoso and apparently had career potential in that industry. It is hard to imagine, though, Rocher living in a city for long as his love of the immensely open deserts like the Sahara in Africa and the Empty Quarter in Saudi Arabia is just too great.
       One very important fact about Rocher is the reason for his being known as the Red Wolf. Though Rocher's skin is naturally darkened by so many years spent in the sun, his bright red hair shows instantly that he is not from around these parts and there are more than one occasion when having his keffiyeh pulled off his head has revealed his identity. Invariably, he takes such dangers with a customary laugh at both himself and his fates.

Note: in the American versions, the man was known as Paul Rodgers but since the British versions came technically first, that is the name I have chosen to use.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:1933
Last Appearance:2015

1 The Adventures of Red Head of the Red Sea The Adventures of Red Head of the Red Sea
aka Red Head of the Red Sea
Written by William J. Makin
Copyright: 1933

Collection of 7 stories, 5 of which are definitely about Paul Rocher.
The five known Rocher stories are:
A King Goes By
The Man Who Sold Beds
The Dhow That Sailed to Nowhere
The Three-Four Flash
Thirteen Men at the Opera
The two possible Rocher stories are:
The Black Mantle
The Woman with the Celluloid Doll

2 Red Sea Spy Red Sea Spy
Written by William J. Makin
Copyright: 1936

Collection of 13 stories, 5 of which are definitely about Paul Rocher.
The five known Rocher stories are:
The Merchant of Mohka
The Gold Ship
A Queen of Sheba
Jerusalem Express
The Mines of Sheba's Queen
The 8 possible Rocher stories are:
The Four Guests
Lost Dhows
Parasol in the Desert
A Slave Is Bought
The Slave Trail
The Tulip Garden
Two Heads Are Better ...
Wings Over Aden

3 The Garden of TNT The Garden of TNT
Written by William J. Makin
Copyright: 2015

Subtitled The Collected Adventures of the Red Wolf of Arabia. It contains the 31 stories mentioned in the Novella section.
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Number of Stories:31
First Appearance:1932
Last Appearance:1944


       I totally adored this series. I state that up front so there is no confusion. These are spy stories as well as terrific adventure tales and having spent a moderate amount of time in the Middle East eons ago, I love the settings for them. Now, I never visited any of the exotic sites that Rocher deals in but the author definitely lets me think I was there, albeit 50 years ago.
       Now this is NOT a quibble. This British agent has flaming red hair, a most definite tell, and even though he often keeps his head covered, when he is not he is instantly recognized. He takes this as it comes and that becomes an endearing aspect to the stories. I mean, he has such a ho-hum reaction to being unmasked.
       I am pleased that the collection of Paul Rocher stories have been re-released. I wish it was also in ebook format and perhaps someday it will be but these are darn good stories and worth reading.


My Grade: A-


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