1893 - 1944

Writing as: William J. Makin

Series Books
Paul Rocher The Woman of Antioch (ss) (1932)
  The Desert of the Singing Sands (ss) (1932)
  The Adventures of Red Head of the Red Sea (1933)
  The Dhow That Sailed To Nowhere (ss) (1933)
  Miracle in the Desert (ss) (1933)
  The Secret of Zogra Island (ss) (1933)
  Three Dead Camels (ss) (1933)
  Thirteen Men (ss) (1933)
  It Happened in Port Said (ss) (1933)
  The Jerusalem Express (ss) (1933)
  The Merchant of Mocha (ss) (1934)
  Red Sea Pearls (ss) (1934)
  The Drums of Omdurman (ss) (1934)
  Death in the Desert (ss) (1934)
  The Gold Ship (ss) (1934)
  The Garden of TNT (ss) (1934)
  The Lion of Judah (ss) (1935)
  The Planes That Never Returned (ss) (1935)
  The Queen of Sheba (ss) (1935)
  The Gorge of Terror (ss) (1935)
  The Mines of Sheba's Queen (ss) (1936)
  The Return of the Red Wolf (ss) (1936)
  Red Sea Spy (1936)
  The Assassins of Angorc (ss) (1937)
  The Blue Oasis (ss) (1937)
  The Murder Club of Baghdad (ss) (1938)
  The Dogs of Istanbul (ss) (1938)
  The Treasure of Abdul the Damned (ss) (1938)
  Bethlehem—1939 (ss) (1939)
  The Elusive General (ss) (1939)
  London Blackout (ss) (1940)
  Orient Express (ss) (1940)
  The Thirteenth Man (ss) (1944)
  The Garden of TNT (2015)