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Full Name: Eva Driscoll
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Alan McDermott
Time Span: 2018 - 2023


Eva Driscoll is an agent with the CIA.

That is very important to her back-story as it shows clearly how well trained she is and just how effective she can be in a 'situation' but her involvement with the Agency from the start of the first recorded adventure is quite limited because from the moment we meet her, she is setting things up to be a rogue agent.

As a child she had been extremely close yet very competitive with her brother Jeff and when he opted for the military rather than college, she took the same route a couple months later. Still having fun trying to best each other though they were not stationed together, Driscoll was pleased to have gotten her first stripe just before him and was eager to keep the vying going. Then Jeff one-up'ed her by going into the Special Forces which at the time were off limits to females. She felt there was no way to ever top that in the military so she made a huge switch and joined the CIA.

As she put it, "they took one look at my school and military records and offered me a role in clandestine services". That gave her an opportunity to really push herself but the secretive nature of her work prevented her from telling anyone what she really did, including Jeff, so as far as he knew, she worked for the DMV. For the next few years, her work would keep getting more dangerous and she would continue to prove just how good she could be.

She would still be doing it if someone hadn't killed her brother. At that moment, nothing was more important than finding out who was behind the deaths of him and two others soldiers with whom he served.

Driscoll is described as "stunningly beautiful, but not in a conventional way. She had the slightest of overbites and her top lip rose at the center. Her nose also seemed a little pointed, but her imperfections somehow came together to create the most captivating face [he] had ever seen." To one man who would become an intricate part of her world, her most compelling feature was her eyes. "He'd never seen eyes like hers. They looked like emeralds, the brightest green he'd ever seen, and the shape hinted at Asian ancestry."

As alluring as she is in appearance, to those fighting alongside her and more so to those going up against her, Driscoll's highly competitive nature and her incredible skill set makes her one tremendous fighting machine. Considering the powers that she is combating, she will need to be.


Number of Books:6
First Appearance:2018
Last Appearance:2023

1 Run and Hide Run and Hide
Written by Alan McDermott
Copyright: 2018

Eva Driscoll is experienced with death, being an assassin for the CIA for several years. When her brother told her about the death of a fellow soldier and then died in an apparent suicide afterwards, she goes into action. Unfortunately, those she is up against have tremendous power. Luckily, she had tremendous skills.
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2 Seek and Destroy Seek and Destroy
Written by Alan McDermott
Copyright: 2018

Victorious against her main opponent in her previous mission, Eva Driscoll must still remain in hiding because she made a lot of enemies doing so. Now those foes are going after others she would protect and that really upsets her.
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3 When Death Strikes When Death Strikes
Written by Alan McDermott
Copyright: 2021

"Eva Driscoll and Simon ‘Sonny’ Baines are living the good life. They have money and each other, but most importantly, their enemies think they are dead.
Their new life is shattered when a bar room brawl thrusts them back into the spotlight, and they must evade a psychotic cartel boss and his skilled tracker if they are to survive.
But those are not the only dangers they face. Eva and Sonny must battle their way through unforgiving landscapes, but just when they think they are safe, their world turns upside down once more."
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4 Fight To Survive Fight To Survive
Written by Alan McDermott
Copyright: 2021

Ex-CIA assassin Eva Driscoll has found a new life in Australia and believes she’s outrun the Executive Security Office, the most powerful and secretive organization on the planet.
But the ESO has been watching her every move and when they approach her with a high-risk mission in North Korea, Eva is forced to co-operate with the organization she once vowed to destroy.
But releasing a high-ranking defector proves costly, and Driscoll is captured and imprisoned in a secret camp on the Chinese border."

5 Empires Will Fall Empires Will Fall
Written by Alan McDermott
Copyright: 2023

"Eva Driscoll has discovered a chink in the armour of the ESO, the most powerful organisation on the planet. She plans to exploit it to take them down once and for all, but her plans are interrupted when she discovers that the ESO is targeting a doctor and his family, as well as a college student. Keen to use them as leverage against the ESO, Eva strikes first, only to discover a shocking secret that could change the world forever. "
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6 Ocean Of Wrath Ocean Of Wrath
Written by Alan McDermott
Copyright: 2023

"Caught up in a deadly shooting, Eva sees that the FBI are floundering in their efforts to find the killers, so she’s forced to take matters into her own hands. What looked like a lone gunman turns out to be just one of many fatal attacks, and the mastermind behind them all has something much, much bigger planned. The lives of eight thousand people are at stake, and Eva must risk everything to save them."
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I really enjoyed the heck out of this author's first series. Tom Gray is a very compelling character and the trouble that life throws at him and the way he survives, barely some times, is a joy to read, especially when written as well as the author does it. The connected series, Andrew Harvey, is also a lot of fun because the author thought enough of the readers to bring in additional interesting people to make it its own line.

So, I was excited to see him continue to branch out and was very pleased indeed that he stayed in the same 'universe' while continuing to expand with new and very interesting people. Eva Driscoll is a kick-butt operative but she is human. She is the kind of character I hope to see more of though I am grateful she is fiction and not someone I would run up against.


My Grade: B+


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