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Full Name: Andrew Harvey
Nationality: British
Organization: MI5
Occupation Agent

Creator: Alan McDermott
Time Span: 2014 - 2018


Andrew Harvey is an agent with MI-5.

When we first meet Harvey, he is quite near 40 years of age (he might be approaching it or having just seen it go by). He has been an operative with this British internal security organization for many years and has grown to be one of their most trusted people. After so long in the service, he has acquired a refined sense of honor as well as a fairly reliable BS meter, not to mention just enough diplomatic skill to not get in trouble when that meter pegs too far up.

We encounter Harvey as part of the activities in the "universe" of Tom Gray, a man who fought back against injustice and paid a huge price for doing so. It was Harvey who was one of the key men tasked with stopping Gray from what really amounted to embarrassing the government by taking on the apparently invulnerable people and winning. Harvey walked a fine line between stopping Gray and helping him, enough so a little of both got done.

As time, and the series, continue, Harvey will have other missions which will take his attention and his savvy though once or twice he found being able to call on Gray and Gray's associates in the private security business they set up a very useful asset.

Another person he has at his back and at his side is Sarah, the very experienced former MI-6 who is forced to work with Harvey on an early mission and with whom he would start a deep and caring relationship, despite neither liking the other at first.

So between Harvey's impressive skill set and his girl friend's as well as his now closeness to Gray and company, this makes for a solid team.


Number of Books:7
First Appearance:2014
Last Appearance:2018

First appearing as an important supporting character in the Tom Gray series, Andrew Harvey is active in five of the six adventures, although in the fifth one, he's more the star than the support. Then he got his own solo adventure (well, with his lady friend, Sarah). After that he shows up again in the inaugural Eva Driscoll tale.

1 Gray Justice Gray Justice
Written by Alan McDermott
Copyright: 2014

When the career criminal responsible for the deaths of his family is let off with an incredibly light sentence, Tom Gray decides to make him and a few other scofflaws pay. Andrew Harvey is sent to stop him.
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2 Gray Redemption Gray Redemption
Written by Alan McDermott
Copyright: 2014

Tom Gray has decided to return to England to clear his name but there are several high ups in the government who want him and his friends dead. Andrew Harvey plays a supporting role.
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3 Gray Retribution Gray Retribution
Written by Alan McDermott
Copyright: 2014

Though recuperating from an altercation stopping some robbery thugs, Tom Gray finds out some friends of his are in trouble in Africa going up against a warlord grabbing kids to fight as soldiers. He decides he must help.
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4 Gray Vengeance Gray Vengeance
Written by Alan McDermott
Copyright: 2015

When an African militia with a grudge against Tom Gray starts a series of attacks in England, Gray and his daughter become two of their highest priorities.
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5 Gray Salvation Gray Salvation
Written by Alan McDermott
Copyright: 2016

The killing of an MI5 operative is related to the death of a Russian informer. Andrew Harvey is the agent assigned to find the killer but he soon becomes the lead suspect and his own girl friend and fellow agent, Sarah, is the one picked to bring him in. When things get even worse, Tom Gray is asked to lend a hand.
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6 Trojan Trojan
Written by Alan McDermott
Copyright: 2017

MI5 has learned that a new weapon just developed is now in enemy hands. Andrew Harvey is the lead in finding it. When he finds a murdered woman during his search, he and his colleague and girl friend, Sarah, know that London is the target.
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7 Run and Hide Run and Hide
Written by Alan McDermott
Copyright: 2018

CIA Eva Driscoll is usually the one going after the bad guys to dispatch them but now, looking into the death of her brother, she becomes the target as she rescues another would-be victim, Rees Colback. Needing more help, she calls upon Andrew Harvey.
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A good solid character in a good solid series. What's not to like? I have no complaints, that's for sure. Harvey was obviously intended to be a supporting role and he did mighty well at that and when he was given a chance to take the lead, he did that well also. And in another series in the Tom Gray universe, he will again have an important part.

I love multiple series that have interconnections like this. It can make it a tad challenging to follow what order things should be read but that is just details. The fun is seeing the interaction and I hope the author keeps this going.


My Grade: B+


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