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Full Name: Jeff Fortner
Codename: Solitary Man
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: C. G. Faulkner
Time Span: 2009 - 2010


Jeff Fortner is an agent with the CIA.

This is the CIA at the end of the 60s, solidly in the midst of the Cold War with the KGB, an agency seeing enemies spies behind every bush, probably because they were in fact there. No enemy plot was too outlandish to be true and vigilance was key. Which makes the trouble that Fortner encounters in the first recorded adventure rather interesting because the plot he uncovers is exactly what the doctor (or Director) ordered and no one wants to believe him.

Fortner is 28 years old when we first meet him. He is a decorated soldier from service in the Vietnam War which is still going strong as the stories take place in the late 60s to early 70s. He is a man who has paid his dues through at least two tours in that region as a member of the elite Marine Force Recon, including a brief period as a POW. When rescued by an experience CIA operative, he decides that going into that line of work was what he wanted to do. And this is despite the fact that his father, with whom he has a major conflict, is a now retired CIA legend. It is believed by many in the Agency that the younger Fortner got his start thanks to his old man. The truth is he got it despite the objections of the elder who has nothing but contempt for his son (long story, apparently).

The Fortner we meet is a man who has a quick temper and an inclination to punch people in the face or put them in a choke hold. This sounds like someone with too much aggression but since those "victims" tend to earn it by shoving guns in Fortner's face first, well, maybe his anti-social response is understandable. Over the course of the three books in the series, Fortner will age a bit and wisen a tad but he still likes to show his disapproval quite vigorously.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2009
Last Appearance:2010

1 The Edge Of Reality The Edge Of Reality
Written by C. G. Faulkner
Copyright: 2009

The year is 1969. A Soviet aerospace engineer has leaked the fact that Apollo 11's trip to the moon has been sabotaged. It is the assigned task of Jeff Fortner to learn the truth but after being captured and drugged by the KGB, it is kind of hard to know what is true or not; and who can be trusted or not.
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2 Solitary Man Solitary Man
Written by C. G. Faulkner
Copyright: 2010

In 1970, a North Vietnamese officer wants to take the war with America back to the States to let them experience the destruction. Jeff Fortner is pulled from his cabin in rural Georgia to put a stop to it.
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3 White Room White Room
Written by C. G. Faulkner
Copyright: 2010

After two years of calm working as an instructor at Langley, Jeff Fortner is put back into the field, this time heading to the Soviet Union to meet with a high ranking asset. Things go very wrong and Fortner ends up in a gulag, and that is the bad side.
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After having read so many series over the years, I am always on the lookout for a character with a difference. Mind you, I am not looking necessarily for strange or bizarre or quirky necessarily, just someone that will be noticed - not cookie-cutter. I found it in Jeff Fortner. He has attitude without being a jerk. Bit of a temper, as I mentioned above, but not out of control nor psychopathic - just not willing to put up with idiots.

The series is listed as a trilogy and since there have been no new adventures in the near decade after the last, I am guessing there will not be. In entertainment circles they advise, so I've heard, to always leaving 'em wanting more. The author pulled that off!


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C.G. Faulkner A+ 2020-02-01

Along with James Bond, Jack Ryan, and Matt Helm, this is my favorite series. I may be biased, but I could''ve given myself an A++. However, I believe we all have room for improvement????

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