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Full Name: Marcus Tregay & Sophie Lefévre
Series Name: Sophie and Marcus
Nationality: British, Swiss
Organization: None
Occupation Other - Security Consultant

Creator: Michael Oldham
Time Span: 2011 - 2014


Marcus Tregay and Sophie Lefévre are security consultants.

Together they run a very successful business out of Switzerland named Myrmidon SA, a business that Lefévre's father had started and which she had taken over on his death. She had proven to be as good as he in the management and its reputation had stayed strong. Tregay came along sometime later and, after falling in love with Lefévre and needing something to occupy his time, decided to join her in business as well as personally. His pride and her business acumen, though, meant he had to buy his partnership.

Lefévre sat behind a desk and ran the company, sending her employees around the globe when contracts came in and making sure they were outfitted enough to succeed and survive. This might make some think she was a paper-pusher and not capable of field work. This would be a very costly error in judgment because she made sure she knew as much as possible about the actual work and though she might not have as much real experience as some of her operatives, or of Tregay, she proves over and over she is a quick learner.

Tregay, on the other hand, is new when first we meet them to the security business but not to the type of work they would routinely contract. He had been in the British Royal Marines and then as a long serving member of the elite Special Boat Squadron. In addition, he had found himself, usually without pleasure, being seconded to the SIS and sometimes by extension to the CIA. This left him with sour tastes in his mouth but a tremendous amount of experience dealing with clandestine organizations.

Together they make a very impressive and lethal couple that does not look for trouble on their own but which find it nevertheless.


Number of Books:5
First Appearance:2011
Last Appearance:2014

1 Fire In The Dark Fire In The Dark
Written by Michael Oldham
Copyright: 2011

After Marcus Tregay captured and brought out of Bosnia the war criminal, he expected the man to go on trial and be put away for years. He was wrong and that man, wanting revenge, uses Sophie LeFévre's security company to attack him.
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2 Sun And The Bees Sun And The Bees
Written by Michael Oldham
Copyright: 2011

Why thieves broke into the museum and stole nothing is a mystery. Why they killed a security guard while doing so is a tragedy. When Marcus Tregay and Sophia Lefévre are hired to look into it, the clues lead them into Bulgaria and some nasty VX gas.
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3 Sand In The Soul Sand In The Soul
Written by Michael Oldham
Copyright: 2011

The CIA wants very much to find a terrorist camp in Afghanistan but the last team to look disappeared. Reluctantly, Marcus Tregay, when asked by an old but not too friendly acquaintance, puts together a team but is betrayed while in company.
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4 Snow On The Sea Snow On The Sea
Written by Michael Oldham
Copyright: 2012

The pirates in the Straits of Malacca off Singapore had such success with taking over a cargo ship filled with drugs, they decided to celebrate by snatching a private yacht. On that ship, though, were Marcus Tregay and Sophie Lefévre and they were not so willing to cooperate. Unfortunately, the Singapore government did not like their way of saying no.
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5 Tiger In The Desert Tiger In The Desert
Written by Michael Oldham
Copyright: 2014

The piracy around the Horn of Africa was getting to be a very big problem. Several countries decided private security was in order and Myrmidon SA is asked to put together a rapid response team. Marcus Tregay and Sophie Lefévre, though, soon wonder if some members of their employer group might be working with the pirates.
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I really enjoyed the fast action and excitement of this series. Tregay is not someone to mess with. Neither is Lefévre. He will get you dead very fast. She might take longer but you will get there and likely have legal trouble on the way. Their knowledge of modern weapons and tactics is superb and their lives are such that they get into a lot of different difficulties, keeping the series interesting.

Much of the techno talk I see sounds extremely authentic. It is, of course, way over my head and beyond any experience of mine but the author does not force it down my throat (thanks for that!) but does make it sound completely believable.

It has been a few years since the last book in the series so perhaps the couple's stories are done. I am glad to have the five I do. If you like adventure and action and good writing, you will be glad as well.


My Grade: B+


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