Writing as: Michael Oldham

According to the bio on Amazon: "After qualifying in the United Kingdom both as an architect and a landscape architect, I worked in local government and then private practice for some years, winning several prizes. I maintained an interest in art, specialising in watercolours, and working in silver and gold. I now live in the French Alps, still engaged in a variety of professional activities, as well as pursuing sporting interests including sailing, paragliding, skiing, and mountaineering. Writing is a new departure for me, and a great adventure. If you like fast moving thrillers, exotic locations, and plausible plots, look no further."

Series Books
John Ranger Vladimir's Daughter (2012)
  Babushka's Children (2012)
  Natasha (2017)
Tregay & LefĂ©vre Fire In The Dark (2011)
  Sun And The Bees (2011)
  Sand In The Soul (2011)
  Snow On The Sea (2012)
  Tiger In The Desert (2014)