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Full Name: Rowan Milani
Nationality: American
Organization: Presidential Agent
Occupation Agent

Creator: Mary Yungeberg
Time Span: 2011 - 2022


Rowan Milani is an assassin for the President.

His day job, which he does do quite a lot of when not on special assignment is that of an FBI agent. He is, from all accounts, good at being a special agent and for the most part enjoys it. He is, though, exceptional as an assassin whose main target are terrorists out to hurt Americans.

Milani is a natural-born American, the son of an Iranian immigrant and a feisty woman of Italian descent. Though both ethnicities could give him a swarthy complexion, he definitely leans towards the Persian side which helps a great deal when he needs to infiltrate an organization but causes some trouble for him because of the backlash against Muslims.

Based on the reaction of several women to Milani, he is quite handsome and possesses a powerful magnetism that makes them pay close attention. When his charm and natural inclination to flirt gets thrown in, he adds to the situation which is good for his libido but sometimes not so good with his professionalism. (Still, not a problem in my opinion.)

Something that is a problem, though, is his frequent and some times extended absences from his FBI work while on special assignment for the Chief Executive. Since that work is all extra-legal and therefore hush-hush, it is known to just a couple of people. One, naturally, is his supervisor in the Bureau who can make sure his disappearing is "excused" but that in no way stops his fellow agents from wondering and from being either extremely jealous or downright suspicious and resentful. While he has a close friend or two in the department, he has more than a few detractors.


Number of Books:5
First Appearance:2011
Last Appearance:2022

1 Consumate Betrayal Consumate Betrayal
Written by Mary Yungeberg
Copyright: 2011

Rowan Milani has operated for some time as the President's terrorist assassin even as he uses his FBI job as a cover. Now, his identity has been betrayed by someone close to him and he finds himself the hunted.
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2 Unholy Retribution Unholy Retribution
Written by Mary Yungeberg
Copyright: 2014

With so many people out for his head, it is difficult for Rowan Milani to continue to work for the President, especially now since a deadly Muslin Brotherhood member with serious connections is out to destroy him.
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3 A Different Man A Different Man
Written by Mary Yungeberg
Copyright: 2017

Ruled a terrorist and sent to Egypt's Tora Prison, Rowan Milani is doomed for a short, torture-filled life. Then he is broken out of the facility by people working for a powerful Mafia Don who has some interesting uses for the skilled assassin.
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4 Terminal Redemption Terminal Redemption
Written by Mary Yungeberg
Copyright: 2020

"Rowan Milani is exonerated, free, longing only for peaceful solitude with Danielle Stratton, the woman he loves. Instead, he finds himself indebted to Johnny Giacopino, the world’s most dangerous and influential Mafia Don. They will partner in their own private war.
Meanwhile, ruthless foes have other plans for Rowan. Vindictive FBI Director Leigh Berenger wants him back in solitary confinement. Muslim Brotherhood kingpin Muusa Shemal will not stop until Rowan and Danielle are dead.
Drawn into conflict to defend Danielle, Rowan’s actions put in motion a cataclysmic series of events that spiral out of control, plunging him into a nightmare he can’t escape."
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5 The Man Behind The Shadows The Man Behind The Shadows
Written by Mary Yungeberg
Copyright: 2022

Rowan Milani is living on an estate on a private island and thinking he and those he loves are safe. Unfortunately, his Mafia Don has something he needs help with and his old enemy, Al-Hashimi, wants Milani dead at all costs and FBI agent Craig Stewart want to bring Milani down for good. That's when Milani mistakenly walks into a trap.
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It is impossible to not get the impression that a lot of people really do not like Roman Milani and it is not hard to understand why. I do not think I would have been a big fan of his if we had to work together but since I just had to read about him, that's a different matter. I was a bit confused as to why the strong feelings but either I did not read something I should have or the author did not explain it well enough.

The second book was better at explaining Milani so that is a plus. I have not read the third as of this writing.


My Grade: B


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