Writing as: Mary Yungeberg

According to her website: "Mary Yungeberg has been telling stories all her life, beginning with grade school friends who heard the tale of the pet whale living in her basement, followed by writing short stories in high school and college.

She entertained her sons with bedtime stories about a little boy and his magic pony, progressing to freelance magazine and newspaper articles, as well as professional resumé writing. Consummate Betrayal is her first novel.

Mary is passionate about inspiring women of all ages to live with purpose and pursue their dreams. She is a strong believer in empowering women to defend themselves. Not surprisingly, she considers her two Glock pistols an important part of that equation, and belongs to a local shooting range in Sioux Falls, SD. She also enjoys a lifetime membership at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute in Las Vegas.

The discipline and skill required to shoot accurately galvanized her to become physically fit and maintain an active lifestyle. Besides that, she says, out-shooting her guy friends is way, way more fun than she ever dreamed."

Series Books
Rowan Milani Consumate Betrayal (2011)
  Unholy Retribution (2014)
  A Different Man (2017)