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Full Name: Dylan Hunter
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Robert Bidinotto
Time Span: 2011 - 2017


Dylan Hunter is an investigative reporter.

Really. That is what he does for a living.

What he does when not on the job is, though, what he really does. He hunts down those that seem beyond the ability of the system to bring to justice. The adage that power corrupts is proven over and over and often there is no one that can find a way to stop it.

Hunter should know. As a reporter he sees it. He writes about it so other people can see it. Then everyone moves on to the next story and the bad guy gets away with it. Except for when Hunter does not move on. Then the bad guy finds there is someone to answer to.

Annie Woods is someone that Hunter is in love with. As an analyst with the CIA she is able to learn a lot of her fellow citizens and one person she is very interested in, as the series begins, is who the vigilante exacting justice really is. She does not know her target is her love. He does not know that his love is after him.

Back on Hunter, if you were to look deeply into his history, officially, you would only go back about three years. Before that, nothing. And a lot of people throughout the series try very hard to go deeper and some of those folks have a lot of money and influence so if anyone could break the secrecy, they could. And they can't.

We the readers learn early on that the past of Hunter, which is obviously not his real name, involves a fair number of years being a very skilled and capable operative with the Agency. And then for reason you can learn for yourself, he quit and created the identify of Hunter and started life anew. We also discover that he had help in doing so from an old friend at the Agency and with a lot of experience living under fake identities. That and the fact that his deceased parents had been very well off and had left him their fortune. Having the kind of money we are talking about helps in all sorts of ways.

So we see that Hunter is a reporter. He is also a vigilante. And he is an enigma with no past to a lot of people. He is also a lot of fun watching him do what he does.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2011
Last Appearance:2017

1 Hunter Hunter
Written by Robert Bidinotto
Copyright: 2011

They were in love and the chance of a future together was strong. Except for the secret each had. He was a vigilante dispatching his own brand of justice when he saw the need. She was an analyst with the CIA determined to find who this anonymous killer was. One thing they shared besides their love was the other person out to kill them both.
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2 Bad Deeds Bad Deeds
Written by Robert Bidinotto
Copyright: 2014

Retreating to a mountain cabin to repair their minds, bodies, and relationship, Dylan Hunter and Annie Woods hope to start anew. He has promised to give up his vigilante ways but that is going to be an impossible task.
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3 Winner Takes All Winner Takes All
Written by Robert Bidinotto
Copyright: 2017

With their wedding on the horizon, Dylan Hunter and Annie Woods want to leave the violence behind. Then an investigative reporter is brutally murdered and an act of terrorism in the nation's capital shows that to be impossible.
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Boy, oh, boy! I had such a great time with this series. Now that third book did drag for a wee bit in the middle but the author was having to tie a good number of strings from the first two adventures into a final package and that took time but he most definitely pulled it off and I was with him all the way.

I really liked Hunter. Quite a ballsy sort of guy. And being human he pulls it off quite well most of the time and then there are the occasions when he realizes he should have ducked a wee bit lower and faster than he did. In other words, as good as he is, and he is quite good, he can make mistakes and also sometimes Fate just says no to your plans.

I usually end a series with the wish there was more and the same thing holds with Hunter but the way the author did end it, if there is no more, he ended it quite nicely. And if he decides to do some more, it would make sense as well. That's good plotting.

And darn good writing. I am a big fan.


My Grade: A-


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