Writing as: Robert Bidinotto

According to the brief bio on Amazon: "Hello, I'm Robert Bidinotto. Thanks for stopping by. I'm author of the #1 Kindle bestselling thriller, "HUNTER," its award-winning sequel, "BAD DEEDS," and the newly released "WINNER TAKES ALL." I've also been a widely published, award-winning investigative journalist, magazine editor, and nonfiction author.

Ever since I watched "The Lone Ranger" and read Batman comics as a boy in the 1950s, the pursuit of justice became a life-long passion. Justice was the theme of my nonfiction work, including investigative reporting and nonfiction books about crime and the criminal justice system. Now, the quest for justice has become the theme of my fiction-writing, too."

Series Books
Dylan Hunter Hunter (2011)
  Bad Deeds (2014)
  Winner Takes All (2017)