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Full Name: Alex Hoffmann
Nationality: American
Organization: None
Occupation Analyst

Creator: Leslie Wolfe
Time Span: 2011 - 2016


Alex Hoffmann is a tech analyst.

That may not sound that exciting but it pays the bills and the work is interesting to someone of Hoffmann's impressive intelligence. Unfortunately for her, someone wants her working on their behalf and she already has a job. They could have approached her with a better offer but because of who they are and their desire to not be noticed, they took a sneakier tact and used their behind-the-scenes influence to get her fired. And to keep her unemployed. Until she was getting desperate.

That is when they placed an advertisement for employment with 'The Agency'. Not the Agency spy fans would think. A different one. And though they might get a host of applicants, they were only interested in one - Hoffmann's. She wanted a job. They wanted her. What could be simpler? Considering the kinds of troubles that Alex will get herself into, and eventually out of, well, simple is not a word she would use that often any more.

The business she starts working for is a "corporate investigations agency", as she is reminded of in one way or another over time and something she seems to forget after each reminder. She is not a thrill seeker (just a finder) but she is tenacious and more importantly and dangerously, she is stubborn. She does not give up and since the people she tends to go after don't either, it makes for some exciting times.

Luckily for everyone involved on the good side, she is not only extremely resourceful as well as clever, she has more than a couple of highly inventive and capable colleagues.


Number of Books:5
First Appearance:2011
Last Appearance:2016

1 Executive Executive
Written by Leslie Wolfe
Copyright: 2011

Alex Hoffmann is suddenly out of work and in need of a new job. She sees an ad for a company calling itself the Agency and is intrigued enough to apply. Her first assignment is to go undercover at a major corporation to see who is leaking valuable information but what she uncovers is a whole lot more.
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2 Devil's Move Devil's Move
Written by Leslie Wolfe
Copyright: 2014

In her latest assignment, Alex Hoffmann gets involved in the technology being hyped for the next major election, and the ways that it and other cutting edge technology could be subverted.
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3 The Backup Asset The Backup Asset
Written by Leslie Wolfe
Copyright: 2015

The President refers to is the Cold War 2.0, a new level of hostility and competition between the US and Russia played out in cyberspace. Alex Hoffmann is one of those having to deal with the latest laser weapon America has developed and someone has stolen.
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4 The Ghost Pattern The Ghost Pattern
Written by Leslie Wolfe
Copyright: 2015

The Russian President would like to see the US brought down in retaliation for the economic reprisals from its incursions into former USSR republics. Alex Hoffmann is dealing with that and with a mystery tech genius with even nastier plans.
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5 Operation Sunset Operation Sunset
Written by Leslie Wolfe
Copyright: 2016

As a private investigator, it will be difficult for Alex Hoffmann to wage a war against the unknown genius out to destroy America but she is determined to try.
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The fifth (and so far latest) book in the series came out in 2016, two and half years before I write this. She has, from the looks of things on the ebookshelves, gone on to other characters and adventures so it may be that Alex Hoffmann has chased her last lead and gotten herself into her last scrape but I for one hope she decides to come back a couple of times for more fun and games. I enjoy watching her get into trouble and really like watching her get out of it. She deserves to be read. And enjoyed.


My Grade: A-


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