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Full Name: Chuck Brandt
Nationality: American
Organization: Unspecified Intelligence Group
Occupation Agent

Creator: Roger Weston
Time Span: 2012 - 2018


       Chuck Brandt is a freelance agent.
       That right there is a major disservice to the man and largely inaccurate but what he is gets rather complicated so it is likely the best description for now.
       For over a decade, Brandt was one of the very best assassins the CIA had. He was known as the Ghost for the way he could come and go almost unseen, leaving his target dead in his wake. He had a conscience and his own set of rules but if you were in his sights and you fit within his guidelines, you were dead.
       Outside of work, though, he had a life. He was quite happily married and enjoyed outdoor activities with her that more than made up for the tension and danger he faced on each mission. His wife understandably bemoaned his long absences but stayed with him and enjoyed the time they had together.
       When she died in a climbing accident, he fell as figuratively as she did literally. His work had no meaning. His life was just as empty. He needed a change. Which is why when he finally pulled himself from his grief, he looked elsewhere for work.
       The first company to hire him was a private intelligence organization called RUMAN (meaning unknown). It hired him as a recruiter, working among the refugees to America to find those who might be useful in serving their new home as spies or informants. That relationship would take a major downturn, as depicted in the first adventure.
       The second company to take him on was another private intel firm, EREBUS (again unknown). That relationship worked for but a short time before it took got on the wrong side of Brandt and paid for it in the second adventure.
       After that, Brandt was pretty much on his own.


Number of Books:9
First Appearance:2012
Last Appearance:2018

1 The Recruiter The Recruiter
Written by Roger Weston
Copyright: 2012

Needing a major change from his time with the CIA, Chuck Brandt took a job with RUMAN, a private intelligence organization, acting as a recruiter among the new arrivals to the U.S. Then he learns the hard way what these recruits were being used for and then he knew too much.
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2 The Handler The Handler
Written by Roger Weston
Copyright: 2015

On a mission along the Costa Brava of Spain, Chuck Brandt was surprised to see Maria, a woman he had rescued years before, in a situation where danger again called. Saving her again throws him into a very messy situation both with his new employer and with Maria's very unpleasant father, General Ivan Lazar.
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3 Rogue Op Rogue Op
Written by Roger Weston
Copyright: 2015

Chuck Brandt would have tried to kill General Lazar for many reasons. The general was holding his daughter, Maria, prisoner. The general had tried very hard to send Brandt to the grave. The general now operated a facility in Brazil using slave labor. And the general was working with a corrupt US President to bring terrorism to America to further both their careers.

4 Rogue Op II Rogue Op II
Written by Roger Weston
Copyright: 2017

Continuing his war against General Ivan Lazar and his Black Cobra Brigade, Chuck Brandt is more determined than ever to destroy the evil that is Lazar and stop the impending terrorist attack on America.
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5 American Op American Op
Written by Roger Weston
Copyright: 2018

Having left all the violence behind, Chuck Brandt is enjoying the peace and well-being that comes from helping others, this time working in a soup-kitchen. Then the call from Maria telling him that the dead General Lazar was not so dead after all and trying to get back at her. Without wanting it, Brandt was back in the game.
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6 Vulcan Eye Vulcan Eye
Written by Roger Weston
Copyright: 2017

Navy SEAL Sebastian Lewis had made a mistake that was going to cost hundreds of people their lives. He was getting less than no help from the American government so he turned to the only one who stood a chance of stopping the carnage, Chuck Brandt.
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7 Shadow Lawyer Shadow Lawyer
Written by Roger Weston
Copyright: 2017

For the years with the Agency, Chuck Brandt was the Ghost, an almost invisible assassin. Now a mysterious lawyer is out to nail him and Brandt's picture is everywhere. The FBI is after him. He has few friends but he now has a new enemy to go after.
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8 Shadow Court Shadow Court
Written by Roger Weston
Copyright: 2018

The same people behind the lawyer after him in the previous adventure are more determined than ever to take him down and that make Chuck Brandt more set on bringing ruin to them all.
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9 The Doorman The Doorman
Written by Roger Weston
Copyright: 2018

One would think after years of dealing the Chuck Brandt, his old employers, the CIA, might know enough to not try to manipulate him but apparently not. Brandt is enticed back to the nation's capitol where he finds the corruption that has always been there has gotten even nastier.
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Number of Stories:1
First Appearance:2017
Last Appearance:2017

1 Global Tilt Global Tilt
Written by Roger Weston
Copyright: 2017

A shipment of destruction is heading from North Korea to Iran, not a good place to come from and a bad place to go to. The CIA needs the shipment stopped and they ask Chuck Brandt to do it.
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       It amazes me when I come across a series in which the protagonist is one heckuva bad-ass, do-not-mess-with-me kinda guy and his boss, supposedly a smart, experienced leader, goes out of his way to really tick the guy off. In this case, doing everything to make the man crack. Gee! If we take a potential hazard and really mess with it, might it not turn even deadlier?
       That is what happens in the first couple of adventures. Two different employers - two different "oh, I can handle this rattlesnake. Don't worry!" After that, people just seem to get dumber.
       Brandt is not the perfect weapon because he gets pounded almost as much as he does the pounding. But he is obviously better at it than the other guys because he walks (sometimes limps) away and they stay put - usually lying prone and not breathing.
       This series is an enjoyable one for action junkies. The plots are a bit out there but the action is darn good and very steady; Brandt gets little time to recuperate before someone else goes after him.
       One HUGE pet peeve on my part, though.
       Brandt is still aching from the accidental death of his wife. That helps set the scene for his mood. Then the author decides, halfway through the first adventure to state that Brandt's latest boss had engineered the accident as a test. To me that was so bad a writing ploy. I have seen it in movies and tv shows too often and I always, always growl in disgust. I made a fair amount of noise when it happened in this series. So unnecessary and contrived. And unbelievable. It made NO sense. Still doesn't.


My Grade: B


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