Writing as: Roger Weston

According to the short bio on Amazon: "Thriller writer Roger Weston has worked on various vessels at sea, from a commercial fishing boat in the Puget Sound and a salmon processing ship in the Gulf of Alaska to a yacht off the coast of Hawaii. He traveled in Russia during the Cold War, foiled a gang mugging in a Moroccan medina, and escaped a gun wielding taxi cab driver in Madrid, Spain. "

Series Books
Chuck Brandt The Recruiter (2012)
  The Handler (2015)
  Rogue Op (2015)
  Rogue Op II (2017)
  Vulcan Eye (2017)
  Shadow Lawyer (2017)
  Global Tilt (ss) (2017)
  American Op (2018)
  Shadow Court (2018)
  Vengeance (2018)
  The Doorman (2018)
  Hostile Takedown (2021)
  Black Ops (2021)
  The Mercenary (2021)
  The Third Survivor (2021)
  Ambush Island (2022)