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Full Name: Gregg Kaplan
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Chuck Barrett
Time Span: 2010 - 2015


Gregg Kaplan is an agent with the CIA.

When we first meet this highly capable and downright deadly operative, he is in an extremely stressful occupation but hardly one that would require the ability to put a bullet into any part of the anatomy he wanted or to defuse a ticking bomb. Well, the latter might be close because the stress level would be similar. Kaplan is an air traffic controller and has been one for quite a few years.

Prior to that, we learn in the first recorded adventure, he had been in the U.S. Army Special Forces. He had served as a Delta operative for a few years and has one of its tattoos to show for it. What his missions in that organization were is kept in his head for that part of his life was classified.

After a while, though, he decided that a calmer life was called for, though he obviously could have chosen something less demanding. Or could he? After a fair amount of time serving in one of the most elite outfits in the world, switching to a job that required constant attention and focus sort of makes sense.

As we learn in that first book, trouble will force its way back into his life and when that problem is finished, so is his life as an ATC. The same crisis that ended one career opened the door for another and Kaplan moved to the next stage of his life - an operative with the CIA. The same hassle that changed Kaplan's life also introduced him to a man who would become a friend and partner (for a while time on the latter), Jake Pendleton but just as Kaplan had his own life before he met Pendleton, he would have his own after they part company.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2010
Last Appearance:2015

The main character in this series, Gregg Kaplan, starts out as a major "co-star" in the first book in the Jake Pendleton series. He changes into an important player in the second book in that series but not quite as prominent (still vital for the plot, though). Finally he gets the starring role in the third book.

1 The Savannah Project The Savannah Project
Written by Chuck Barrett
Copyright: 2010

What looks like a routine airplane crash during a St. Patrick's Day celebration is turning into something far more for NTSB investigator Jake Pendleton. Gregg Kaplan was the air traffic controller handling the plane when it vanished from radar. Both men want to know what happened. A killer is determined to stop them from learning the truth.
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2 The Toymaker The Toymaker
Written by Chuck Barrett
Copyright: 2012

A very close friend and fellow CIA operative has been kidnapped while undercover in Yemen and Gregg Kaplan will do anything to get her back. He teams up with an old friend - and sometime irritant - Jake Pendleton to do that and then to go after the terrorists who have other nasty plans.
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3 Blown Blown
Written by Chuck Barrett
Copyright: 2015

Gregg Kaplan was told to stay off the grid for a while so he took a vacation. While passing through Arkansas, he was in the right place at the wrong time to be pulled into a murder attempt by three guys against a US Marshall and his WitSec protectee. Suddenly Kaplan is responsible for keeping the witness alive and it isn't tough enough with those after them but the witness has his own plans.
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This series was a bit of a question in my head only in that he was a supporting character in the first two Jake Pendleton adventures but in both he was involved in fighting terrorists and other CIA-related activities, making it definitely appropriate for this site.

The third adventure and the first on his own, however, takes Kaplan into a different arena. Still, being a sucker for an 'agent against the real world' story, I read it and liked it. When local hoods who think they are bad-asses come up against a guy who really is one, it's fun.

While I would definitely buy any new Pendleton adventure that came out, I would just as certainly put my money down (or hit "Buy" on a website) for any additional Kaplan escapade.


My Grade: B+


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