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Full Name: Jake Pendleton
Nationality: American
Organization: Greenbriar Fellowship
Occupation Agent

Creator: Chuck Barrett
Time Span: 2010 - 2016


Jake Pendleton is an agent with the Greenbriar Fellowship.

That organization is not one known to many people inside the Intelligence community and by virtually no one outside that cliche, at least not known as a force working for the government but outside its legal constraints. Of course, without the authority that comes with officialdom, the few agents who work for it have no official standing so have no badges to flash to get out of trouble. Still, with the Fellowship being secretly funded by the CIA (and likely others) as well as by the billionaire inventor who runs it, its people do not have to work on the cheap.

One other enjoyable aspect is the inventor mentioned, a man named Wiley, is known to many as the Toymaker because his genius lets him come up with an incredible number of cool gadgets and his financial prowess lets those ideas actually get made.

When we first meet Pendleton, he is an investigator with the NTSB flying to horrific accident sites and working with a team to determine what went wrong and hopefully find a way to keep from happening again. He was very good at it and enjoyed the challenge of having to use his senses to gather clues and his skilled analytical brain to make sense of those facts to arrive at the truth.

Some dismissed his talents as just a reflection of his old man since Pendleton's father had been a legend in the field and now had far more clout than the son really liked. A few figured that Pendleton got where he was because of his dad but Pendleton knew the truth. Dad may have paved the road but it was the son who walked on his own.

Which was why before he decided to become an investigator he had joined the Navy and worked for a few years in the Intelligence field and honed his skills. It was in that capacity that he eventually went to work for a time with Admiral Bentley and showed himself to be both highly intelligent and highly disciplined. He might have stayed in the Service as a career but life's path didn't lead that way so he got out and with some chagrin ended up in the same line of work as his father.

That lasted a few years and then things changed drastically.

The events depicted in the first recorded adventure describe how Pendleton would transform from an NTSB agent to an agent with the CIA working for the now Director Bentley, his former mentor.

It is the second adventure that describes how he would become seconded to the Fellowship's 70-year old tech genius who was a good friend to the Director and who had his own small cadre of exceptional operatives. Pendleton would become one of them.

Along the journey Pendleton would become friend and associate with two other operatives: Gregg Kaplan and Francesca Catanzaro. Both would play important roles in his new life.


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:2010
Last Appearance:2016

1 The Savannah Project The Savannah Project
Written by Chuck Barrett
Copyright: 2010

What looks like a routine airplane crash during a St. Patrick's Day celebration is turning into something far more for NTSB investigator Jake Pendleton. A killer is determined to stop him from learning the truth.
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2 The Toymaker The Toymaker
Written by Chuck Barrett
Copyright: 2012

When his judgment is becoming suspect, Jake Pendleton must rely on a new mentor, a quite interesting and odd older man known as the Toymaker because he makes "toys for spies". His new job sends him to Yemen to rescue a fellow agent held captive there but that is just the start of a mission which will lead to a major Al Qaeda plot.
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3 Breach of Power Breach of Power
Written by Chuck Barrett
Copyright: 2013

A hiker has discovered a journal inside a glacier, a book that contains the locations of several lost treasures. It also holds information very damaging to the US Presidency. Jake Pendleton is called to the White House and given the job of retrieving the book but he is not the only one after it.
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4 Disruption Disruption
Written by Chuck Barrett
Copyright: 2016

Disruption is the name of a group of black-hat hackers who are out to cause as much cyber chaos as possible. Jake Pendleton's latest assignment is to work with his new partner, Francesca, to stop them from succeeding.
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When I first looked at this series, I thought it would be about an HTSB investigator who got repeatedly involved in international intrigue, counter-terrorism, and the like. At first it started that way but then it changed a grunch. I was not sure how I liked the change but naturally I had no choice but to go with it.

The first book ended, for me, quite badly. It hit one of my pet peeves and I almost gave up on the series. I stuck with it, though, and the series did get better.

I especially liked the relationship between Pendleton and Catanzaro. I really liked her but then I am partial to women who can more than hold their own in a tight spot and she definitely can. I would love to see her have her own book or two.


My Grade: B+


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