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Full Name: Victoria Schmitt
Series Name: Iron Sights
Nationality: American
Organization: CISO
Occupation Agent

Creator: Virginia Frazier
Time Span: 2010 - 2011


Victoria Schmitt is an agent with the CISO.

That acronym stands for Covert Intelligence Security Operatives, an "ultra top secret organization tasked with eliminating high profile targets who interfere with national interests". That statement sends chills down my back because who decides who is interfering with what? Nebulous and almost certainly dangerous.

Add to that worrisome aspect the fact that Schmitt is not a happy member of the team. It is hard to be when you are literally blackmailed into this line of work and not because of anything you have done but because of a close relative. Not a nice work environment. This extortion is an interesting aspect to the life that is Schmitt because though she has many talents that make her a terrific asset for the organization, her primary skill is her shooting ability - more specifically her prowess at killing someone from far away. The logic of threatening someone with that ability is perplexing but someone with apparent suicidal inclinations did just that and Schmitt decided her father's unspecified offense which would destroy his career and reputation was enough to go along with the job 'offer'.

Prior to her becoming a killer, not just from afar with her sniper skills but up close when it becomes necessary, Schmitt's life had been pretty good - up until a very nasty assault. Her mother had been a "well-known French Prima Ballerina". Her father had been in the military stationed in Germany when he was lucky enough to meet that beautiful and talented lady and somehow managed to get her to fall in love and marry him. It was from her mother that she inherited her "looks, dancing ability, and ultra girlish ways". The latter did not come easy, however, as she also got from her father enough to make her have to "nearly starve" herself at time to maintain her figure.

From her mother she gained great skills at dance and she knew she had a very real career potential there. From her father she owned shooting aptitude as well as a genuine love of shooting. As a young teenager one of her most cherished gifts had been her first rifle and with it the training from a military marksman which started her down the path she took with her life.

She decided to join the Air Force and finished the Academy and became an officer. Then a brutal sexual assault by a crime boss's son caused her to get a medical discharge and she picked up the dancing her mother had always wanted. That was when the mysterious man show up, threatened her dad's well-being, and she changed yet again her path.

Now she is a member of a dance troop as a cover and an assassin with an impressive track record as her true line of work.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2010
Last Appearance:2011

1 Dance For Me Dance For Me
Written by Virginia Frazier
Copyright: 2010

After separating from the Air Force, Victoria Schmitt returns home to Chicago to start a new life but finds herself blackmailed into working for a covert intelligence agency using her skill with weaponry and her ability to survive in ways she never expected nor liked.
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2 Dance For Revenge Dance For Revenge
Written by Virginia Frazier
Copyright: 2011

Victoria Schmitt continues to hate having to work for her governmental employer but this mission at least gives her a chance for revenge against a crime family whose leader's nephew raped her in college.
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Once I forced myself to 'get over' the illogic of a spymaster threatening a trained killer (this series is most definitely not the only one to use this insane concept), I got to liking Schmitt. She can kick butt and that is a good thing. Now, she still lives with her parents and definitely has issues with them as well as her sisters (one a perfect wife and mother and the other a big time black sheep), so totally well adjusted is not a description to be used for her (duh! she kills people for a living). Still, I liked her.

I liked the writing very much. The author knows how to string words together to make a very interesting tale.


My Grade: B+


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