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Full Name: Dan Taylor
Nationality: British
Organization: Unspecified Intelligence Group
Occupation Agent

Creator: Rachel Amphlett
Time Span: 2014 - 2016


Dan Taylor is an agent with an unnamed arm of British Intelligence.

This unnamed, and possibly undocumented, group "advises the government about threats to national security" according to one of its managers, David Ludlow. Exactly how long the organization has been in existence is unknown but three years before the first recorded adventure, Ludlow and one of his men, a man named Mitch, were in the British army. That is how they knew Taylor and how eventually Taylor would be drawn into their circle.

Taylor was the son of a highly successful geologist and world traveler and experienced adventurer. It had been expected that his son, a man with every bit the brain power of the elder, would follow in his father's path through university and then the private sector. To the dismay of the father, Taylor had other plans. As he put it, he "just wanted an adventure he could call his own."

Which is why he enlisted in British Army. His intelligence and his desire for excitement is how he ended up in the extremely dangerous field of bomb disposal. And it was in service in Iraq during the conflict there that he learned the meaning of danger, and its results. Though he was alone in his blaming himself for the explosion that would end his military career and cost others their lives, the nightmares persisted.

The first adventure that Taylor would have with his old Army comrades takes place three years after the horrific events, three years of doing one contract job after another followed by a period of depression and drinking. He was going nowhere and had no hurry to not get there. Some might say he was desperate for something to give him purpose. He got it.


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:2014
Last Appearance:2016

1 White Gold White Gold
Written by Rachel Amphlett
Copyright: 2014

After what happened to Dan Taylor in Iraq, it was no surprise he was a tad messed up, even to himself. So it must have been a shock when an old friend leaves a voice-mail asking for help. By the time Taylor gets the message, it is too late but when the man's ex-wife shows up asking for help, Taylor is there. Too bad no one let the both know what trouble they were getting into.
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2 Under Fire Under Fire
Written by Rachel Amphlett
Copyright: 2014

Is an explosion at a Qatari natural gas facility, the capsizing of a cruise liner in the Med, and a stolen submarine related? Seems unlikely but Dan Taylor thinks otherwise. Too bad not many others agree.
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3 Three Lives Down Three Lives Down
Written by Rachel Amphlett
Copyright: 2015

His team is missing. Twice someone has tried to kill him. Then terrorists get their hands on a radioactive isotope. Dan Taylor has his hands full of trouble and not much help to back him up.
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4 Behind The Wire Behind The Wire
Written by Rachel Amphlett
Copyright: 2016

Getting back into the thick of danger was not something Dan Taylor wanted but when an old friend needs someone to rescue his daughter in sub-Saharan Africa, he cannot find it in him to refuse. Hopefully he will find enough in him to survive.
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Number of Stories:1
First Appearance:2016
Last Appearance:2016

1 The Legacy Device The Legacy Device
short story
Written by Rachel Amphlett
Copyright: 2016

"The British Army left Iraq in 2009 after a six-year campaign alongside coalition forces. What they left behind has remained a closely guarded secret – until now.
On his last tour of duty, Royal Engineer EOD operator Dan Taylor discovers a conspiracy that will have consequences reaching far beyond the country's war-torn borders. With no choice but to follow orders, Dan realises that the legacy he and his commanding officer leave behind will have an unimaginable impact on the future of Iraq, and that of the British secret service."
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I am always on the lookout for a good solid spy adventure series like this one. I want an agent who is good and smart and capable but who is not perfect. I want bad guys who are believable and who need stopping but who are not over the top. I want supporting characters that are interesting and entertaining and more than cannon fodder.

I found that in the Dan Taylor series. The author is a terrific writer who has great pacing and excellent skills at letting the reader in on what's happening without giving away the ending. I especially enjoyed the strong female characters in the books. Taylor is the protagonist but the women in his life do their fair share of saving the day. Not to mention giving Taylor a good dose of ribbing at times.

With any luck, the author will keep giving us Taylor adventures for some time.


My Grade: A-


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