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Full Name: Jack Knight
Series Name: Agent Jack Knight
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: L. M. Reed
Time Span: 2010 - 2015


Jack Knight is an agent for a secret American Intelligence agency.

When we first meet Knight he is a young boy whose life is turned terribly bad due to a drunk driver and the accident that took his parents and left him and his younger brother orphans. The first book of his activities recounts in some detail his life afterwards and the events that push him to have an immense dislike of bullies. His life growing up and becoming a Marine is detailed as is his first assignment out of boot camp.

That initial posting was as one of several fellow Marines, though most were far more experienced than he, as a detail assigned to the CIA for a mission to South America. 'Officially unofficial' would be a good way to describe it but it would mold the young man into the experienced and self-sufficient agent who would become.

The remaining adventures present activities that happen some years later when the CIA agent who roped Knight into the first mission re-enters his life as the head of a new, small agency out after an international threat. Knight is older, a good deal wiser, and far less likely to believe his new boss at face value, an attitude that is especially important for his survival.

Knight has the blessing of a photographic memory and an affinity for languages that would be a huge help in his life but he learned as a young man that knowing the answers to questions was seen by his peers as showing off which led to more than one altercation so the junior Knight also learned to hide his abilities. This would also prove to be a useful trait as an agent.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2010
Last Appearance:2015

1 Agent Jack Knight: The Beginning Agent Jack Knight: The Beginning
Written by L. M. Reed
Copyright: 2010

Private Jack Knight was barely out of Marine boot camp when he is pulled to take part in a special assignment. Things go wrong and he ends up all by himself in a jungle in South America as a major drug war begins to unfold.
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2 Agent Jack Knight: China Agent Jack Knight: China
Written by L. M. Reed
Copyright: 2010

Jack Knight's friend, Shun, has pulled the agent into another mess but this time it is in China where Knight has to go up against someone with the nickname of The Puppeteer.
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3 Agent Jack Knight: Russia Agent Jack Knight: Russia
Written by L. M. Reed
Copyright: 2015

This mission takes Jack Knight up against a Russian agent who "can't keep it in his pants", a newly launched Russian satellite, and a volcano.
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The cover of all three adventures clearly states I.M. Donne's Agent Jack Knight and lower, in smaller font, the author's name of L.M. Reed. I have read the books. I have enjoyed them and, should Ms. Reed decide to bring us another Knight adventure, I know I will snatch it up.

However! I still do not know who or what is I.M.Donne and why Jack Knight belongs to him. Did I miss something in a foreword or afterword? I don't think so. Thanks to the beauty of ebooks, I can search for words in the entire text and searching for "donne" gave me one use of "donned" (as in put on) in the first book, two uses in the second, and four in the third. Nowhere as a name.

It is a mystery.

As to the series, I enjoyed it. I especially enjoyed the small section where the main character is going through the joys of the first days in boot camp. His was Marine and mine was the easier (but still no joy) Navy but, boy, the memories. And the statement that years later it might be easy to smile in remembrance but at the time .... not so much smiling. She nailed it.

The writing style is that of someone talking to me instead of story-telling and that was fun. It was also fast. Before I knew it, I was done with the first and halfway through the second.

This is not hardcore cloak and dagger and for fans of Greene, Deighton, and Le Carré, it will not likely get much of a nod but for someone wanting an enjoyable change of pace, it is definitely not time wasted.


My Grade: B


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