Writing as: L. M. Reed

L. M. Reed is a Texan born and raised. After teaching Language Arts for many years, with a bit of coaching thrown into the mix, she quit to face an even tougher job…raising two children. In an effort to encourage her children to write, she decided that modeling would be the best strategy and her first full-length novel, Dear Diary…, was born. After that, the floodgates opened.

An avid reader possessing an extremely active imagination, she currently finds an outlet for both in writing. As the stories flow from her fingers through the keyboard and onto the screen, she follows the action unfolding as if watching a movie. Her only regret…not enough time in the day to translate all of the stories filling her head into actual written words.

L. M. Reed writes for a variety of audiences including lovers of Christian fiction, romance, action/adventure, fantasy, and an occasional holiday story. Find L. M. Reed on facebook or visit her website at for more information.

Also, be sure and watch for the next book in all of L. M. Reed's continuing series currently published on the Kindle and available in paperback on They will be coming soon!"

Series Books
Jack Knight Agent Jack Knight: The Beginning (2010)
  Agent Jack Knight: China (2010)
  Agent Jack Knight: Russia (2015)