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Full Name: Paul Blaine
Nationality: American
Organization: COVERT
Occupation Agent

Creator: Michael V. Kennedy
Time Span: 2010 - 2014


Paul Blaine is an agent with COVERT.

This little-known governmental intelligence organization was established in the late 80's to handle cases that the CIA, which was receiving a large amount of undesired media attention, could not. The directive was to "fly under the radar". The new department was called Coordinating Organization for Very Energetic Response Tactics or COVERT.

The general asked by the President to put COVERT together and run it was greatly honored by being hand-selected to take on such an important mission. At least until he learned not too long afterwards that the President, being a tad absent-minded, was creating these new departments, it seemed, almost weekly. COVERT was not that special. Just another member of the alphabet soup and hardly noticed by anyone for any reason.

Not being noticed is certainly a good thing, though, no matter how it might make the department head feel, when the people in the department are not exactly the kind you would want handling a sensitive mission. Truth be told, the previous sentence could have done without the adjective 'sensitive'. No mission is something you would want being seen to by the likes of Paul Blaine. Which may be why, prior to the first recorded adventure, there had not been an assignment for three years.

Blaine works for COVERT for a living and for the excitement but, since as mentioned there had not been a mission for some time, the excitement level has not been, well, anything. But he loves the "work" and the small but nice income he earns thinking about doing it and so life is alright though how he survives being killed by his fellow employees is a mystery. Blaine is not stupid by any means but he gives pedantic a really bad name.


Number of Books:5
First Appearance:2010
Last Appearance:2014

1 Covert Covert
Written by Michael V. Kennedy
Copyright: 2010

Paul Blaine would love to see the intelligence department he works for finally get some recognition. To do so he and his partner must beat the FBI, CIA, and DHS in finding the people who stole the prototype for a new missile but to do that means taking on a whole lot of other obstacles.
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2 The Hunt For Reds The Hunt For Reds
Written by Michael V. Kennedy
Copyright: 2012

For some odd reason, the President is visiting North Korea. At the same time, the North Korean volleyball team is visiting the US. Then the team gets kidnapped and that would be bad for the Chief Executive. Paul Blaine and his sidekick along with a gorgeous CIA agent must find the team quickly.
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3 The Seven Day ITCH The Seven Day ITCH
Written by Michael V. Kennedy
Copyright: 2012

The Islamic Terror Clan of Hate (ITCH) is led by a former used-car salesman. It has been killing Federal agents too often to be ignored. It is now the job of Paul Blaine to find and capture its leader, Hugo Slick.
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4 Iran On Ice Iran On Ice
Written by Michael V. Kennedy
Copyright: 2013

When members of the All-Star Ice Hockey team from around the world start going missing, it looked like someone was trying to fix the 2014 Winter Olympics. Paul Blaine and his sidekick head to the leading suspect, Iran
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5 The Mad Tee Party The Mad Tee Party
Written by Michael V. Kennedy
Copyright: 2014

The scientist that Paul Blaine and sidekick have been assigned to protect is working on the world's most powerful explosive. He is the target of international agents. He is also being sought by a domestic group called the Tee Party who wants the power to force the government to heed its very odd demands.
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I did not give the Paul Blaine series a very high mark because though I am known in my small circles for having a really bad sense of humor (sense of the ridiculous, as one old acquaintance put it), even I had to grimace at the shenanigans that Blaine and company get into and almost out of. The bad guys are so very bad at being bad they make you want to slap their mama's for raising such dolts. Still, if they were not so inept, Blaine and team would never stand a chance.

The writing, now, is quite fun. But you can only take Blaine and people for so long before needing a break.

Lord help me, though, after the break, I went back and picked up where I was. And then another break and then, honest, another return. Says something either about the unusual addictiveness of the series or about me. Or both.


My Grade: B-


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