Writing as: Michael V. Kennedy

According to the bio on Amazon: "Michael V. Kennedy was born in New Jersey and began writing at an early age, producing two 150+ page juvenile mysteries by the time he was twelve. He holds a PhD in History from Lehigh University and has taught and published historical works for a number of years. Recent literary pursuits include his "Paul Blaine, Covert Agent" series of topical adventure and humor and the Dix Franklin novels, "The Maltese Fall Guy", "Writers Cramped" and "If We Only Had The Brain" set in late 1940s San Francisco.

Kennedy uses historical events and recent international political situations and conflicts to anchor his humorous tales."

Series Books
Paul Blaine Covert (2010)
  The Hunt For Reds (2012)
  The Seven Day ITCH (2012)
  Iran On Ice (2013)
  The Mad Tee Party (2014)