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Full Name: Zeb Carter
Nationality: American
Organization: The Agency
Occupation Agent

Creator: Ty Patterson
Time Span: 2012 - 2020


Zeb Carter is an agent with the Agency.

This small government organization is not to be confused with the CIA, also known often as the Agency. It is run by a sharp and dangerous woman named Clare who holds the 'nebulous' title of Director of Strategy, a person who put together the department to 'undertake exothermic missions that no other Special Ops or deep black ops agency in the country's defense and intelligence setup could or would undertake'. By exotermic she means high risk and/or high danger and all with the need for total deniability should something go wrong. It often means doing things which are officially illegal, like taking out a foreign head of state, or super-secret, like retrieving biological weapons that should not even exist.

Apparently the Agency had at one time been a bit larger than it currently is but when Clare was handed the reins, she overhauled it to make it totally deniable and that meant a good deal smaller; the smaller the footprint, the harder to trace it. That does not mean, however, that she does not carry a considerable amount of power in the intelligence community because taking on assignments other do not want often means amassing a good deal of favors as well as a reputation for getting positive results.

Chief among those getting those results is Zeb Carter, a man she met through a close college friend. Having dinner with that friend one night, she observed a man who was waiting outside the establishment who 'seemed to become part of the street'. The friend told her that man was her brother, a 'superhero'. After she learned more about him by looking into the official files on him, she began to agree with the description. Carter had been Special Forces for many years before leaving and working a short while as a mercenary then becoming a security consultant. Carter worked within his own set of rules which included never going against women or children or taking on work that went against his country's best interest.

When Clare first approached Carter to work for her, he surprised with by turning it down but then counteroffering. He and his select group of associates would be available for any job she might have but would also be free to take on other clients to keep sharp and to maintain their independence and their deniability. Her acceptance was, she always considered, one of her best decisions.

Carter is extremely taciturn and seldom smiles. Having lost a wife and child years before, he is highly reluctant to get romantically close to anyone but he has gathered a close band of friends, each highly gifted in the 'security' work and each as devoted to Carter as he is to them. Carter by himself is almost unbeatable. With his friends, he is dynamite.


Number of Books:23
First Appearance:2012
Last Appearance:2020

       The Zeb Carter series really consists of two stages. The first is named the Warrior series by the author and deals with the main character, Zeb Carter, as well as his several friends and fellow warriors. The second is the Zeb Carter Thriller which focus, it seems, largely on Carter himself.
       Also quite connected to this character is the Gemini series about Beth and Meghan Petersen, twins who met up early with Zeb Carter and have remained close ever since but who also have their own activities, though Carter often steps in to help.


Number of Stories:7
First Appearance:2016
Last Appearance:2020

1 Zulu Hour Zulu Hour
Written by Ty Patterson
Copyright: 2016

Set before The Warrior, this tells of the time that Zeb Carter as a Delta operative serving in Somalia, came up against one of the nastiest killers he had yet to meet, a warlord named Jama.
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2 The Watcher The Watcher
Written by Ty Patterson
Copyright: 2016

Set before The Warrior, in Cape Town, Zeb Carter is the Watcher, a man who seems to sit in a park all day doing nothing. That's when an 11-year old boy robs from him to pay off a gang. Now the boy has two problems - the gang and Carter.
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3 The Shadow The Shadow
Written by Ty Patterson
Copyright: 2016

Set before The Warrior, Bear, one of Zeb Carter's closest friends, is hired as a bodyguard to keep a star witness alive to testify. His problem is the witness really wants to die.
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4 The Man From Congo The Man From Congo
Written by Ty Patterson
Copyright: 2017

Bwana Kayembe is a highly trained Special Forces operative who has seen a lot and done a lot. So, unfortunately, is the Russian he is going up against in a mission to Siberia.

5 The Texan The Texan
Written by Ty Patterson
Copyright: 2017

Only a very special occasion could force Roger Feardon to go back to his home town in Texas. That is a good thing because there are a few people who do want him to ever leave - alive.
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6 The Heavies The Heavies
Written by Ty Patterson
Copyright: 2017

Bwana and Roger, vacationing in Hollywood, had no interest in getting into the movies but when a big name star pushes for just that, they learn that the Mob is interested in them staying out.
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7 The Cab Driver The Cab Driver
Written by Ty Patterson
Copyright: 2017

As a cab driver in New York, the man had seen or heard just about everything. Then two women get into his cab and suddenly he is in the adventure of his life.
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8 Staccato Staccato
Written by Ty Patterson
Copyright: 2020

Book 1 in the Zeb Carter Short Story series.
Zeb Carter was leaving a coffee shop he frequented when a shooter opened fire on the other customers, killing several and injuring more before escaping. Since Carter knew some of the victims, he is not content to just let the authorities handle it.
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I was reluctant to start my comments with the fact that Zeb Carter is too good to be believed because that invariably would be taken as a negative and I would not want it that way. He is too good ... but that is what makes the series so darn fun. All of his people are. Really, really good and certain to take down the bad guys and win the day. But then just about any series would end up with the hero(es) winning so either that person is either very lucky or the baddie is very lousy or the hero is darn good.

That all is a rambling way of saying to be prepared for Carter being a wee bit more resourceful than you might expect and just enjoy the daylights out of the series. Carter will make a mistake here or there and will invariably get the tar kicked out of him as a result but you know he is going to get his own back two or three fold and you just have a hard time waiting for the payback.

And then there are his associates who each deserve their own books but then that would mean not having Carter in it and that would not be as much fun. These friends are really, really good and a hoot to follow and add so much to the series. But Carter is the main draw without a doubt.

I read the first book because that is what I do before reporting on it. It ended a tad unexpectedly (to say the least) and I just had to read the second to find out what happened next. Then the third and fourth and fifth and ... you get the idea. Meanwhile there was many other series just waiting to be read and I would grimace at the rising pile of books and move on to the next Carter adventure.

Almost an addiction.

But the good kind.


My Grade: A-


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