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Full Name: Ward Lowe
Nationality: American
Organization: PED
Occupation Agent

Creator: Annay Dawson
Time Span: 2013 - 2016


Ward Lowe is an agent with the PED.

That acronym stands for the Paranormal Enforcement Departments. That is a division of the American Intelligence community that uses powers that are decidedly outside the norm to 'protect' the nation. It could be that all people have these gifts but so limited in scope that they are just tossed off as intuition or a feeling. The agents with the PED, though, are so attuned to the thoughts of others that they know what a target is thinking.

That is a skill very useful in the intelligence-gathering business. The word 'protect' was put in quotes, though, because sometimes protecting means doing very bad things to people who are deemed to be a danger and sometimes those doing the deeming are not such nice people themselves. The question then seems to be who really needs the protection.

Exactly where in that sort of mix Lowe belongs is one of the interesting aspects of the series, at least the first couple of recorded adventures, because there are many in the PED who consider Lowe a traitor to be shot on sight and others who hope he lasts long enough to bring down some very nasty characters.

Working with Ward is his wife, Jan, a woman very gifted like he and with years of experience in the field as well. In several of the recorded adventures she play a more important role than Ward and, to me, is more interesting at those times.

Also important in the series is Lowe's normal partner, a quite capable man named Jack Golightly and little by little we learn more of the interesting life that Golightly had before he became so connected with Lowe.


Number of Books:6
First Appearance:2013
Last Appearance:2016

1 Shadows of the Past Shadows of the Past
Written by Annay Dawson
Copyright: 2013

"She has no memory of the past... but she knows she's alive. She has no knowledge of who she is. She is unable to see or move. Whatever put her in the ambulance that night, she is sure, it almost took away her life."
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2 Hidden Promises Hidden Promises
Written by Annay Dawson
Copyright: 2013

Ward Lowe and his wife Jan have been in hiding from their former government employer but now a call for help from a friend brings them out into the light.
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3 Treason's Reward Treason's Reward
Written by Annay Dawson
Copyright: 2013

Ward Lowe and fellow agent Jack Golightly are in the jungles of South America with no back up and considerable need of it. To get free, they must rely on Ward's wife, Jan.
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4 Deadly Minds Deadly Minds
Written by Annay Dawson
Copyright: 2014

"It was a fine line between power and madness and Bobby Malone crossed that line long ago. ... Jan and her husband (Ward Lowe) would have to hunt him down.
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5 Between the Lies Between the Lies
Written by Annay Dawson
Copyright: 2014

Her past was nothing she cared to remember but her life as a covert agent is forcing her to look at at it far too closely.
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6 No Easy Way Out No Easy Way Out
Written by Annay Dawson
Copyright: 2016

Jack Golightly had thought he would never find love again but when he had, he also found he needed help keeping it and himself alive. Unless his new love can find Ward Lowe and his wife Jan, Jack had no chance.
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The writing style of the author is quite good and the story plots, at least some, are interesting. I had a dickens of a time getting into the series, though, because of a particular pet peeve. The vital character, Jan, starts out amnesiac and totally confused and she struggles to learn who is trustworthy and who would really like her dead. That is good and exciting. What is not so good is I, the reader, was probably even more lost than she.

I mean, I knew it was the "Ward Lowe" series so was fairly certain he was a good guy but it took far too long to start making sense. Having a character, even a major one, not know what is going on is a fine tactic. Having the reader bloody well perplexed - not good.


My Grade: B-


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