Writing as: Annay Dawson

According to the bio on Amazon: "Living a double life, just like all good super heroes, Annay Dawson teaches by day and writes by night. With her passion for reading it was a no brainer that she began writing at an early age. Now that her children are grown she has more time to explore her creative side and write. No Easy Way Out, another in The Ward Lowe Suspense Series, which promises an emotional thrill ride as well as the suspense she is so good at. Annay has received praise for her work in several books, including Treason's Reward and Deadly Minds, two books in the dramatic Ward Lowe Suspense Series. Her book, Gone in an Instant, takes a look at Jack, a character that first appeared in the book Treason's Reward, and his story. Her audiences wanted to know more about this mysterious and solemn character and how he got that way. Throw in a little C.I.A. and a splash of romance and you've got one exciting thrill of riding along with them.

A graduate from the University of Iowa, Annay was born and raised in the Midwest, yes right in the middle, and is married to a wonderful husband with whom she travels the world. She also has raised two amazing young men.

Annay Dawson loves to write about the places she's seen, and traveled. It is especially exciting when she can include some of those travels into her books. Annay has traveled to Africa, Australia, Europe and Mexico; inspiration from these travels have helped to create her world-traveling operatives.

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Series Books
Ward Lowe Shadows of the Past (2013)
  Treason's Reward (2013)
  Hidden Promises (2013)
  Deadly Minds (2014)
  Between the Lies (2014)
  No Easy Way Out (2016)