Full Name: Sam Archer
Nationality: British
Organization: NYC-CTB
Occupation Agent

Creator: Tom Barber
Time Span: 2012 - 2019


       Sam Archer is a member of the NYPD Counter-Terrorism Unit.
       Well, not at first. In the first three recorded adventures, Archer is a member in good standing with Britain's Armed Response Unit, an elite group put together to be a rapid responder to any crisis remotely involving terrorism. The members do not exactly have a license to kill but they can and do shoot without hesitation when necessary and when the unit gets called into action, it is usually necessary.
       As the series progresses, Archer will leave his post with the ARU and take a job with the New York Police Department. Through his late father, a decorated NYPD detective, Archer enjoyed dual citizenship and the job offer in the States was compelling though it came only after a particularly harrowing off-books mission.
       With the CTU, Archer is most definitely in his element. He is a man of action and with the Big Apple being such a magnet for all kinds of nasty miscreants, his life is never dull. Unfortunately, though, it is also never peaceful so having anything close to a normal life is something that is constantly proving to be a problem.
       At times, though, Archer will be pulled back into his old realm and a time or two thrown into totally different circumstances which keep him on his toes and keeps the action going strong. Luckily for him, when he is home, whether during his ARU days or his new CTU adventures, he is joined with people who, though quite a bit different than he, are every bit as interesting. And dangerous.


Number of Books:11
First Appearance:2012
Last Appearance:2019


       I am a huge sucker for a no-holds-barred rockem-sockem adventure series and the Sam Archer one is definitely one of those I would recommend to anyone who likes his hero willing to meet danger head on. Another aspect of Archer that is commendable is that he is actually quite likable and that seems to be almost a rarity in the modern world of fiction warriors.
       The author has found an interesting range of adventures to throw at the hero. They are not all the same, monotonous "I hate America" dirge though he does find his share of those. You do not know what will confront Archer next and that helps to keep the series interesting and readable.


My Grade: A-


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