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Full Name: Frederick "Fritz" Wright
Series Name: The Vengeance Man
Nationality: British
Organization: None
Occupation Agent

Creator: John MacRae
Time Span: 2012 - 2016


Fritz Wright, aka the Vengeance Man, is an agent of the British Government.

That is about as close to a definitive hierarchy as I can figure out. When the series begins he is a loyal member of the British Army's elite SAS and has been one for quite a few years. He has seen action in various well known hotspots in the Middle East and knows the lay of the land good enough to know he would rather not be there anymore.

However, really good operatives often get seconded to other organizations and when someone with the ability to fight like a berserker and often with as much control is needed, it is often in the best interest of the sister agencies to look outside their ranks, just in case something goes south. Wright is the man they started to call on and he is the first to tell you, things always go south.

When the Cousins asked MI6 for a bit of help, they called on the SAS and Wright was pulled in. The job was, as the British say, a right cock-up from the beginning and Wright's handling of some aspects of it were less than orthodox. So, when the southerly turning point was reached, it was Wright who caught the short straw. He thought he did rather well, all things considered. Apparently no one else thought that, however.

So officially he is in the dog house and unofficially he is just the man that other people could make good use of, especially if there is no direct link between him and them. So Wright stays busy enough.

But not so busy that he cannot and does not find time for some extracurricular activity. He finds, without looking hard in the least, people who have been dealt a very nasty blow by people who are too well connected to have anything to worry about. He finds that upsetting. They invariably find that Fritz Wright being upset at them is not a good thing.

Unfortunately for Wright he is very careful and very good and very human and it comes to the attention of the authorities that a vigilante is at work and some smart people put the clues together and realize Wright is, well, the right man. They could stop him and they do try. They could also see ways of using him even more.

The Vengeance Man is sometimes a very busy individual.


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:2012
Last Appearance:2016

1 The Vengeance Man The Vengeance Man
Written by John MacRae
Copyright: 2012

"Fritz" Wright is done with the SAS - he is just a bit too old, they say. He is not done helping, though, and he takes the offer of doing what he knows best as an "operations manager" for a company working for the government. On the side, though, he earns his nickname as the Vengeance Man and that bothers a lot of people.
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2 Second Shot Second Shot
Written by John MacRae
Copyright: 2013

He wanted to help an old friend who had gotten into trouble selling firearms in the States. Then an innocent child becomes a victim and the Vengeance Man is up to his gun-sights in trouble from the streets of Harlem to the countryside of Tennessee.
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3 The Unit The Unit
Written by John MacRae
Copyright: 2013

The Duchess of Clarence is unhappy and bored and she has a lot of secrets about the inner workings of the government that can cause trouble. The Vengeance Man is in trouble with his bosses and he is sent to work with a special MI6 group whose job is to eliminate the Duchess.
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4 The Hit List The Hit List
Written by John MacRae
Copyright: 2014

The Vengeance Man is supposed to strike those his government bosses say to hit. When his brother-in-law is attacked by a gang, he decides to act on his own. That is not well received.
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5 Prime Target Prime Target
Written by John MacRae
Copyright: 2015

"It's not every day that you're invited to murder a former Prime Minister. Discreetly, of course."
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6 End Game End Game
Written by John MacRae
Copyright: 2016

The Vengeance Man reacted as he was trained and put down a would-be mass murderer. It brought him attention no one wanted and to escape the press, he has to take an assignment no one would want.
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I really liked this series and I really liked Fritz Wright's attitude towards things. He is a violent man who does not enjoy violence but is so good at it. He has his own sense of fair play and when someone violates it, he is annoyed and when someone innocent gets hurt, he gets miffed. A miffed Fritz Wright is not a good thing.

I would have graded this series a bit higher except I got confused about the time line. Do I have the book order correct? Apparently I do, according to Amazon and FictFact, but it does not fit right with me. I tried going back over things a second time and then just said, well, gee.

Hopefully someone smarter than I, like the author, will set me straight.

Other than the time line of things, though, each adventure is a lot of fun. Good plans are made and mistakes happen and Wright shows he is like cat who knows how to land on his feet. He often does not really come out on top when things are over but he is never on the bottom.


My Grade: B+


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