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Full Name: Alexis Stanton
Nationality: American
Organization: White & Associates
Occupation Agent

Creator: J. C. Phelps
Time Span: 2004 - 2016


Alexis Stanton is an agent with White & Associates.

That organization is a private military contractor with extremely close ties to the American government such that the majority of work that comes its way is backed, unofficially, by a member in high standing with one of the country's largest intelligence gathers. Since the connection is and must remain covert, for the majority of time the Stanton is working for the group, only she and her boss knew the backer was the NSA.

The head of the corporation, a man named Rick Malone but going with the cover name of Mr. White, knew of course because he was the founder and boss and the man chosen by his secret backer to be the face of the company. A former SEAL, White/Malone had joined the US Navy as an enlisted man and moved into the Special Forces almost immediately. Having served with distinction for several years, when the NSA approached him via the backer with the idea of creating a private firm to handle extra-sensitive operations, he gladly accepted the position. White is by no means just a front, however. He has the power to turn down any assignment but remembering who is your best customer is always a smart business move.

Stanton knows the truth for a far more personal reason although she did not know it at the beginning. Time and circumstances would cause her to learn that the backer who had instigated the creation of the company she would eventually and separately find employment with was her father, Admiral Stanton, formerly of the Navy and for the past decade or two a high ranking member of the NSA.

Standon, known in the organization which favors codenames for all the major officers as Ms. Grey, was a data technician at a computer company and quite bored with it. In her mid-20s, she loved computers and hated her job. She decided something different was in order and a chance sighting in her favorite local newspaper of an ad made her decide to quit and show up for an appointment.

Stanton might not have the military background of her partners at the company, men like Mr. Black and Mr. Red, but in just about everything she is trained for with the company, she proved over and over to be up to the task. The fact that her indulgent parents had not only allowed but encouraged a wide range of interests helped. The added fact that these interests lay in the martial arts, rock-climbing, weaponry, and an assortment of disciplines not normally chosen by a young girl.

As Stanton pointed out, while a child she wanted very much to be a boy. It was only when she grew up that she learned being a woman was even better.

And being a woman that loved adventure and had the skills necessary to get into and then out of trouble was better yet.


Number of Books:6
First Appearance:2004
Last Appearance:2016

1 Color Me Grey Color Me Grey
Written by J. C. Phelps
Copyright: 2004

Wanting some excitement in her life, Alexis Stanton answers a strange 'Help Wanted' ad and ends up in a job that would give her as much as she could handle and possibly a lot more
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2 Shades of Grey Shades of Grey
Written by J. C. Phelps
Copyright: 2006

The sniper known only as Penumbra has been a legend for some time. Now he or she is the target of Alexis Stanton and that cannot be a good thing.
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3 Reflections of Grey Reflections of Grey
Written by J. C. Phelps
Copyright: 2009

Taking on her first undercover job, Alexis Stanton, aka Ms. Grey, has to start doing and wearing things she is not happy with but working for White and Associates is still her dream job which could become a nightmare.
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4 Traces of Grey Traces of Grey
Written by J. C. Phelps
Copyright: 2013

The last couple of months have been without assignment as she has been White's main nurse. She is now more than eager for a mission and she gets one. It is a simple surveillance job but nothing is ever really simple.
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5 Fragments of Grey Fragments of Grey
Written by J. C. Phelps
Copyright: 2014

Forced out of White and Associates, Alexis Stanton is determined not to give in to seeking revenge but while on a job for a competitor she will come to change her mind.
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6 Edge of Grey Edge of Grey
Written by J. C. Phelps
Copyright: 2016

With the loss of White, Alexis Stanton has only one target in her sight - finding and destroying the assassin named Penumbra.
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You never really know about a series until you get into it. I got into and still did not know for sure about anything except that I wanted to read more. And I did. When I finished the second book and felt I had enough to write about the series for this site, I held off until I had read the third book. And then the fourth. And then I said to heck with it and read the last two as well. And then wished there was at least one more.

Now at the end of each book, the story ended. The author wrapped up the loose ends and brought the tale to a satisfactory conclusion. Good job, that.

But I was left wanting more and that is something I get great pleasure it. When you want more, the author did the job right. I wanted more each time. Still do.


My Grade: A-


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