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Full Name: Daniel Briggs
Nationality: American
Organization: Corps Justice
Occupation Agent

Creator: C. G. Cooper
Time Span: 2012 - 2020


       Daniel Briggs is a member of Corps Justice.
       That term refers to an internal, unofficial part of Stokes Security International (SSI), a highly successful corporation dealing in security matters. SSI does not concern itself with office security or night watchmen but rather bodyguards, facility guarding, private militia operations. Big ticket items. As mentioned in the page devoted to that group, "If one needed a lab or factory made more secure they might call SSI. If a traveling executive was heading to a potentially troublesome area, an SSI bodyguard team might be procured. Should a small army be needed for protection, the detachment from SSI might not be huge but each member was worth a dozen troops."
       Briggs is a quiet, somber man who had seen his share of devils and, in his opinion, been one a time or two. A former Marine sniper who had earned one or two medals the hard way and even been in the running for the top Medal of Honor (he asks to have his nomination withdrawn which the President publicly did but then privately went through with it), Briggs had been given the nickname of 'Snake Eyes' because of his impressive ability to hit what he aimed at almost regardless of the distance. If the rifle had the distance, Briggs had the skill.
       The demons that plagued him for so long would eventually drive him to drink and that drove him to dark places he no longer wanted to remember. Giving it up was rough and only possible because he found Someone stronger than himself. Still, even after he found this new peace he would be reminded over and over how dangerous the world around him was and, almost to his sorrow, how dangerous he could be back at it.


       It is hard to pin down why I enjoy the two interconnected series, Daniel Briggs and Corps Justice. The writing is good. The characters well developed. The plots interesting. The bad guys sufficiently nasty. But I think it is the pacing more than anything. The stories flow and take the reader along with them without any effort and that is the sign of a good storyteller. When you reach the end of an adventure and are sorry it is over, that is a good thing. And when you look forward to starting up the next book, that is even better.
       I have read just about every adventure Briggs has been in and if a couple more come my way, either from before he hooks up with SSI or after, I know that I will give out a few of my dollars to get my hands (digitally, of course) on them.
       That is my highest compliment these days.


My Grade: B+


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