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Full Name: Corps Justice
Nationality: American
Organization: None
Occupation Agency

Creator: C. G. Cooper
Time Span: 2012 - 2021


       Corps Justice is an official title for a group of security specialists.
       Technically for legal purposes they are employees of Stokes Security International (SSI) and their normal activity is the standard but still exciting and dangerous work you might imagine. If one needed a lab or factory made more secure they might call SSI. If a traveling executive was heading to a potentially troublesome area, an SSI bodyguard team might be procured. Should a small army be needed for protection, the detachment from SSI might not be huge but each member was worth a dozen troops. One more important job SSI did was provide intelligence on anything and everything when normal channels were closed, insufficient, or just too dicey to use.
       SSI was founded a few years before 9/11 by Calvin Stokes sr., a career Marine Corps officer who upon retirement had used his contacts and the growing need for a private military. Stokes' company was successful from the first day and just grew bigger and better and more in demand over the next few years. It was the senior Cal Stokes who initiated the Corps Justice "contingent" inside SSI for the special missions that it was sometimes called on to perform or which just seemed something that needed doing.
       The tenets of the Corps Justice were simple to state but full of meaning:
1. Protect and defend the Constitution.
2. Protect the weak and punish the wicked.
3. When laws hinder the first two tasks, let a moral compass guide to the completion of the job.
       Stokes and his wife died in the 9/11 attacks. His son, Cal Stokes jr. joined the Marine Corps as a tribute to his parents and to help get justice for all those killed. He might have gone the officer route like his father but chose instead to enlist and serve his country as a just another grunt, a title he was more than a little proud to be called.
       Though the junior Stokes must have known he would some day become part of SSI, he was not finished with his duty to his country when on leave tragedy struck him, told in the first recorded adventure. He and his fiancée, Jessica, were the targets of a stupid gang initiation. Several young but dangerous punks attacked them planning to use their deaths to become 'made men'. Jessica would die from her wounds and Cal Stokes almost as well but not before he killed four of the attackers and injured a fifth. The injuries that Stokes suffered and his determination for justice against the gang leader brought an end to his military career. Waiting to help, though, were his soon-to-be family at SSI.
       SSI had not floundered after the death of its creator but had actually thrived and grown even more in the capable hands of the young Stokes' older cousin, Travis Haden, a former SEAL and now CEO of SSI. When the heir to SSI needed help mending and then getting back on his feet and starting a new life, Haden and his team were there and in the years and adventures that followed, SSI and Stokes made a very good combination.


Number of Stories:3
First Appearance:2015
Last Appearance:2015

1 Chosen Chosen
Written by C. G. Cooper
Copyright: 2015

"This is Willy Trent's story from before his time with the rest of the Corps Justice team. See where Willy began and why the former #1 football recruit in the nation made the decision he did."
buy from Amazon

2 God-Speed God-Speed
Written by C. G. Cooper
Copyright: 2015

"September 11, 2001 --- Colonel and Mrs. Calvin Stokes, USMC (Retired), board American Airlines Flight 77 departing Washington Dulles International to fly to Los Angeles. They've just left their son Cal after a short visit in Charlottesville, VA, where he is attending the University of Virginia. A loving family, none of the three are prepared for the events that will soon unfold."
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3 Running Running
Written by C. G. Cooper
Copyright: 2015

"A simple phone call starts a chain of events that will probably spell the end of Recruit Calvin Stokes's time at Parris Island. Will they find out his secret in time, or will his pain and rebelliousness push him over the edge?"
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Number of Stories:1
First Appearance:2016
Last Appearance:2016

1 Back To War Back To War
Published by Regal City Media
Contributors: C. G. Cooper (writer), Fred Satterfield (illustrator), David Snelson-Smith (illustrator)
Copyright: 2016

A 2-part graphic novelization of the first adventure. A street gang initiation ends with Cal Stokes' fiancée dead and he severely wounded. Justice is not forthcoming so he and his new team go after it themselves.


       I had a lot of fun with the Corps Justice series and since it is still ongoing, I hope that enjoyment continues for some time.
       The folks at SSI are perhaps a tad too perfect but that is part of the fun. Yes, they do get their behinds kicked once in a while but it is never really that bad a whuppin' and they always give better than they get. Not realistic, truthfully, but a lot of fun nevertheless and since I read for enjoyment, well, there you are!
       The first couple of books had me wondering, as much as I liked them, whether they 'qualified' for a site devoted to 'spies' but in the course of the saga the main character, Cal Stokes, created the Jefferson Group at the behest of the President and began handling secret assignments for the Chief Executive. Tada! It definitely now fit.
       This series is meant for people who want fast action, wild conspiracies, and dynamite excitement. And those readers get what they came for and then some. They do not get long-winded descriptions or overdrawn contemplation. They get bad guys causing trouble and Stokes and company showing them error of their ways. I like it!


My Grade: B+


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