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Full Name: Deke Gannon
Nationality: American
Organization: InterTel
Occupation Agent

Creator: Ned Millis
Time Span: 2002 - 2010


Deke Gannon is an agent with InterTel.

InterTel is a very hush-hush international intelligence organization dedicated to fighting terrorism as well as those groups (read drug gangs) to whom borders are an inconvenience. Funded by governments but working anonymously it employs the latest technologies and the most skilled operative and does so without most of us knowing it exists. One of InterTel's best agents, Gannon enjoys a fair amount of independence but he has earned that through diligent work and getting the job done.

Gannon's participation in InterTel is a hallmark of his determination to make a difference in his life, a trait instilled in him by his two fathers, one biological and one adoptive. Both men made sure that Gannon knew right from wrong and knew that not fighting for one emboldened the other.

Gannon has a history that would impress anyone. His mother was a staff member of the British Embassy in Tokyo during the Korean Conflict, married to a Brigadier who had been crippled in that war. Though she still loved her husband, the need for intimacy drove her into the arms of an American named Michael Gannon and soon, without planning, she was pregnant. Giving life to her son would cost her her own and suddenly two men who knew of each other but had never met were left with grief and a tiny baby. Resolve to do what was right forged a bond between them and the beneficiary of it was Deke Gannon.

Gannon was raised by his biological parent with support from his adoptive dad in Japan until he became a teenager and then it was to an English boarding school for a few years before a return to Japan. In Japan he would become a student of the premiere teacher of the ninja arts and eventually he became an expert. He also studied computers and soon was as gifted with his programming skills as he was with his combat ones. But the desire to do more than just learn was strong and eventually he would return to England and join the military, paying homage to one of his fathers. A few years in the elite SAS followed.

From the passing of his adoptive father, Gannon eventually inherited all lands, titles, and wealth the man had had and that was not inconsequential. Coupled with the inheritance from his mother and a very tidy sum left him by his biological parent, Gannon was rich enough to never need to work but idleness was not in his nature. Luckily for him, employment with InterTel never allows that possibility.


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:2002
Last Appearance:2010

1 Sound Of Shadows Sound Of Shadows
Written by Ned Millis
Copyright: 2002

When insurance investigator Michael Gannon goes missing, his son, Deke Gannon, appears from nowhere to find what happened. When a Florida drug dealer mistakes the two, the younger becomes the target.
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2 September Shadows September Shadows
Written by Ned Millis
Copyright: 2005

Terrorists have opened the season on targets in the US after 9/11 and one of those might be the President as he visits Florida. Deke Gannon is ordered by InterTel to work with his friend Cross to find out who is targeting whom and stop them.
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3 Shadows Of Greed Shadows Of Greed
Written by Ned Millis
Copyright: 2010

The drug lords are definitely winning the drug war in the US but Deke Gannon and his partner Cross are sent to take out three of the major players. This involves taking the fight to their home turf.
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4 Shadows of the Hawk Shadows of the Hawk
Written by Ned Millis
Copyright: 2010

A council of 80,000 Christians in Paris is the target for Al Qaeda terrorist Bandar Alghamdi and Deke Gannon is sent to France to stop him.
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The cover of the first book has the caption "meet super agent Deke Gannon" and that is definitely what you will find inside the covers. Gannon is "super" is, well, every way. He is tall and handsome and physically perfect. He is rich and cultured and sophisticated. He is trained in the stealthiest and deadliest martial arts in history and trained in the very latest military combat tactics. He is a computer genius who has enough skills to create a very impressive artificial intelligence which helps out in his day-to-day living as well as his covert work.

In other words, Gannon is perfect. And that, of course, is what is the problem with this series. The man is too good to be believed.

That and the dialogue between the participants is so stilted and unnatural as to be distracting. It made finishing the first book very challenging.

Having criticized the first book, I need to say that the second was better. I have not yet read the third or fourth so perhaps the author has improved. I hope so. I could not get to liking Gannon because he was too good to be believed but I did like his friend and cohort, Cross. Cross was a tad more realistic and, to be honest, far more like me than Gannon.


My Grade: B


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