Writing as: Ned Millis

According to his bio on Amazon: "Ned Millis studied journalism as a career path but drifted into marketing and sales upon graduating from Claremont Men's College in California. He has traveled extensively in the Far East, Caribbean, Mexico, Alaska and Europe. Interests in computers, gadgetry, technology and intelligence gathering finally compelled him to begin writing techno-thrillers with these as strong story elements. His continuing action protagonist, Deke Gannon, is a resourceful alumnus of Britain's Special Air Service, deeply schooled in the martial arts of Japan and a genius with computers. Deke and InterTel associate Maynard Calegory Cross are dedicated to fighting terrorism and drug trafficking worldwide. He lives and writes in La Quinta, California with his wife Cindy and their Shi Tzus, Parker and Sammy."

Series Books
Deke Gannon Sound Of Shadows (2002)
  September Shadows (2005)
  Shadows Of Greed (2010)
  Shadows of the Hawk (2010)