Full Name: Jesse McDermitt
Nationality: American
Organization: Homeland Security
Occupation Other - Charter Captain

Creator: Wayne Stinnett
Time Span: 2013 - 2018

       Jesse McDermitt is a charter boat captain.
       That is his day job and he really enjoys it because he loves the ocean, loves fishing, and loves his boat. The people he contracts with sometimes are okay and he is friendly enough with them but it is being on his boat on the ocean fishing that he cares most about.
       Until someone starts to cause trouble or push him around or bother his friends or generally become a jerk in his presence. Then he is prone to make his feelings known and few people get by unscathed not paying attention to this man who, though starting to age, can more than hold his own.
       McDermitt was for 20 years of his adult life a Marine, a member of the prestigious Force Recon and an exceptionally gifted sniper. A couple of his exploits in his career are still talked about in sniper training though you would be hard pressed to get him to talk about them. He did what he needed to do and a couple of very bad people stopped doing what they were doing.
       McDermitt is in his mid-40s at the start of the series. He mentions being 44 in one of the early books and he also mentions that he has been out of the Marines for 7 years which let us know, since he served 20 years, he joined the Corps when he was 17 or 18. Before he became a jar-head, he was raised by his grandparents after the deaths of his parents when he was near 10. We also learn that he has been married twice before with the second one resulting in two daughters that his ex did not let him see or have anything to do with (this will change over time).
       Jesse McDermitt gets involved with the Department of Homeland Security in the second book when the son of one of his oldest friends comes to call wanting help spreading his father's ashed out at sea. That son, nicknamed Deuce, was a Seal recently moved to DHS. It occurs to Deuce that having someone like McDermitt available to haul agents where needed in the Caribbean under the cover of a fishing outing was a great idea. McDermitt is quite a bit less than interested but life has a way of forcing things on a man and that happens to McDermitt.
       McDermitt owns a very small island in the Content Keys of southern Florida and he uses that place as a training and staging area for his new part-time gig as DHS transporter and sometimes fellow operative. When you have been in action as much as McDermitt has over the years, just driving men to a fight and standing by is going to happen. It is not happening a fair amount with McDermitt.


Number of Books:13
First Appearance:2013
Last Appearance:2018

1 Fallen Out Fallen Out
Written by Wayne Stinnett
Copyright: 2014

Retiring from the Marines and looking for a fresh start in Florida, Jesse McDermitt heads to Marathon and hooks up with a very old friend. He also finds a small bit of very nasty trouble that will learn how much trouble McDermitt can be himself.

2 Fallen Palm Fallen Palm
Written by Wayne Stinnett
Copyright: 2013

Living alone on his small island, Jesse is saddened to hear of the death of an old friend and quite unhappy to learn it might have been murder. The return of an old love distracts but does not deter his looking into it, bringing into contact with friendly agents of Homeland Security.

3 Fallen Hunter Fallen Hunter
Written by Wayne Stinnett
Copyright: 2013

A friend of a friend asks Jesse to help her father being coerced to haul drugs for a crime boss. As he steps in to help, he learns the drug lord is also connected with terrorists.

4 Fallen Pride Fallen Pride
Written by Wayne Stinnett
Copyright: 2014

An old boss of Deuce and company is out for revenge and coming after Jesse McDermitt quite strongly, trying to hurt people he knows as the first step. McDermitt is not very pleased with the idea.

5 Fallen Mangrove Fallen Mangrove
Written by Wayne Stinnett
Copyright: 2014

Jesse McDermitt and friends get involved for fun in a treasure hunt unaware that two different groups willing to kill anyone in their way are stalking the group waiting to pounce.

6 Fallen King Fallen King
Written by Wayne Stinnett
Copyright: 2015

Someone from upstate is coming into the keys and using stolen grenades to blow up coral reefs. Jesse McDermitt wants to get involved to stop them and when two people he just met are murdered, he has no choice.

6.5 Merciless Charity Merciless Charity
Written by Wayne Stinnett
Copyright: 2015

A colleague of Jesse McDermitt, Charity Styles, is sent on a special assignment to take the war to some terrorists preparing in Mexico to attack the U.S.

7 Fallen Honor Fallen Honor
Written by Wayne Stinnett
Copyright: 2015

Michael Grabowski is on the run from a very nasty cocaine dealer and hiding in the Keys. Jesse McDermitt gets involved when he learns the dealer is also connected to some murders in the Bahamas.

8 Fallen Tide Fallen Tide
Written by Wayne Stinnett
Copyright: 2015

Finding a human arm in a coral reef is the first act in a story that finds Jesse McDermitt up against black marketers from Eastern Europe who have plans for South Florida.

9 Fallen Angel Fallen Angel
Written by Wayne Stinnett
Copyright: 2016

Jesse McDermitt and team take on a rushed rescue mission and extract two kidnap victims but they insist on being taken back to the Jamaican drug runner instead of being sent back home to Beaufort, South Carolina. McDermitt is curious why.

10 Fallen Hero Fallen Hero
Written by Wayne Stinnett
Copyright: 2016

A treasure hunter is murdered in the Florida Keys and a good friend of Jesse McDermitt is a suspect. Looking into the case, McDermitt finds there are more bodies and a very strange situation brewing.

11 Rising Storm Rising Storm
Written by Wayne Stinnett
Copyright: 2017

A friend of a friend is a pregnant widow of a slain military officer and she is in need of help recovering a valuable lost item. Jesse McDermitt agrees to look into it but even as he tries to find if she is a victim or a thief, he finds himself in the middle of a tropical storm fighting for his life.

12 Rising Fury Rising Fury
Written by Wayne Stinnett
Copyright: 2017

To Jesse McDermitt, even watching the passing of an old shrimp trawler near his island was enjoyable, at least until it exploded. Going to check for survivors, McDermitt would find himself involved in a floating meth operation and encounter an old flame.

13 Rising Force Rising Force
Written by Wayne Stinnett
Copyright: 2018

While thinking about the woman he once loved and wanting to reconnect, Jesse McDermitt accepts a charter to take a young woman to the Bahamas where he learns of turtle poaching along the reefs and runs up against a small group of very nasty killers.


       I was hooked almost immediately on the Jesse McDermitt stories.
       That was mentioned right up front so any criticism I make is done with that disclaimer out there. I really liked the McDermitt tales.
       With a smile, I tell you the one thing that surprised me about my liking the adventures. I do not care for minutia. I have no interest, personally, in whether a guy is using the H&K R34 (if such a thing exists) as opposed to the R33. Neither would be known to me and neither would make any difference. The guy had a gun. All I need to know!
       So when the narrative in the McDermitt talks about the many small trips he makes to and from his island, which turn he makes when and how fast he was going and so on and so forth, I expected to speed read through that really fast. Not interested! Except I was hooked.
       Now, I was in the Navy for 12 years but know virtually nothing about small craft (well, nowadays virtually nothing about larger ones, either). So I would have no way of knowing if the author was telling me something straight or making it totally up. Except I am certain he is factual and I am certain I want to know more. How could I, who does not care about the tiny details, be so mesmerized about his details? Beats me. Just am.
       There are a fair number of happenings in the books that I should probably not buy or at least force my suspension of disbelief into high gear. I just do not care. I enjoy the heck out of the stories and want more.
       Hopefully, there will be a lot more on the way.


My Grade: A-

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