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Full Name: Lachlan Fox
Nationality: Australian
Organization: None
Occupation Reporter

Creator: James Phelan
Time Span: 2006 - 2011


Lachlan Fox is an investigative reporter.

When the series opens he is not a star journalist as he will quickly become through the truths that he uncovers at great risk to his life.

Fox had been for some years been a lieutenant in the Royal Australian Navy. According to the bio presented at the beginning of the first adventure, "Graduating from the Defence Academy near the top of his class, Lt Fox transferred from Defence Intelligence to the hands-on Special Forces, where he led a Clearance Diver (CD) Team - Australia's equivalent to the US Navy SEALs and Britain's Special Boat Service. He saw active service in the liberation of East Timor in 2000, and later in Afghanistan and Iraq."

It was while looking into reports of slavery in West Timor that Fox's military career came to an end for he and his men voluntarily went into an area they were not permitted to rescue those no one else was doing anything to help. Some of the captives died and one of Fox's men as well and when publicity got hot, Fox was the one taking the hit. He regretted deeply the loss of life but not in the least the lives he saved.

Escaping to Christmas Island, Fox started a small weekly newspaper and would have been content to live in obscurity for a while but life was not so accommodating and he was soon thrust into action. This time he went into it not only looking to stay alive and save lives but also to be able to tell the truth when it was over.

For most of the series, Fox is a major voice in the field for the GSR. The Global Syndicate of Reporters consists of, according to its own bio, "the greatest collection of investigative reporters and photojournalists in the world. For almost twenty years, GSR has worked as an independent news source, going where other media agencies don't dare, reporting the truth as it unfolds." Its founder and chairman is Dr. Tasman Wallace who happened to read Fox's work on people-smuggling and took an interest in him.

Fox may or may not have responded well to the offer of employment that GSR presented but Fox's best friend was in danger and Fox needed help and the GSR was there to give it with no strings so when the trouble was over, he was more than a little predisposed to listening favorably. It was a decision that worked out well for both Fox and the GSR.

That best friend and soon to be cohort-in-reporting crime is Alister Gammaldi, Fox's best friend since high school and a Navy helicopter pilot, at least for a while. Gammaldi, at 5'4" tall and "more muscles and hair than a silverback gorilla", loves adventure probably more than Fox and when he saw the kinds of reporting that Fox was starting to do - heading into the most dangerous places on the planet and coming back with the truth, he was in. Crazy, he knew, but fun.

One aspect of the adventures that Fox gets involved in that is important to mention is the fact that one of the closest friends to GSR leader Wallace is also the American National Security Advisor and sometimes having a reporter that can snoop unofficially is a good thing and having a boss with powerful friends is not bad either.


Number of Books:5
First Appearance:2006
Last Appearance:2011

1 Fox Hunt Fox Hunt
Written by James Phelan
Copyright: 2006

The leader of Chechnya has some very unpleasant plans for the rest of the world. Thousands of miles away, Lachlan Fox and his best friend discover while diving in the Indian Ocean a strange metal object that will push them into the middle of the upcoming trouble.
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2 Patriot Act Patriot Act
Written by James Phelan
Copyright: 2007

The Echelon program used by the American government can monitor ever electronic conversation, searching for evidence of upcoming terrorism. Lachlan Fox starts to get hints that someone is using it for other, less noble goals.
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3 Blood Oil Blood Oil
Written by James Phelan
Copyright: 2008

Oil prices are skyrocketing. The American government is looking to the fields of Nigeria to reduce the shortfall but someone is planning on using that petroleum to get a great deal of power.
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4 Liquid Gold Liquid Gold
Written by James Phelan
Copyright: 2009

The long standing conflict between Pakistan and India is about to explode as both sides fight to get control of an extremely important commodity - water. One man has a scheme to use this to make himself even more insanely rich. Lachlan Fox is out to expose the truth.
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5 Red Ice Red Ice
Written by James Phelan
Copyright: 2011

While on holiday in France with friends, Lachlan Fox is on hand when an extradition of a very nasty individual goes terribly wrong and suddenly Fox is being hunted by all sorts of authorities as he tries to solve a huge problem.
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Good solid writing is an expression I have used on a number of series in this compendium and the Lachlan Fox series definitely deserves it. The flow is easy to follow. The plot is interesting and logical and too often quite frightening. The bad guys need stopping. The hero is strong enough to do the stopping and human enough to really need his sidekick to save his rear now and then.

It has been half a decade since the last of the five books came out so I would suspect we are not likely to get any more but if we did, I would buy and read it.


My Grade: A-


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