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Full Name: James West and Artemus Gordon
Nationality: American
Organization: U.S. Secret Service
Occupation Agent

Creator: Michael Garrison, Gilbert Ralston
Time Span: 1965 - 1999


Jim West and Artemus Gordon are agents of the U.S. Secret Service.

Officially, the Secret Service, formed in 1865 tasked with ferreting out counterfeiters, is not an intelligence organization but a law enforcement bureau attached to the Treasury Department (since moved to Homeland Security). The missions that West and Gordon are asked to go on, however, go far beyond their official duties.

West was born in the summer of 1842. After attending college, he joined the Union Army during the War Between The States, rising to the rank of Captain. Where he went after the hostilities ended is not known but his love of the West likely made that his destination. Wherever it was, it ended when President Grant specifically made a request for him to return to active duty for a special mission. How Grant knew of West and came to chose him is also a mystery but the young man must have made a lasting impression for the General to think of him nearly a decade later.

Decidedly a man of action, West, while intelligent and logical, is a hands-on kind of operative. Fists-on is more honest. If there were letters handed out in bare-knuckle brawling in college, West earned one. He is also terrific with a long gun and can hold his own in any fast-draw gunfight where being second meant being last. Horse training must also be one of his gifts because he has his incredibly well trained.

And then we come to the most enjoyable aspect of West's skills and that is the ladies. He adores them and his charm, debonair moves, and actual chivalrous attitude towards them, as well as his tremendous good looks, makes him a magnet for the fairer sex. Even when they sometimes feel it necessary to drive a knife in his back, they usually are quite chagrin.

Artemus Gordon is, without a doubt, Jim West's best friend. While some might mistakenly think of him as a sidekick, that thought would never occur to either of them for Gordon was West's equal and partner across the board.

Where he went to school and what he did between college, which someone of his keen intellect and inventiveness surely had to have gone, is a mystery but his creativity is renown and the small odds and ends and clever trinkets that he created have saved both their lives many times.

Gordon does not shirk a melee if it comes around but his is a subtler skill. Disguise and mimicry is second nature to him and he routinely fools his way into a villain's lair snooping out tidbits to help find a way to bring the miscreant down. His fighting and shooting skills are not at the level of West but that does not mean he is without ability as many henchmen has found out the fatal way.

For nearly a decade, these two adventurers will travel the width and breadth of America, both in states and territories, using as their road the rail system and as their vehicle the train dubbed the Wanderor. Comprised of an engine with coal bin, a long train car which houses their horses, supplies, and probably an exercise area, and the main car which has the living area for the two men.

They will face more than their share of criminals but their specialty is the bizarre, the outrageous, and the maniacal. Mad scientists, despots, warlords, power-hungry politicians, embittered generals, and so on all tried their hand at mischief and West and Gordon would be there to stop them.

And then find time to charm the ladies.


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:1966
Last Appearance:1998

At the high point of the series' popularity, one paperback was released, a novelization based on the second episode filmed.

While the television series ran from 1965 to 1969, the next three books based on the show did not get written until nearly three decades later as the new version of the concept starring Will Smith was being prepared.

The books were not based on the movie, luckily, but on the original series with Robert Conrad. Whether the writer actually watched any of those shows, though, is debatable.

1 The Wild Wild West The Wild Wild West
Written by Richard Wormser
Copyright: 1966

Adaptation of the television episode Night of The Double-Edged Knife, the first filmed after the pilot (though the ninth shown). Indians are holding a railroad hostage, threatening to kill some workers each day until a good amount of gold is paid.

2 The Wild Wild West The Wild Wild West
Written by Robert Vaughan
Copyright: 1998

Jim West and Artemus Gordon must go up against a madman who has amassed an army to take over the western territory.

3 Night of the Death Train Night of the Death Train
Written by Robert Vaughan
Copyright: 1998

Onboard the fast locomotive yet made as it strives to break the speed record, Jim West is trying to get a young girl to New York for an operation while saboteurs are out to destroy the train.

4 Night of the Assassin Night of the Assassin
Written by Robert Vaughan
Copyright: 1998

Jim West and Artemus Gordon are in Texas investigating counterfeiting but instead discover a plot to create a new Civil War by assassinating Garfield.


Number of Movies:3
First Appearance:1979
Last Appearance:1999

Three movies were made based on the popular television show.

The first two were made-for-TV movies starring the original actors and taking place some years after the events of the TV shows.

The third was a, IMHO, very poor, unintelligible rip-off of a fun series turning two close friends into enemies and making an action series into a slap-stick. Despite having two great actors in lead roles, it was a mess and cannot be considered at all a part of any "canon". It is listed here rather than in the Parodies, Satires, and Pastiches section only to make it easier to look up.

1 The Wild Wild West Revisited The Wild Wild West Revisited
Director: Burt Kennedy
Writer: William Bowers
Actors: Robert Conrad as Jim West, Ross Martin as Artemus Gordon, Paul Williams as Loveless, jr., Harry Morgan as Robert T. Malone
Released: 1979

Years after they had retired, West and Gordon are pulled back into service to track down the son of their nemesis, Miguelito Loveless.

2 More Wild Wild West More Wild Wild West
Director: Burt Kennedy
Writers: William Bowers, Tony Kayden
Actors: Robert Conrad as Jim West, Ross Martin as Artemus Gordon, Jonathan Winters as Albert Paradine II, Harry Morgan as Robert T. Malone
Released: 1980

Albert Paradine II is a mad scientist out to use clones of himself to throw off the authorities as he makes use of an invisibility formula to help take over the world.

3 The Wild Wild West The Wild Wild West
Director: Barry Sonnenfeld
Writers: Jim Thomas, John Thomas, S. S. Wilson, Brent Maddock
Actors: Will Smith as Jim West, Kevin Kline as Artemus Gordon, Kenneth Branagh as Dr. Arliss Loveless, Salma Hayek as Rita Escobar
Released: 1999

West and Gordon, strangers who take an instant dislike to each other, are forced to work together to fight a megalomaniac using revolutionary machinery to take over the country. A truly bad treatment of a fine action-comedy despite having the wonderful Salma Hayek in it.
Note: This is NOT in the canon but is placed here for reference only! (Obviously I feel strongly about this.)


Number of Episodes:104
First Appearance:1965
Last Appearance:1969

Robert ConradJim West [ 1-4 ]
Ross MartinArtemus Gordon [ 1-4 ]

       'James Bond in the West' was how the man who created the concept pitched it to the network and to those tasked with writing the episodes. Considering how popular the Bond movies were just becoming, complete with Q's wonderful bag of tricks, the idea seemed a natural. Westerns were still incredibly popular and now so were spy action films. Put them together and you might have a hit.
       It was a hit. It perhaps did not make the top 10 any of the 4 years it was on but it was a hit enough to keep it coming back. According to several sources, it would likely have gone on longer than the 4 seasons had not Congress, out to show they were doing something about the rise in violence on television, made it the poster-child of excessive fisticuffs and explosions.
       While Bond always worked alone, the television show had to main characters. Jim West was most definitely the head guy and the one to be dubbed the Western Bond. He was the man of action, leaping from his horse or swinging across a room on a chandelier, taking on six guys at once. His partner, Artemus Gordon, was definitely not a sidekick but an equal and while he might not be so ready to jump into a fray, he more than held his own. Gordon's expertise was in disguise and infiltration.
       In addition to a steady supply of henchmen to combat, what really made this show so different was the terrifically good bad guys. It was steampunk long before steampunk existed. The devices often dreamt by the numerous mad scientists and would-be dictators were incredible and just almost-believable to be a hoot.
       And of course there were a steady supply of drop-dead gorgeous women. Not an episode went by without there being at least one and often two or three lovely ladies to grace the screen. Some of them were seductive femme fatales ready to charm the life, literally, out of the hero. Others were Paulines always in peril and needing Jim West to save them from their doom. And sometimes the viewer was not sure from one minute to the next which of the two types a woman might turn out to be.
       Just as Bond had his share of cool gadgets to confound and defeat the bad guys, and they had their own devices to wield, so did Jim West. Smoke pellets from hidden pockets in his suit vest. A derringer attached to a spring-loaded wrist 'harness' popped into action over and over, often being used as a propellant to shoot a grappeling hook across a room or a street. Kick the boot just so and a knife slid into view beneath the toes, useful for cutting ropes holding West captive. Those were some of the normal ones seen often but many adventures came with their own, one-shot widgets.
       Lots of action in every episode, beautiful women, handsome men, daring do's, over-the-top bad guys, outlandish plots. It was terrific fun each and every week. No wonder the old fogey do-gooders and political buttinskis hated it so much.
       Teenagers especially loved the excitement (I was one and I certainly did).

Note: Wikipedia's information on the series and the data on the episodes and movies is fantastic and is the source for most of the fact I have included here. This is especially true of the plotlines. Those in [ ]'s are straight from Wikipedia as I gradually put them into my own words. If you want more, and better, background on this show, check out that site.

1 The Night of the Inferno
Episode 1-01, first aired 09/17/1965
Director: Richard C. Sarafian
Writer: Gilbert Ralston
Guest Stars: Suzanne Pleshette as Lydia Monteran, Victor Buono as Wing Fat/Juan Manolo, Nehemiah Persoff as General Cassinello, James Gregory as President Grant

A Mexican general is out to retake Texas unless West, posing as a rich Eastern, can foil his plans.

2 The Night of the Deadly Bed
Episode 1-02, first aired 09/24/1965
Director: William Witney
Writers: George V. Schenck, William Marks
Guest Stars: J.D. Cannon as Flory, Barbara Luna as Gatita, Bill Catching as Angelo, Robert Herron as Captain Jackson

A man who envisions himself another Napoleon wants to take over Mexico again and West and Gordon want to stop him.

3 The Night the Wizard Shook the Earth
Episode 1-03, first aired 10/01/1965
Director: Bernard L. Kowalski
Writer: John Kneubuh
Guest Stars: Michael Dunn as Dr. Miguelito Loveless, Phoebe Dorin as Antoinette, William Mims as Governor, Harry Bartell as Professor Nielsen

The wonderfully evil dwarf, Dr. Miguelito Loveless, feels California really belongs to him and plans on taking it back.

4 The Night of Sudden Death
Episode 1-04, first aired 10/08/1965
Director: William Witney
Writer: Oliver Crawford
Guest Stars: Robert Loggia as Warren Trevor, Joel Fluellen as Chief Vanoma, Bill Cassidy as Sterling, Don Gazzaniga as Hotel Clerk

True to the Secret Service's original task of hunting counterfeiters, West and Gordon are out after such a gang.

5 Night of the Casual Killer
Episode 1-05, first aired 10/15/1965
Director: Don Taylor
Writer: Bob Barbash
Guest Stars: John Dehner as John Avery, Ruta Lee as Laurie Morgan, Dub Taylor as Guard, Bill Williams as Marshal Kirby

A former politico wanted for crimes in the nation's capitol is hiding behind an impressive fortress.

6 The Night of a Thousand Eyes
Episode 1-06, first aired 10/22/1965
Director: Richard C. Sarafian
Writer: Preston Wood
Guest Stars: Jeff Corey as Captain Ansel Coffin, Linda Ho as Oriana, Victor French as Arnold, E.J. André as Proprietor

A group of pirates led by a blind man use false lights to lure ships onto reefs in order to plunder them.

7 The Night of the Glowing Corpse
Episode 1-07, first aired 10/29/1965
Director: Irving J. Moore
Writer: Henry Sharp
Guest Stars: Oscar Beregi Jr. as Dr. Ormont, Jayne Massey as Cecile, Louise Lawson as Blonde

[Jim and Artemus are assigned to recover stolen radioactive materials. Their only clue: A set of fingerprints found on the ankle of a pretty secretary.]

8 The Night of the Dancing Death
Episode 1-08, first aired 11/05/1965
Director: Harvey Hart
Writers: William Tunberg, Fred Freiberger
Guest Stars: Peter Mark Richman as Prince Gio Carlotica, Eva Soreny as Baroness, Wolfe Barzell as Landgrave, Booth Colman as Perkins

[Jim and Artie are assigned to rescue a kidnapped princess from the Camorra.]

9 The Night of the Double-Edged Knife
Episode 1-09, first aired 11/12/1965
Director: Don Taylor
Writer: Stephen Kandel
Guest Stars: Katharine Ross as Sheila Parnell, Leslie Nielsen as General Ball, John Barrymore Jr. as American Knife, Elisha Cook Jr. as Mike McGreavy

[Trouble is brewing along the railroad: the local Indians are demanding gold and have threatened to kill five railroad workers a day until it is paid. Jim and Artie find that things are not what they seem to be.]

10 The Night That Terror Stalked the Town
Episode 1-10, first aired 11/19/1965
Director: Alvin Ganzer
Writers: John Kneubuhl, Richard Landau
Guest Stars: Michael Dunn as Dr. Miguelito Loveless, Jean Hale as Marie, Phoebe Dorin as Antoinette, Joe Hooker as Mr. Abernathy

[The second encounter with Dr. Loveless. West is lured into a ghost town filled with lifelike dummies, where Loveless is hatching his latest scheme: The surgical alterization of Janus, one of his assistants. Once done, Janus will look exactly like James West.]

11 The Night of the Red-Eyed Madmen
Episode 1-11, first aired 11/26/1965
Director: Irving J. Moore
Writer: Stanford Whitmore
Guest Stars: Martin Landau as General Grimm, Ray Kellogg as Captain O'Brien, Gregg Martell as Otto, Nelson Olmsted as Senator Rawls

[An army of fanatics is dedicated to overthrowing the U.S. Government, and it's up to James West to thwart their plans.]

12 The Night of the Human Trigger
Episode 1-12, first aired 12/03/1965
Director: Justus Addiss
Writer: Norman Katkov
Guest Stars: Burgess Meredith as Professor Okrney Cadwallader, Kathie Browne as Faith Cadwallader, Michael Masters as Hercules Cadwallader, Dick Winslow as Piano Player

[An insane geologist has developed an elaborate extortion scheme: He has mastered the power to create earthquakes.]

13 The Night of the Torture Chamber
Episode 1-13, first aired 12/10/1965
Director: Alan Crosland Jr.
Writers: Philip Saltzman, Jason Wingreen
Guest Stars: Alfred Ryder as Professor Horatio Bolt, Henry Beckman as Governor Bradford/Sam Jamison, H.M. Wynant as Durand, Sigrid Valdis as Miss Piecemeal

[An obsessed museum curator has his own private designs for the state treasury.]

14 The Night of the Howling Light
Episode 1-14, first aired 12/17/1965
Director: Paul Wendkos
Writer: Henry Sharp
Guest Stars: Sam Wanamaker as Dr. Arcularis, Linda Marsh as Indra, Dan Riss as Naval Officer, Ralph Moody as Ho-Tami

[Shades of The Manchurian Candidate: West is held prisoner in a lighthouse by a mad doctor who is using mind control to condition the Secret Service agent into becoming an assassin.]

15 The Night of the Fatal Trap
Episode 1-15, first aired 12/24/1965
Director: Richard Whorf
Writers: Robert V. Barron, Jack Marlowe
Guest Stars: Ron Randell as Col. Francesco Vasquez, Joanna Moore as Linda Medford, Rodolfo Hoyos Jr. as Sgt. Gomez, Don Briggs as Sheriff Cantrell

[While disguised as a notorious outlaw, Jim goes to arrest a Mexican bandit, only to be recognized by the villain's girlfriend.]

16 The Night of the Steel Assassin
Episode 1-16, first aired 01/07/1966
Director: Lee H. Katzin
Writers: Calvin Clements, Steve Fisher
Guest Stars: John Dehner as Colonel "Iron Man" Torres, Sue Ane Langdon as Nina Gilbert, Roy Engel as President Grant, John Pickard as R.L. Gilbert

[After being crippled in an explosion that he blamed on the other men of his regiment, Colonel 'Iron Man' Torres has rebuilt himself as a 19th century 'cyborg.' He is now seeking revenge on those he thinks wronged him — including President Grant.]

17 The Night the Dragon Screamed
Episode 1-17, first aired 01/14/1966
Director: Irving J. Moore
Writer: Kevin De Courcey
Guest Stars: Nancy Hsueh as Tsu Hsi, Ben Wright as Col. Allenby-Smythe, Benson Fong as Mo Ti, Richard Loo as Wang Chung

[Jim and Artie are tracking down the smugglers of opium and Chinese aliens. Their trail leads them to a British ex-colonel who is planning to take over the Chinese throne.]

18 The Night of the Flaming Ghost
Episode 1-18, first aired 01/21/1966
Director: Lee H. Katzin
Writers: Robert Hamner, Preston Wood
Guest Stars: John Doucette as John Obediah Brown, Robert Ellenstein as Luis Vasquez, Lynn Loring as Carma Vasquez, Karen Sharpe as Barbara Bosley

[Abolitionist John Brown appears to have returned from the grave after being hung by the neck. Jim and Artie are assigned to bring him in.]

19 The Night of the Grand Emir
Episode 1-19, first aired 01/28/1966
Director: Irving J. Moore
Writer: Donn Mullally
Guest Stars: Yvonne Craig as Ecstasy LaJoie, Richard Jaeckel as Christopher Cable, Robert Middleton as Emir El Emid, Arlene Charles as Emid #1 Girl

[West is assigned to protect a visiting despot from Ecstasy La Joie, an assassin armed with an a deadly ring and an explosive garter.]

20 The Night of the Whirring Death
Episode 1-20, first aired 02/18/1966
Director: Mark Rydell
Writers: Jackson Gillis, Leigh Chapman
Guest Stars: Michael Dunn as Dr. Miguelito Loveless, Pamela Austin as Priscilla Ames, Barbara Nichols as Bessie Bowen, Phoebe Dorin as Antoinette

[The third encounter with Dr. Loveless. This time he's using exploding toys as part of his scheme to make California a kingdom for children.]

21 The Night of the Puppeteer
Episode 1-21, first aired 02/25/1966
Director: Irving J. Moore
Writer: Henry Sharp
Guest Stars: Lloyd Bochner as Zachariah Skull, Imelda de Martin as Vivid, John Hoyt as Justice Vincent Chayne, Janis Hansen as Waitress

[An attack on a Supreme Court justice leads West and Gordon into a mysterious underground lair filled with deadly life-size marionettes.]

22 The Night of the Bars of Hell
Episode 1-22, first aired 03/04/1966
Director: Richard Donner
Writer: Robert Vincent Wright
Guest Stars: Arthur O'Connell as Theophilus Ragan, Indus Arthur as Jennifer McCoy, Elisha Cook Jr. as Gideon McCoy, Mickey Golden as Gate Guard

[Jim and Artie are assigned to track down a band of outlaws who have centered their operations near a territorial prison.]

23 The Night of the Two-Legged Buffalo
Episode 1-23, first aired 03/11/1966
Director: Edward Dein
Writer: John Kneubuhl
Guest Stars: Nick Adams as Prince, Dana Wynter as Lady Beatrice Marquand-Gaynesford, Robert Emhardt as Claude Duchamps, Paul Comi as Vittorio Pellagrini

[West and Gordon are assigned to protect a pleasure-loving prince who is visiting the United States. The prince insists on visiting a plush spa, only to find that assassins are eagerly awaiting his arrival.]

24 The Night of the Druid's Blood
Episode 1-24, first aired 03/25/1966
Director: Ralph Senensky
Writers: Henry Sharp, Kevin De Courcey
Guest Stars: Sam Wade as Robert Perry, Rhys Williams as Dr. Tristam, Don Rickles as Asmodeus, Ann Elder as Astarte

[Jim investigates the mysterious arson death of an old friend.]

25 The Night of the Freebooters
Episode 1-25, first aired 04/01/1966
Director: Edward Dein
Writer: Gene L. Coon
Guest Stars: Keenan Wynn as Thorald Wolfe, Maggie Thrett as Rita Leon, William Campbell as Bender, John Sterling as Worker

[While posing as an ex-con, Jim infiltrates a renegade army.]

26 The Night of the Burning Diamond
Episode 1-26, first aired 04/08/1966
Director: Irving J. Moore
Writer: Ken Kolb
Guest Stars: Robert Drivas as Morgan Midas, Christiane Schmidtmer as Lucretia Ivronin, Vito Carbonara as Serbian Minister, Whitey Hughes as Rudd

[West and Gordon investigate the mysterious disappearance of Serbia's Kara Diamond, which leads them into the lair of Morgan Midas. He has mastered a formula that can make him move so quickly that he becomes invisible to the naked eye.]

27 The Night of the Murderous Spring
Episode 1-27, first aired 04/15/1966
Director: Richard Donner
Writer: John Kneubuhl
Guest Stars: Michael Dunn as Dr. Miguelito Loveless, Phoebe Dorin as Antoinette, Jenie Jackson as Kitten Twitty, Leonard Falk as Attendant

[West and Gordon meet Dr. Loveless for the fourth time. The doctor has now invented a hallucinatory drug which, when used on Jim, makes him believe that he has shot and killed Artie.]

28 The Night of the Sudden Plague
Episode 1-28, first aired 04/22/1966
Director: Irving J. Moore
Writer: Ken Kolb
Guest Stars: Theodore Marcuse as Dr. Vincent Kirby, Eddie Durkin as Frank Doyle, Mark Baker as Barber, Robert Phillips as Lafe

[Upon arriving in Willow Springs, Jim and Artie find that a band of thieves have struck and somehow managing to paralyze everyone in the entire town.]

29 The Night of the Eccentrics
Episode 2-01, first aired 09/16/1966
Director: Robert Sparr
Writer: Charles Bennett
Guest Stars: Victor Buono as Count Carlos Mario Vincenzo Robespierre Manzeppi, LeGrand Mellon as Miranda, Michael Masters as Titan, Richard Pryor as Villar

[While searching for an undercover fellow agent {who turns up dead}, Jim and Artie arrive at a circus where they find themselves pitted against the Eccentrics, a league of assassins commanded by the vicious Count Manzeppi.]

30 The Night of the Golden Cobra
Episode 2-02, first aired 09/23/1966
Director: Irving J. Moore
Writer: Henry Sharp
Guest Stars: Boris Karloff as Mr. Singh, Audrey Dalton as Veda Singh, Jose De Vega as John Mountain-Top, James Westmoreland as Chandra

[Jim West is kidnapped by a maharajah who wants his sons to be tutored in the fine art of killing.]

31 The Night of the Raven
Episode 2-03, first aired 09/30/1966
Director: Irving J. Moore
Writer: Edward Di Lorenzo
Guest Stars: Michael Dunn as Dr. Miguelito Loveless, Phyllis Newman as Princess Wanakee, Phoebe Dorin as Antoinette, Howard Hoffinan as War Eagle

[The fifth encounter with Dr. Loveless, whose latest diabolical invention involves a powder that miniaturizes people. Jim West and an Indian princess are among his victims. Will a cat bring about the end of Agent West?]

32 The Night of the Big Blast
Episode 2-04, first aired 10/07/1966
Director: Ralph Senensky
Writer: Ken Kolb
Guest Stars: Ida Lupino as Dr. Faustina, Patsy Kelly as Prudence Fortune, Mala Powers as Lily Fortune, Robert Miller Driscoll as Lyle Peters

[Dr. Faustina has created human-like robots that are walking time bombs. One of them looks exactly like Jim West and another like Artemus Gordon.]

33 The Night of the Returning Dead
Episode 2-05, first aired 10/14/1966
Director: Richard Donner
Writer: John Kneubuhl
Guest Stars: Sammy Davis Jr. as Jeremiah, Peter Lawford as Carl Jackson, Hazel Court as Elizabeth Carter, Frank Wilcox as Bill Mott

[Jim and Artie confront a ghost rider who seems to be immune to bullets.]

34 The Night of the Flying Pie Plate
Episode 2-06, first aired 10/21/1966
Director: Robert Sparr
Guest Stars: William Windom as Ben Victor, Leslie Parrish as Morn, Whitey Hughes as Jerry, Ford Rainey as Simon

[A bizarre scheme has West and Gordon involved with a green-skinned girl who emerged from what seems to a spaceship. She claims that her ship needs gold for fuel.]

35 The Night of the Poisonous Posey
Episode 2-07, first aired 10/28/1966
Director: Alan Crosland Jr.
Writers: Leigh Chapman, Donn Mullally
Guest Stars: Delphi Lawrence as Lucrece Posey, Percy Rodriguez as Brutus, Michael Masters as Cyril, Shug Fisher as Sheriff Blayne Cord

[The town of Justice, Nevada, is hangout for a group of international criminals headed by Lucrece Posey, who is planning on leading her group into a world-wide criminal organization. Unfortunately for them a certain two secret service agents happen to be passing through, and it's up to the pair to battle them into submission.]

36 The Night of the Bottomless Pit
Episode 2-08, first aired 11/04/1966
Director: Robert Sparr
Writer: Ken Kolb
Guest Stars: Theodore Marcuse as Gustave Mauvais / Hubert Crandee, Joan Huntington as Camille Mauvais, Tom Drake as Vincent Reed, Gregg Martell as Guard B

[Jim and Artie infiltrate a prison to rescue a fellow agent from a vicious commandant.]

37 The Night of the Watery Death
Episode 2-09, first aired 11/11/1966
Director: Irving J. Moore
Writer: Michael Edwards
Guest Stars: John Ashley as Lt. Keighley, John van Dreelen as Marquis Philippe de La Mer, James Galante as Third Officer, Forrest Lewis as Captain Pratt

[Jim and Artie investigate a mysterious dragon-like creature that is blowing up American ships.]

38 The Night of the Green Terror
Episode 2-10, first aired 11/18/1966
Director: Robert Sparr
Writer: John Kneubuhl
Guest Stars: Michael Dunn as Dr. Miguelito Loveless, Phoebe Dorin as Antoinette, Anthony Caruso as Bright Star Chief, Paul Fix as Old Chief

[The sixth encounter with Dr. Loveless, whose latest scheme involves a chemical that kills plant life and a suit of medieval armor.]

39 The Night of the Ready-Made Corpse
Episode 2-11, first aired 11/25/1966
Director: Irving J. Moore
Writer: Ken Kolb
Guest Stars: Carroll O'Connor as Fabian Lavender, Karen Sharpe as Rose Murphy, Paul Comi as Pellargo Double, Daniel Ades as Colonel Pellargo

[Jim and Artie are assigned to investigate one Fabian Lavendor, a mortician who runs a peculiar side-line business: faking the deaths of wanted criminals.]

40 The Night of the Man-Eating House
Episode 2-12, first aired 12/12/1966
Director: Alan Crosland Jr.
Writer: John Kneubuhl
Guest Stars: Hurd Hatfield as Liston Day, William Talman as Sheriff

[Jim, Artie, and a local sheriff are accompanying a convict back to prison. While resting for the night]

41 The Night of the Skulls
Episode 2-13, first aired 12/16/1966
Director: Alan Crosland Jr.
Writers: Robert C. Dennis, Earl Barret
Guest Stars: Donald Woods as Senator Fenlow, Lisa Gaye as Lorelei, Douglas Henderson as Colonel Richmond

[West is a fugitive on the run after he 'shot and killed' Artie. In reality, however, he is tracking down a secret league of assassins.]

42 The Night of the Infernal Machine
Episode 2-14, first aired 12/23/1966
Director: Sherman Marks
Writer: Shimon Wincelberg
Guest Stars: Ed Begley as Judge M'Guigan, Bill Zuckert as Inspector Bulvon, Elaine Dunn as Vashti, Jon Lormer as Vickerman

[Jim and Artie aid a federal judge whose life has been threatened by a bomb-throwing clockmaker.]

43 The Night of the Lord of Limbo
Episode 2-15, first aired 12/30/1966
Director: Jesse Hibbs
Writer: Henry Sharp
Guest Stars: Ricardo Montalbán as Col. Noel Bartley Vautrain, Dianne Foster as Amanda Vautrain, Harry Harvey Sr. as Theater Manager

[Jim and Artie encounter Col. Vautrain, a crippled, legless former Confederate officer who has mastered the ability to travel through time. His plan is to go back in time and alter history, thus not only restoring his legs but also having the Confederate Army win the war—by killing Ulysses Grant.]

44 The Night of the Tottering Tontine
Episode 2-16, first aired 01/06/1967
Director: Irving J. Moore
Writers: Elon Packard, Norman Hudis
Guest Stars: Harry Townes as Dr. Robert Raven, Wilhelm von Homburg as Gunther Pearse, William Wintersole as Edward Baring, Henry Darrow as Archduke Maurice

[West and Gordon are assigned to protect Dr. Raven, who is developing a secret weapon and also a member of a tontine, i.e., an investment group whose bylaws state that the last surviving member of the group will receive the group's assets.]

45 The Night of the Feathered Fury
Episode 2-17, first aired 01/13/1967
Director: Robert Sparr
Writer: Henry Sharp
Guest Stars: Victor Buono as Count Carlos Mario Vincenzo Robespierre Manzeppi, Michele Carey as Gerda Scharff, Hideo Inamura as Benji, Perry Lopez as Dodo Le Blanc

[Jim and Artie encounter Count Manzeppi again. This time around the count is attempting to acquire a wind-up bird that contains the Philosopher's Stone.]

46 The Night of the Gypsy Peril
Episode 2-18, first aired 01/20/1967
Director: Alan Crosland Jr.
Writer: Ken Kolb
Guest Stars: Ruta Lee as Zoe Zagora, Ronald Long as Sultan of Ramapur, Arthur Batanides as Scullen, Nick Cravat as Performer

[The Sultan of Ramapur brings a sacred white elephant as a gift to President Grant. When bandits steal the elephant from Jim and Artie's train the outraged Sultan demands a compensation of $1 million. Events take an interesting turn when Jim follows the trail to a gypsy camp.]

47 The Night of the Tartar
Episode 2-19, first aired 02/03/1967
Director: Charles R. Rondeau
Writers: Robert C. Dennis, Earl Barret
Guest Stars: John Astin as Count Sazanov, Susan Odin as Anastasia, Malachi Throne as Kuprin, Andre Phillipe as Fecdor Rimsky

[President Grant orders West and Gordon to deliver Rimsky, a political prisoner, to Vladivostok in exchange for Millard Boyer, the American vice-consul. In the course of their duty the two are drugged and end up in Russia—or so it seems.]

48 The Night of the Vicious Valentine
Episode 2-20, first aired 02/10/1967
Director: Irving J. Moore
Writer: Leigh Chapman
Guest Stars: Agnes Moorehead as Emma Valentine, Diane McBain as Elaine Dodd, Sherry Jackson as Michele LeMaster, Shephard Menken as E.N. Itnelay

[Jim and Artie investigate the killings of wealthy industrialists. They find that all the victims are linked to a matchmaker named Emma Valentine.]

49 The Night of the Brain
Episode 2-21, first aired 02/17/1967
Director: Larry Peerce
Writer: Calvin Clements Jr.
Guest Stars: Edward Andrews as Braine, Margaret Mason as Lola, Phil Arnold as Almeric, Brioni Farrell as Voulee

[Jim and Artie receive fake newspapers that predict the deaths of their friends which the agents can't prevent from happening. Their investigation pits them against an evil super-genius.]

50 The Night of the Deadly Bubble
Episode 2-22, first aired 02/24/1967
Director: Irving J. Moore
Writer: Michael Edwards
Guest Stars: Alfred Ryder as Captain Horatio Philo, Judy Lang as Professor Abigail J. Pringle, Nacho Galindo as Pepe, Kai Hernandez as Maid

[West and Gordon, investigating a series of mysterious tidal waves off the coast of San Francisco, encounter a fanatical marine environmentalist.]

51 The Night of the Surreal McCoy
Episode 2-23, first aired 03/03/1967
Director: Alan Crosland Jr.
Writer: John Kneubuhl
Guest Stars: Michael Dunn as Dr. Miguelito Loveless, John Doucette as Axel Morgan, Ivan Triesault as Ambassador, John Alonzo as Lightnin McCoy

[West and Gordon encounter Dr. Loveless for the seventh time. His latest invention can transport real people in and out of the two-dimensional world of paintings.]

52 The Night of the Colonel's Ghost
Episode 2-24, first aired 03/10/1967
Director: Charles R. Rondeau
Writer: Ken Kolb
Guest Stars: Kathie Browne as Jennifer Caine, Lee Bergere as Colonel Wayne Gibson, Alan Hewitt as Vincent Pernell, Arthur Hunnicutt as Doc Gavin

[West rides into the town of Gibsonville where he encounters a series of broken neck murders along with arguments over a lost stash of gold. Meanwhile, Gordon is escorting President Grant to dedication of a statue of the late Colonel Wayne Gibson in the very same town.]

53 The Night of the Deadly Blossom
Episode 2-25, first aired 03/17/1967
Director: Alan Crosland Jr.
Writer: Daniel Mainwaring
Guest Stars: Peter Hale as Myron Kendrick, Nehemiah Persoff as Adam Barclay, Miiko Taka as Haruko, Pitt Herbert as Levering Mayhew David

[West and Gordon are assigned to guard the king of Hawaii, who is due to arrive secretly by ship. The deaths of four military officers and the mysterious sinking of the cruiser Youngstown lead them to believe that the king's life may be in danger.]

54 The Night of the Cadre
Episode 2-26, first aired 03/24/1967
Director: Leon Benson
Writer: Digby Wolfe
Guest Stars: Don Gordon as General Titus Trask, Richard Jaeckel as Sergeant Stryker, Sheilah Wells as Josephine, Ken Drake as Professor Frimm

[Jim impersonates a killer in order to track down General Titus Trask, a renegade army officer with a desire to kill President Grant.]

55 The Night of the Wolf
Episode 2-27, first aired 03/31/1967
Director: Charles R. Rondeau
Writers: Robert C. Dennis, Earl Barret
Guest Stars: Joseph Campanella as Talamantes, Lorri Scott as Leandra, Charles R. Radilac as Priest, Jonathan Lippe as Capt. Adam Dushan

[Jim and Artie's latest assignment is to protect Stefan, a soon-to-be-crowned king. However, the evil Talamantes has kidnapped Stefan's daughter, Leandra, and will only release her if Stefan renounces the throne.]

56 The Night of the Bogus Bandits
Episode 2-28, first aired 04/07/1967
Director: Irving J. Moore
Writer: Henry Sharp
Guest Stars: Michael Dunn as Dr. Miguelito Loveless, Marianna Hill as Belladonna, Patsy Kelly as Mrs. Bancroft, Grace Gaynor as Pearline Hastings

[The brilliant but evil Dr. Loveless is back for the eighth time with yet another plan to rule the world. His scheme this time around uses mock-ups of the prisons, armories, and the United States Treasury to train his henchmen to take over these resources upon his command.]

57 The Night of the Bubbling Death
Episode 3-01, first aired 09/08/1967
Director: Irving J. Moore
Writer: David Moessinger
Guest Stars: Harold Gould as Victor Freemantle, Madlyn Rhue as Carlotta Waters, William Schallert as Silas Grigsby, A. G. Vitanza as Pima

[The U.S. Constitution document has been stolen by a dangerous revolutionary named Victor Freemantle. West and Gordon are sent to Texas to recover it. Rather than give into Freemantle's ransom demand of $1 million, they decide to infiltrate Freemantle's castle and retrieve the Constitution themselves. In a twist ending however, our heroes find Freemantle is not the mastermind behind the plot!]

58 The Night of the Firebrand
Episode 3-02, first aired 09/15/1967
Director: Michael Caffey
Writer: Edward J. Lakso
Guest Stars: Lana Wood as Vixen O'Shaugnessy, Pernell Roberts as Sean O'Reilley, Len Wayland as Major Jason, Paul Prokop as Clint Hoxie

[West travels to Fort Savage to help prevent a revolution in Canada that outlaw Shawn O'Riley has plans to incite. Once there, however, he finds that O'Riley is in control of the fort and is holding the fort's major and his men captive.]

59 The Night of the Assassin
Episode 3-03, first aired 09/22/1967
Director: Alan Crosland Jr.
Writers: Robert C. Dennis, Earl Barret
Guest Stars: Robert Loggia as Colonel Arsenio Barbossa, Ramón Novarro as Don Tomas, Carlos Romero as Lieutenant, Nina Roman as Lupita Gonzalez

[West and Gordon disrupt an assassination attempt on Mexico's President Juarez. Their plan is to return to Texas with the assassin they have captured, but first they must deal with the merciless Colonel Barbossa.]

60 The Night Dr. Loveless Died
Episode 3-04, first aired 09/29/1967
Director: Alan Crosland Jr.
Writer: Henry Sharp
Guest Stars: Michael Dunn as Dr. Miguelito Loveless / Dr. Liebknicht, Susan Oliver as Triste, Anthony Caruso as Deuce, Robert Ellenstein as Arthur Tickle

[West and Gordon arrive in Hayes City where they identify the body of their archnemesis, Dr. Loveless. While there, they meet up with the beautiful femme fatale, Triste, and also Miguelito's 'next of kin', Dr. Liebknicht, a Swiss neurologist who strikingly resembles his nephew.]

61 The Night of the Jack O'Diamonds
Episode 3-05, first aired 10/06/1967
Director: Irving J. Moore
Writer: Denne Bart Petitclerc
Guest Stars: Frank Silvera as El Sordo, Mario Alcalde as Fortuna, James Almanzar as Gregorio, David Renard as Enrique

[West and Gordon head south of the border with a present for the Mexico's president - a beautiful Arabian horse. However, after their arrival the horse is stolen by a group of outlaw bandits, jeopardizing the relationship between the two countries.]

62 The Night of the Samurai
Episode 3-06, first aired 10/13/1967
Director: Gunnar Hellstrom
Writer: Shimon Wincelberg
Guest Stars: Paul Stevens as Gideon Falconer, Jerry Fujikawa as Prince Shinosuki, John Hubbard as Clive Finsbury, Jane Betts as Madame Moustache

[While the U.S. State Department is returning a valuable samurai sword to its rightful owner, a Japanese prince, the sword is stolen by a group of assailants. To avoid damaging U.S.-Japan relations, Jim and Artie are assigned to locate the sword and return it to the prince before he commits hari-kari. After a series of various encounters with those after the sword, Jim faces the villain in a dramatic sword fight.]

63 The Night of the Hangman
Episode 3-07, first aired 10/20/1967
Director: James B. Clark
Writers: Peter G. Robinson, Ron Silverman
Guest Stars: Harry Dean Stanton as Lucius Brand, Carolan Daniels as Mrs. Brand, Paul Fix as Judge Blake, Charles Lane as Roger Creed

[During a stopover in a small town in Kansas, Jim and Artie become involved in a murder investigation. After a man is found guilty and sentenced to hang, the agents uncover information that points to a frame-up.]

64 The Night of Montezuma's Hordes
Episode 3-08, first aired 10/27/1967
Director: Irving J. Moore
Writer: Max Ehrlich
Guest Stars: Ray Walston as Professor Johnson, Jack Elam as Zack Slade, Edmund Hashim as Colonel Pedro Sanchez, Roland La Starza as Jake

[West and Gordon travel with and Mexico's Colonel Sanchez through the Texan desert in search of the lost treasure of Montezuma.]

65 The Night of the Circus of Death
Episode 3-09, first aired 11/03/1967
Director: Irving J. Moore
Writer: Arthur Weingarten
Guest Stars: Paul Comi as Burt Farnsworth, Philip Bruns as Abner Lennox, Joan Huntington as Mary Lennox, Arlene Martel as Erika

[West and Gordon attempt to track down the source of the counterfeit money that is appearing sufficient quantities to undermine the U.S. economy, all the while dodging flamethrowers and murderous lions.]

66 The Night of the Falcon
Episode 3-10, first aired 11/10/1967
Director: Marvin Chomsky
Writer: Robert E. Kent
Guest Stars: Robert Duvall as Dr. Horace Humphries/The Falcon, Lisa Gaye as Lana Benson, Ted Knight as General Lassiter, Douglas Henderson as Colonel Richmond

[West and Gordon tangle with a mysterious villain called the Falcon, who has developed giant missiles that can level entire towns.]

67 The Night of the Cut-throats
Episode 3-11, first aired 11/17/1967
Director: Alan Crosland Jr.
Writer: Edward J. Lakso
Guest Stars: Beverly Garland as Sally Yarnell, Bradford Dillman as Mike Trayne, Jackie Coogan as Sheriff Koster, Walter Burke as Mayor Cassidy

[A band of seedy cut-throats are gathering just outside the small town of New Athens and forcing the residents to leave in droves. Their leader is Michael Trayne, back in town after three years in jail. it's up to Jim and Artie to put a stop to Trayne's activities.]

68 The Night of the Legion of Death
Episode 3-12, first aired 11/24/1967
Director: Alex Nicol
Writers: Robert C. Dennis, Earl Barret
Guest Stars: Anthony Zerbe as Zeke Montgomery, Robert Terry as Dan Kittridge, Kent Smith as Governor Brubaker, Douglas Rowe as Attendant

[West and Gordon take on a Black Legion of troops who are terrorizing a territory out west. Their leader seems to be their territorial Governor, but there is a more sinister power behind the scenes of all the illegal activities.]

69 The Night of the Turncoat
Episode 3-13, first aired 12/01/1967
Director: James B. Clark
Writer: Leigh Chapman
Guest Stars: John McGiver as Elisha Calamander, Marj Dusay as Crystal Fair, Douglas Henderson as Colonel Richmond, Dick Cangey as Moke

[Jim's temper flares as he seems to be under stress and making many mistakes, resulting in his resignation from the Secret Service. Shortly afterwards he is recruited by some member of the underworld who seeks to capitalize on his misfortune.]

70 The Night of the Iron Fist
Episode 3-14, first aired 12/08/1967
Director: Marvin Chomsky
Writer: Ken Pettus
Guest Stars: Mark Lenard as Count Draja, Lisa Pera as Countess Zorana, Bill Fletcher as Stark, James Gavin as Sheriff

[Jim is assigned to escort Bosnia's Count Draja through 100 miles of no-man's land to Buffalo Springs where the count will be turned over for extradition. Meanwhile, there is the little matter of the $500,000 the Count hid somewhere in the United States, as well as a band of outlaws determined to set the Count free.]

71 The Night of the Running Death
Episode 3-15, first aired 12/15/1967
Director: Gunnar Hellstrom
Writer: Edward J. Lakso
Guest Stars: Oscar Beregi Jr. as Colonel Diebolt, Laurie Burton as Alice, Tony Gange as Waiter

[A dying man's words lead Jim and Artie to a wagon train of entertainers and an attempt on the life of a princess.]

72 The Night of the Arrow
Episode 3-16, first aired 12/29/1967
Director: Alex Nicol
Writer: Leigh Chapman
Guest Stars: Jeannine Riley as Aimee Baldwin, Robert Phillips as Oconee, Robert J. Wilke as Gen. Baldwin, Roy Engel as President Ulysses S. Grant

[Jim and Artie are out to find Strong Bear of the Sioux Indians, who is threatening to break the territorial peace treaty.]

73 The Night of the Headless Woman
Episode 3-17, first aired 01/05/1968
Director: Alan Crosland Jr.
Writer: Edward J. Lakso
Guest Stars: Theodore Marcuse as Abdul Hassan, Dawn Wells as Betsy Jeffers, Richard Anderson as Commissioner James Jeffers, John McLiam as Tucker

[Jim and Artie set out to find the mastermind of an operation to destroy the nation's cotton crop through the use of boll weevils.]

74 The Night of the Vipers
Episode 3-18, first aired 01/12/1968
Director: Marvin Chomsky
Writer: Robert E. Kent
Guest Stars: Nick Adams as Sheriff Dave Cord, Red West as Jack Claxton, Richard O'Brien as Sheriff Tenny, Whitey Hughes as Deputy

[Jim and Artie are out to stop a gang of ruthless crooks known as the Vipers who have been looting a string of Kansas towns, robbing banks and killing citizens.]

75 The Night of the Underground Terror
Episode 3-19, first aired 01/19/1968
Director: James B. Clark
Writer: Max Hodge
Guest Stars: Nehemiah Persoff as Major Hazard, Sabrina Scharf as China Hazard, Jeff Corey as Tacitus Mosely, Dick Cangey as Carter

[During Mardi Gras in New Orleans, West is grabbed by a Major Hazard, the leader of a gang of crippled Civil War prisoners-of-war who are seeking revenge on Mosely, the camp's commandant...yet things do not turn out as they seem...]

76 The Night of the Death Masks
Episode 3-20, first aired 01/26/1968
Director: Mike Moder
Writer: Ken Pettus
Guest Stars: Milton Selzer as Emmett Stark, Patricia McCormack as Betsy, Douglas Henderson as Colonel Richmond, Holly Bane as Stage Driver

[James West is attacked and knocked unconscious. He awakens in a strange deserted town filled with assailants wearing masks in the likeness of Emmett Stark, an escaped murderer whom West had imprisoned years earlier — and now Stark wants revenge.]

77 The Night of the Undead
Episode 3-21, first aired 02/02/1968
Director: Marvin Chomsky
Writer: Calvin Clements Jr.
Guest Stars: Hurd Hatfield as Dr. Articulus, Priscilla Morrill as Phalah, John Zaremba as Eddington, Hal Dewindt as Taro

[While tracking down a missing scientist Jim and Artie become involved with a voodoo ceremony and the walking dead.]

78 The Night of the Amnesiac
Episode 3-22, first aired 02/09/1968
Director: Lawrence Dobkin
Writer: Leigh Chapman
Guest Stars: Edward Asner as Furman Crotty, Sharon Farrell as Cloris Colter, Jerry Laveroni as Irish, John Kellogg as Rusty

[Furman Crotty, a convicted criminal serving time in Leavenworth, demands his release from jail along with a full pardon in exchange for the safe return of a smallpox vaccine. Meanwhile, Jim has been injured in the attack on the stage and is struggling with amnesia. Thus, Artie must find both his friend and the vaccine before a full-scale epidemic hits.]

79 The Night of the Simian Terror
Episode 3-23, first aired 02/16/1968
Director: Michael Caffey
Writers: Robert C. Dennis, Earl Barret
Guest Stars: Dabbs Greer as Senator Seth Buckley, Grace Gaynor as Naomi Buckley, Richard Kiel as Dimas, John S. Ragin as Reverend Hastings

[Jim and Artie visit the plantation of a U.S. Senator who has a mysterious family past that involved a scientist's experiments with apes ... and there is also the secret of one of the senator's sons. .]

80 The Night of the Death-Maker
Episode 3-24, first aired 02/23/1968
Director: Irving J. Moore
Writer: Robert E. Kent
Guest Stars: Wendell Corey as Cullen Dane, Angel Tompkins as Marcia Dennison, Roy Engel as President Grant, Arthur Batanides as Sergeant

[West and Gordon foil an assassination attempt on President Grant. The weapon used in the attempt was one stolen in recent raids on government and territorial armories.]

81 The Night of the Big Blackmail
Episode 4-01, first aired 09/27/1968
Director: Irving J. Moore
Writer: David Moessinger
Guest Stars: Harvey Korman as Baron Hinterstoisser, Ron Rich as Dick January, Jerry Laveroni as Ziegler, Roy Engel as President Ulysses S. Grant

[In Washington the German Consul, Baron Hinterstoisser, announces that he has something very interesting for President Grant to see. West and Gordon find that it is a kinetoscope showing Grant signing a secret agreement with the representative of an enemy nation. Hinterstoisser shows the kinetescope before an attentive crowd but, thanks to West and Gordon, it's not quite what he expects.]

82 The Night of the Doomsday Formula
Episode 4-02, first aired 10/04/1968
Director: Irving J. Moore
Writer: Samuel Newman
Guest Stars: Kevin McCarthy as Major General Walter Kroll, Melinda Plowman as Lorna Crane, Gail Billings as Verna Scott, E.J. André as Dr. Crane

[West and Gordon are assigned to rescue Dr. Crane and his daughter. The doctor has invented a new 'doomsday formula' which could spell the end of the United States if it falls into the wrong hands.]

83 The Night of the Juggernaut
Episode 4-03, first aired 10/11/1968
Director: Irving J. Moore
Writer: Calvin Clements Jr.
Guest Stars: Floyd Patterson as Lyle Dixon, Gloria Calomee as Lonie Millard, Simon Scott as Theodore Beck, Fred Stromsoe as Hardcase

[Someone is trying to run settlers off their land, buying some of them out, scaring others away, and even murdering those who refuse to leave.]

84 The Night of the Sedgewick Curse
Episode 4-04, first aired 10/18/1968
Director: Marvin Chomsky
Writer: Paul Playdon
Guest Stars: Sharon Acker as Lavinia Sedgewick, Richard Hale as Sedgewick, Maria Lennard as Jessica, Jay Robinson as Dr. Maitland

[West and Gordon come upon the Sedgewick family, whose members have experienced rapid aging. In an attempt to cure this disorder, their family physician has been kidnapping people afflicted with the same disorder and using them to test a serum he has prepared.]

85 The Night of the Gruesome Games
Episode 4-05, first aired 10/25/1968
Director: Marvin Chomsky
Writer: Jackson Gillis
Guest Stars: Robert Ellenstein as Dr. Theobald Raker, William Schallert as Rufus Kraus, Sherry Jackson as Lola Cortez, Robert Patten as Dr. DeForest

[West and Gordon are after an evil scientist who has stolen a vial filled with deadly germs, which they must recover before the vial bursts and causes a devastating plague. However, they are sidetracked in the home of Rufus Kraus and are pulled into a night of deadly parlor games.]

86 The Night of the Kraken
Episode 4-06, first aired 11/01/1968
Director: Michael Caffey
Writer: Stephen Kandel
Guest Stars: Ford Rainey as Admiral Charles Hammond, Marj Dusay as Dolores Hammond, Ted Knight as Daniel, Jason Evers as Commander Beech

[In San Francisco, Jim and Artie's friend, Lt. Bartlett, is killed, apparently the victim of a strange tentacled sea creature. It soon becomes apparent to them that an insidious threat is behind Bartlett's killing.]

87 The Night of the Fugitives
Episode 4-07, first aired 11/08/1968
Director: Mike Moder
Writer: Ken Pettus
Guest Stars: Simon Oakland as Diamond Dave Desmond, Susan Hart as Rhoda, Charles McGraw as Baggs, Douglas Henderson as Colonel Richmond

[Jim travels to the town of Epitaph to arrest Norbert Plank, the chief bookkeeper for the corrupt and powerful syndicate that owns the town's mining company. Through Plank, the agents stand to get hold of valuable records about the syndicate's illegal activities.]

88 The Night of the Egyptian Queen
Episode 4-08, first aired 11/15/1968
Director: Marvin Chomsky
Writer: Paul Playdon
Guest Stars: Tom Troupe as Jason Starr, William Marshall as Amalek, Sorrell Booke as Heisel, Penny Gaston as Rosie

[Jim and Artie are on the trail of a priceless ruby has been stolen from the eye of the statue of Sun God, Ra, at the San Francisco museum. Their trail leads them to Rosie, a beautiful young dancer, who is wearing the ruby on her toe.]

89 The Night of Fire and Brimstone
Episode 4-09, first aired 11/22/1968
Director: Bernard McEveety
Writers: Joel Kane, Milton Smith
Guest Stars: Robert Phillips as Frank Roach, Bill Quinn as Dr. Emmet Sloane, Leslie Charleson as Dooley Sloane, Dabbs Greer as Captain Lyman Butler

[West and Gordon come to the deserted mining town of Brimstone to meet Professor Colecrest, who has made a very important discovery. Their adventures lead them into the underground mines where strange things occur, including an encounter with an aged Confederate soldier who is unaware that the war ended many years before.]

90 The Night of the Camera
Episode 4-10, first aired 11/29/1968
Director: Marvin Chomsky
Writer: Ken Pettus
Guest Stars: Charles Aidman as Jeremy Pike, Pat Paulsen as Bosley Cranston, Julio Medina as Don Carlos, Victor Sen Yung as Baron Kyosai

[Agents West and Pike are on the trail of an opium gang. They receive some dubious help from Bosley Cranston, a meek and seemingly incompetent agent on his first field assignment. However, Cranston has some special talents that will prove invaluable.]

91 The Night of the Avaricious Actuary
Episode 4-11, first aired 12/06/1968
Director: Irving J. Moore
Writer: Henry Sharp
Guest Stars: Harold Gould as John Taney, Jenny Maxwell as Billie, Ross Elliott as General Caswell, Emily Banks as Arden Masterson

[West and Gordon investigate a series of explosions that have destroyed several palatial homes. They discover that the destruction is being caused by a giant tuning fork radiating powerful sound waves.]

92 The Night of Miguelito's Revenge
Episode 4-12, first aired 12/13/1968
Director: James B. Clark
Writer: Jerry Thomas
Guest Stars: Charles Aidman as Jeremy Pike, Michael Dunn as Dr. Miguelito Loveless, Douglas Henderson as Colonel Richmond, Peter Hale as Chris

[West is joined by Jeremy Pike in this tenth encounter with Dr. Loveless. This time around the doctor is behind a series of kidnappings. His victims are all people he felt had wronged him in the past and now he is plotting his revenge.]

93 The Night of the Pelican
Episode 4-13, first aired 12/26/1968
Director: Alex Nicol
Writer: Richard Landau
Guest Stars: Charles Aidman as Jeremy Pike, Khigh Dhiegh as Din Chang, Francine York as Dr. Sara Gibson, Vincent Beck as Corporal Simon

[West and Pike are on the trail of a stolen a supply of fulminate of mercury from a military arsenal. Their trail leads to the prison at Alcatraz, which has been taken over by the evil Din Chang.]

94 The Night of the Spanish Curse
Episode 4-14, first aired 01/03/1969
Director: Paul Stanley
Writer: Robert E. Kent
Guest Stars: Thayer David as Cortez, Toian Matchinga as Cosina Ramirez, Jorge Moreno as Proprietor, Lou Peralta as Conquistador #1

[West and Gordon investigate a group of bandits who are attacking and terrorizing border towns. They track the bandits to a Mexican village where the thieves are hiding under the guise of an old Mexican legend about Cortez. Jim and Artie, not believing in the return of the god Cortez, are determined to find their way into the dormant volcano where the thugs are hiding.]

95 The Night of the Winged Terror (1)
Episode 4-15, first aired 01/17/1969
Director: Marvin Chomsky
Writer: Ken Pettus
Guest Stars: William Schallert as Frank Harper, Robert Ellenstein as Dr. Occularis Second, Michele Carey as Laurette, Christopher Cary as Tycho

[Agents West and Harper investigate a series of disturbing incidents involving a raven that hypnotizes high-ranking officials into committing crimes. The incidents lead the two agents to 'The Raven', group led by Thaddeus Toombs and a man called Tycho.]

96 The Night of the Winged Terror (2)
Episode 4-16, first aired 01/24/1969
Director: Marvin Chomsky
Writer: Ken Pettus
Guest Stars: William Schallert as Frank Harper, Robert Ellenstein as Dr. Occularis Second, Michele Carey as Laurette, Christopher Cary as Tycho

[Still battling 'The Raven', Frank Harper rescues the hypnotized Jim West from assassinating the Mexican Ambassador. West and Harper then continue to infiltrate, undermine, and bring the group to justice.]

97 The Night of the Sabatini Death
Episode 4-17, first aired 02/07/1969
Director: Charles R. Rondeau
Writer: Shirl Hendryx
Guest Stars: Alan Hale Jr. as Ned Brown, Jill Townsend as Sylvia Nolan, Bethel Leslie as Melanie/Laura Samples

[After meeting with the crime czar Sabatini, Jim and fellow agent Ned Brown travel to Calliope, Missouri, where an Army finance officer died after stealing $500,000.]

98 The Night of the Janus
Episode 4-18, first aired 02/14/1969
Director: Irving J. Moore
Writer: Leonard Katzman
Guest Stars: Charles Aidman as Jeremy Pike, Jack Carter as Alan Thorpe, Anthony Eisley as Warren Blessing, Jackie DeShannon as Torrey

[A melody holds the clue that agents West and Pike need to trap a departmental traitor.]

99 The Night of the Pistoleros
Episode 4-19, first aired 02/21/1969
Director: Bernard McEveety
Writers: Robert C. Dennis, Earl Barret
Guest Stars: Edward Binns as Colonel Roper, Robert Pine as Lt. Murray, Henry Wilcoxon as Armando Galiano, Perry Lopez as Sanchos

[West and Gordon head to a lonely outpost where they battle a terrorist gang.]

100 The Night of the Diva
Episode 4-20, first aired 03/07/1969
Director: Herb Wallerstein
Writers: Ken Pettus, Alf Harris
Guest Stars: Patrice Munsel as Rosa Montebello, Patrick Horgan as Max Crenshaw, Beverly Todd as Angelique, Douglas Henderson as Colonel Richmond

[West and Gordon investigate the recent disappearance of several opera divas in New Orleans. While there they unravel a plot involving the secret Order of Lucia and also reveal who among their new acquaintances is playing a role on and off the stage.]

101 The Night of the Bleak Island
Episode 4-21, first aired 03/14/1969
Director: Marvin Chomsky
Writer: Robert E. Kent
Guest Stars: John Williams as Sir Nigel Scott, Beverly Garland as Celia Rydell, Richard Erdman as Mordecai Krone, Robert H. Harris as Steven Rydell

[To get a diamond for the National Museum, West travels to an eerie island supposedly haunted by a mad dog. While there he becomes reacquainted with an old friend, British detective Sir Nigel Scott.]

102 The Night of the Cossacks
Episode 4-22, first aired 03/21/1969
Director: Mike Moder
Writer: Oliver Crawford
Guest Stars: Guy Stockwell as Prince Gregor, John van Dreelen as Count Balkovitch, Donnelly Rhodes as Captain Zaboff, Nina Foch as Duchess Sophia

[West and Gordon become involved in the affairs of the royal family of Karovnia who have traveled to the United States after fleeing from assassins in their homeland. The agents find themselves pursued by the evil Count Balkovitch, who is looking for an icon he needs to possess in order to hold power in Karovnia.]

103 The Night of the Plague
Episode 4-23, first aired 04/04/1969
Director: Mike Moder
Writers: Louis Vittes, Barney Slater
Guest Stars: Jo Van Fleet as Amelia Bronston, Joanie Sommers as Kyra Vanders, Steve Carlson as Lionel, Tommy J. Huff as Clown Thug

[West discovers that several members of the Jupiter Corporation have recently died. All were involved in a scheme to dump stock, cause a panic, and make tons of money off of the cheap stock.]

104 The Night of the Tycoons
Episode 4-24, first aired 04/11/1969
Director: Irving J. Moore
Writers: Frank Moss, Edward Adamson
Guest Stars: Lana Wood as Averi Trent, William Bryant as Duncan Lansing, Douglas Henderson as Colonel Richmond, Cliff Norton as Drummer

[West deals with the kidnapping of the Governor's daughter while Gordon rushes to find Jim to inoculate him from the disease one of the criminals was carrying.]


Number of Stories:11
First Appearance:1966
Last Appearance:1991

There were two sets of comics put out on The Wild Wild West. The first was when the original series was running and it came from Gold Key lasting 7 issues. The second came out much later and had just one long story arc, told in 4 issues, which came from Millennium Comics.

1 Outlaw Empire Outlaw Empire
Published by Gold Key

Copyright: 06/01/1966

An outlaw gang is controlling a territory doing as they please until J/A show up to stop them.

2 The Phantom From The Past The Phantom From The Past
Published by Gold Key

Copyright: 11/01/1966

West and Gordon help as an army colonel goes in search of a Civil War criminal thought already dead.

3 The Stolen Empire The Stolen Empire
Published by Gold Key
Contributors: Sal Trapani (inker and penciler)
Copyright: 06/01/1968

West and Gordon are tasked with keeping alive a Russian archduke who is not very friendly towards them.

4 Montezuma's Gold Montezuma's Gold
Published by Gold Key
Contributors: Sal Trapani (inker and penciler)
Copyright: 12/01/1968

Jim West is understandably surprised when Montezuma returns from the dead but West is not thrilled to be chosen for a sacrifice to the gods.

5 The Night Of The Tongs The Night Of The Tongs
Published by Gold Key
Contributors: Sal Trapani (inker and penciler)
Copyright: 04/01/1969

To stop a series of kidnapping, Jim West must go up against the Tong of San Francisco.

6 Maximilian's Treasure Maximilian's Treasure
Published by Gold Key
Contributors: Sal Trapani (inker and penciler)
Copyright: 07/01/1968

While seeking a man smuggling guns into Mexico, West and Gordon come up against a hunt for treasure and a firing squad.

7 The Night Of The Buccaneer The Night Of The Buccaneer
Published by Gold Key
Contributors: Sal Trapani (inker)
Copyright: 10/01/1969

Heading to New Orleans, West and Gordon must find out what happened to three cargo vessels which just disappeared.

8 The Night Of The Iron Tyrants - Part 1 The Night Of The Iron Tyrants - Part 1
Published by Millennium
Contributors: Mark Ellis (writer), Paul Davis (writer), Darryl Banks (artist)
Copyright: 10/01/1990


9 The Night Of The Iron Tyrants - Part 2 The Night Of The Iron Tyrants - Part 2
Published by Millennium
Contributors: Mark Ellis (writer), Paul Davis (writer), Darryl Banks (artist)
Copyright: 11/01/1990


10 The Night Of The Iron Tyrants - Part 3 The Night Of The Iron Tyrants - Part 3
Published by Millennium
Contributors: Mark Ellis (writer), Paul Davis (writer), Darryl Banks (artist)
Copyright: 12/01/1990


11 The Night Of The Iron Tyrants - Part 4 The Night Of The Iron Tyrants - Part 4
Published by Millennium
Contributors: Mark Ellis (writer), Paul Davis (writer), Darryl Banks (artist)
Copyright: 01/01/1991



Number of Entries:3
First Appearance:1999
Last Appearance:1999

1 Wild Wild West Wild Wild West
Contributors: Bethke, Bruce (author)
Copyright: 1999

Novelization of the movie starring Will Smith and Kevin Kline with the two main characters just meeting, and not liking each other, as they tackle a plot to take over the country using steam-punk technology.

2 Mild Mild Mess Mild Mild Mess
Published by EC
Contributors: Dick DeBartolo (writer), Mort Drucker (artist)
Copyright: 08/1999

From Mad Magazine 384. Parody-Satire of the movie where they shoot it down.
Click here to read the story.

3 The Wild Wild Mess The Wild Wild Mess
Published by Globe Communications Corp
Contributors: Lou Silverstone (writer), Lou Motson (writer), Walter J. Brogan (artist), Don Orehek (artist)
Copyright: 09/1999

From Cracked Magazine #337.
Parody of the the movie done with some horsing around.
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Number of Games:1
First Appearance:1966
Last Appearance:1966

1 Wild Wild West: The Frontier Agent Game Wild Wild West: The Frontier Agent Game
Board Game
Copyright: 1966

A game for up to 4 players. West's train has been seized by outlaws and needed to be saved. Players acted as West trying to get the train back by shooting at the outlaws. Each of the cardboard train cars (4 in all) are set up 1 to a side on the game board. Shooting at the outlaw cards was the object of the game, it being kind of like pool with a spring loaded cue stick and marble. Also included in game were the game board, 4 West figures (cardboard), 16 outlaws cards, 12 bullets and 1 die. Winner was the player with the most outlaw cards at game's end.


Number of Collectibles:2
First Appearance:1969
Last Appearance:1969

1 The Wild Wild West Thermos The Wild Wild West Thermos
Copyright: 1969

A thermos that any Western Federal Agent serving for President Grant would think it quite the spy gear. As a cold drink would stay cold and hot drink would stay hot, that is for awhile. The illustrations depict sketch type drawings of James "Jim" West (Robert Conrad) and Artemus Gordon (Ross Martin), plus parts of the animated beginning of the TV series.The black lid cover (Thermos Topper) made a handy cup and the lid was the color of the thermos.

2 The Wild Wild West Lunch Box The Wild Wild West Lunch Box
Lunch Box
Copyright: 1969

What lad watching the TV series didn't wish they were West or Gordon, the two Western Federal Agents working for President Grant. Taking this lunch box each day to school may have fueled their daydreams and with the thermos above it was thought of as spy gear giving energy to any mission imagined. The illustrations on it are as follows;
Front (Lid Side) - Depicts West (Robert Conrad) and Gordon (Ross Martin) riding horses to catch their own train that has been taken by bad guys.
Back - Depicts West and Gordon with a third man with a fire burning near. West is leaping over the fire and trying to take-out the third man.
Top (Handle Side)/Sides (Right & Left)/Bottom - The illustrations around depict a number of faces and other things. Just take a look to see what they are for yourself and be the Western Federal Agent you always wanted to be.


Number of Books:1
First Appearance:1996
Last Appearance:1996

1 Inside The Wild Wild West Inside The Wild Wild West
Written by R. M. Cangey
Copyright: 1996

While Robert Conrad did most of his own stunts in the first three years of the series, an injury forced him to give more duties to his excellent stuntman. This book is written by that professional and details his experiences.

2 Hero-A-Go-Go! Hero-A-Go-Go!
Written by Michael Eury
Copyright: 2017

This book is subtitled "Campy Comic Books, Crimefighters & Culture Of The Swinging Sixties." It mentions and gives details on a number of Spy Series within! Welcome to the Camp Age when spies liked their wars cold and their women warm and good guys beat bad guys with a pun and a punch. Celebrate the Camp Craze of the Swinging Sixties when just about everyone was a secret agent.

3 Wandering The Wild Wild West Wandering The Wild Wild West
Written by Don Presnell
Copyright: 2021

This book provides in-depth critical analysis of this unique, eclectic series, considered one of the primary influences on Steampunk subculture.


Oh, how I loved the Wild, Wild West. I never missed an episode and in those years of no VCR and so many episodes each year not all could be re-run, that meant planning. Now, I never pretended I was Jim West, but I wished I could have been. And I did take a car trip with a friend from Rapid City, SD to Cheyenne, WY to attend the Frontier Days rodeo because I had heard Robert Conrad was putting on a show in the corral during intermission.

What a show it was! He rode out on his magnificent horse and did a lot of fun tricks (other stunt riders did even more thrilling acts) and he had a very loud and exciting gun battle with several bad guys ending up with a good melee. Then he walked along the railing and shook hands with all the young people who were mesmerized by him. I was one - maybe a tad older than the majority of 10 year olds but I did not care.

So I was a huge fan of the show. I was overseas in the military when the two reunion movies came out although I watched them when I got back. I was not as big a fan of them but still I was glad I saw them.

The books were less welcome. The first was a rehash and not that terrific a one. The other three were disappointments as well.

Perhaps they were setting me up for the biggest let down of all, the horrible, incredibly insulting movie with Will Smith and Kevin Kline, both of whom I loved and respected, and the terrific Salma Hayek who is, well, terrific. Let's take a concept of two awesome characters, bosom bodies from way back, and make them first not know each other and then not like each other. Stupid! I read Barry Sonnenfeld once said he did not want to make "just another episode." He succeeded by making a travesty. You probably sense I was not happy with it.

Luckily for the world, the original episodes are available on DVD and I have them and I have returned to those days more than once. If you can and you want a great time, you should do so, too.


My Grade: B

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wonellion A+ 4/10/2015 6:12:15 AM

very good series

S Blackoak A+ 11/22/2015 5:58:02 PM

There was also a good, very steampunkish (more than the series' budget would allow), comic book miniseries put out by Millennium in 1990 or 1991. The four part story was called "Night of the Iron Tyrant" and featured everyone's favourite criminal genius Dr. Loveless. (And to be hones my A++ rating is for the actual tv series because I have never come across any of the novels.)

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