The Wild Wild West Lunch Box
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The Wild Wild West Lunch Box

What lad watching the TV series didn't wish they were West or Gordon, the two Western Federal Agents working for President Grant. Taking this lunch box each day to school may have fueled their daydreams and with the thermos above it was thought of as spy gear giving energy to any mission imagined. The illustrations on it are as follows;
Front (Lid Side) - Depicts West (Robert Conrad) and Gordon (Ross Martin) riding horses to catch their own train that has been taken by bad guys.
Back - Depicts West and Gordon with a third man with a fire burning near. West is leaping over the fire and trying to take-out the third man.
Top (Handle Side)/Sides (Right & Left)/Bottom - The illustrations around depict a number of faces and other things. Just take a look to see what they are for yourself and be the Western Federal Agent you always wanted to be.