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Full Name: Alexandra Poe
Nationality: American
Organization: Stonewell International
Occupation Agent

Creator: Brett Battles, Robert Gregory Browne
Time Span: 2013 - 2013


Alexandra Poe is an agent with Stonewell Associates.

Stonewell is a private corporation, considered a top-tier defense contractor taking on all the missions that the various alphabet governmental organizations needed done and wanted someone else to take the heat if something went wrong. The quality of Stonewell's personnel meant things seldom went awry and that meant the contracts came often and lucratively. To keep up its success ratio, they hired the best trained and skilled people, usually pulled from the armed forces. They had tried several times to get Poe as one of those agents but she had passed.

That changed when the job they brought to her was to help find her father. Codenamed "Raven" by Stonewell, and likely the government, he had been at the top of the snatch list ever since he left his top secret job a decade before and disappeared. He left behind his two teenage children without a word goodbye or an explanation. Since that day, he had been spotted several times but being very good at hiding was a Raven specialty.

Poe had a different specialty. After she recovered from the shock of her father's abandonment, she found a release in the military. She had earned a position with a convoy escort platoon and, even though women were not yet supposed to get involved in actual combat, since no one had told the Iraqi insurgents that, she saw more than her share of action. One particularly nasty action would live with her forever.

Why she was so attractive to a group like Stonewell was easy to understand. Her experiences and training in the military was a major one. Her personal fighting ability and skill at taking care of herself was another. Then there was her dusky complexion, a gift from her mother's Iranian heritage, and her working knowledge of Farsi. Most, though, was her tenacity. She got the job done.

The job, after she left the military and before she finally accepted a position with Stonewell, was that of a bounty hunter. No matter how crafty you were or connected you were or big you were, Poe and her partner, Deuce, would track you down and bring you in. If you chose to disagree, she would emphasize her determination. And mean it.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2013
Last Appearance:2013

1 Poe Poe
Written by Brett Battles, Robert Gregory Browne
Copyright: 2013

Alexandra Poe had not seen or heard from her father in a decade, not since her mother was killed and he accused of treason. Now there is a chance to find him but that requires a woman now held in a Ukrainian prison. Poe is asked to go in for her.
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2 Takedown Takedown
Written by Brett Battles, Robert Gregory Browne
Copyright: 2013

Wanting some R&R, Alexandra Poe heads to Key Largo but instead of relaxation she and two associates end up on an island in the Bahamas trying to take some important codes away from a particularly not nice individual. It was a complicated assignment that would get even more so.


If you are at all interested in reading about independent women who can and do definitely take care of themselves in a problem, this is a really good one to grab. Alex Poe is not an enemy to have or someone to try and push around. And when you consider the couple of friends she has covering her rear, friends like Cooper and Deuce, cauing trouble becomes an even less good idea.

Poe has a couple of personal, literal daddy issues. He abandoned her when she really needed him. And he abandoned her older brother who suffers from Down's Syndrome. And she has not forgotten either that she once loved him deeply or that he left her. That problem plays a big part in her, so far, two adventures but it does not dominate as much as motivate.

What drives each adventure is that Poe does not like to fail and once she starts something, she gets it done. It is an unhappy person who tries to stop her.

I have for several years really liked Brett Battles' work. I have learned to also like Mr. Browne's. I am not good enough to tell who is doing the bulk of the work but who ever it is, I hope he keeps doing it.


My Grade: A-


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