1962 -

Writing as: Brett Battles

A resident of southern California since birth, Mr. Battles writes on his website that he has traveled extensively around the world and those experiences find their way into his novels, giving them authenticity and helping bring the locales to the reader. He credits his parents' love of reading for his own devotion to books and to writing.

Series Books
The Excoms The Buried (2015)
  The Excoms (2016)
  Town At The Edge Of Darkness (2017)
  The Aggrieved (2017)
  Blinded by the Night (2021)
Alexandra Poe Poe (2013)
  Takedown (2013)
Jonathan Quinn Night Work (ss) ()
  The Cleaner (2007)
  The Deceived (2008)
  Shadow Of Betrayal (2009)
  The Silenced (2010)
  Becoming Quinn (ss) (2011)
  Just Another Job (ss) (2011)
  Off The Clock (ss) (2011)
  The Destroyed (2012)
  The Collected (2012)
  The Assignment (ss) (2013)
  The Enraged (2013)
  The Discarded (2014)
  Quick Study (ss) (2014)
  Lesson Plan (ss) (2014)
  The Buried (2015)
  The Unleashed (2016)
  The Aggrieved (2017)
  The Fractured (2018)
  The Damaged (2019)
  The Unknown (2019)
  The Vanished (2020)
  The Taken (2023)
Other Little Girl Gone [Logan Harper] (2011)
  Every Precious Thing [Logan Harper] (2011)
  Sick [Project Eden] (2011)
  Exit 9 [Project Eden] (2011)
  Here Comes Mr. Trouble (2011)
  The Pull of Gravity (2011)
  Pale Horse [Project Eden] (2012)
  No Return (2012)