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Full Name: Aydan Kelly
Series Name: Never Say Spy
Nationality: Canadian
Organization: INSET
Occupation Agent

Creator: Diane Henders
Time Span: 2011 - 2020


Aydan Kelly is an agent with INSET.

Well, probably, although that might not be the whole truth. INSET is the Integrated National Security Teams, a section of the Canadian intelligence community made up of task forces from various other groups to coordinate processing of data and taking action when required. It is for them that she will come to work but her handler, a Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer named John Kane, really works for a general in the armed forces so who calls the shots is not quite stated.

As the series begins she is not an agent, would never think of becoming one, and likely did not even know what INSET was. Another way of putting it, "despite her penchant for weapons and ripe language, Aydan Kelly's resume reads 'bookkeeper', not 'bad-ass'". She has been a office rat for most of her adult life, a life that has her now well into her 40's but still definitely, decidedly not dead. Perhaps mid-life crisis has set in or perhaps she just got tired of what was a very hectic city life but a change was needed. As the series starts, she has left the big city "to fulfill her dream of rural tranquility". Her husband, of whom she has many good memories, died some time back.

The new start she was seeking definitely came but it was not a life she expected. On a trip back to the city and her old house to meet a possible buyer, she gets carjacked by someone she is later told doesn't exist. He certainly existed when he accosted Kelly and she had the bruises and the shakey hands to prove it.

That is when she meets Kane. He came to her rescue and saved her, although she had been doing a fair job of handling the situation already. Nevertheless, he put an end to the problem, and the would-be kidnapper. Then he set about arresting her. Granted, she did accost him not knowing he was one of the good guys and she had been "with" the man he was after and had no good explanation for the latter.

Still, being grabbed, shot at, and then arrested should have been enough for anyone but it would be just the beginning to a new life and a new career, albeit mostly unofficially the latter. To the outside world she remained a bookkeeper living in the countryside taking on clients when she wants. To the fellow members of her group, she is an operative, a sometimes foul-mouthed, opinionated one but a woman capable of swinging a mean crowbar when she has to.

For the record, Kelly is 46 years old, 5'10" tall, weighs 160 lbs, and is in pretty good shape except for the "extra ten pounds or so around the middle". She is by no means an exhibitionist but if someone, especially someone as incredibly sexy and handsome as her oft-times partner, Kane, saw her naked (which he has), she would hardly shrink away with embarrassment. She enjoys beautiful red hair, never a bad thing for a good looking woman, and while she often refers to herself as an old woman, she knows she really isn't and so do the men she meets, at least the smart ones.


Number of Books:15
First Appearance:2011
Last Appearance:2020

1 Never Say Spy Never Say Spy
Written by Diane Henders
Copyright: 2011

Bookkeeper Aydan Kelly is out in the country when she gets carjacked. Rescued by a Mountie, she thinks she is safe but then she is suspected of being involved in an international spy ring and her life is in danger by both the good guys and the bad.

2 The Spy Is Cast The Spy Is Cast
Written by Diane Henders
Copyright: 2011

Middle age seems a tad old to start a new career but the request to help by the secret government agency was too interesting to pass up. She learns of a group of spies torturing information from kidnapped people. She also learns they also learn about her - and want her dead.

3 Reach For The Spy Reach For The Spy
Written by Diane Henders
Copyright: 2011

Aydan Kelly is a bookkeeper by day and a spy by night. She decides to use her new training to look into the shooting of a co-worker who is suspected of being a double agent.

4 Tell Me No Spies Tell Me No Spies
Written by Diane Henders
Copyright: 2011

Aydan Kelly learns that the government she is now working for may have murdered her husband, even when it means going underground to avoid detection by her own side.

5 How Spy I am How Spy I am
Written by Diane Henders
Copyright: 2012

Learning of a consortium of scientists who are selling secrets for profit, Aydan Kelly is ready to tell her new bosses in Intelligence until she receives a call from someone in the group wanting to meet - her supposedly dead husband.

6 A Spy For A Spy A Spy For A Spy
Written by Diane Henders
Copyright: 2012

When Aydan Kelly allows herself to be put into a situation where she lies about being a seasoned operative, she gets assigned a very dangerous mission, one that will almost certainly get her killed or her friends.

7 Spy, Spy Away Spy, Spy Away
Written by Diane Henders
Copyright: 2013

With her work associates now believing she is a seasoned operative, Aydan Kelly once more gets an assignment she would rather not have. This time she must take the role of a porn star to infiltrate a gang to stop their selling a weapon prototype.
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8 Spy Now, Pay Later Spy Now, Pay Later
Written by Diane Henders
Copyright: 2014

Now pushed even deeper into a mission to get back a weapon prototype, Aydan Kelly learns that her lover has been kidnapped by the gang she is fighting and her troubles get worse.
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9 Spy High Spy High
Written by Diane Henders
Copyright: 2015

Guarding her boss's hippy parents in a remote commune should have been a boring, safe job but some of the other love children are not so loving and murder seems to be in the air.
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10 Spy Away Home Spy Away Home
Written by Diane Henders
Copyright: 2015

A good welcome home present is not a man with a shotgun kicking in the front door but that is what Aydan Kelly gets and now she must find out who sent him and why.
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11 The Spies That Bind The Spies That Bind
Written by Diane Henders
Copyright: 2016

Hoping to get back to a simpler life as a bookkeeper, Aydan Kelly is disappointed (and ticked) when her boss orders her to go undercover as an arms dealer or face jail time. Then she learns a co-worker's son has been kidnapped and she goes off on her own.
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12 Kiss And Say Good Spy Kiss And Say Good Spy
Written by Diane Henders
Copyright: 2017

Back playing an arms dealer, Aydan Kelly learns of a plan to attack Remembrance Day services and to stop it she must team up with an agent she has no confidence in. Worse, her lover seems knee-deep in the mess.
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13 Once Burned, Twice Spy Once Burned, Twice Spy
Written by Diane Henders
Copyright: 2018

She was to be an escort of Canada's leading weapons makers to a international summit. Instead she is on the hook for attacking them and for stealing a classified weapon. Things get crazier after that.
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14 Friends In Spy Places Friends In Spy Places
Written by Diane Henders
Copyright: 2019

It has been 30 years since Aydan Kelly's mother supposedly died. Now she has resurfaced and Kelly is ordered to be part of the investigation on her for treason.
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15 A Spy For Help A Spy For Help
Written by Diane Henders
Copyright: 2020

When Aidan Kelly's lover, Arnie, has located his long-lost sister only to find she is being hunted by a crime lord of something she did some time back. Kelly is worried that Arnie will do anything to help, including murder, but to help him means Kelly is putting her life and career on the line.
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Aydan Kelly is a hoot. She reminds me a whole lot of Mrs. Pollifax, and believe me when I say that is a very good thing.

The Kelly adventures are meant to be amusing and to make you smile a lot and they certainly achieve that. She is by no means a goofball - she is in fact a very competent woman who has odd things befall her and those around her. She reacts swiftly and usually surely but because she is not a highly trained and experience operative so sometimes ... well, things happen. Just ask Kane, her ofttimes partner.

If you want a fun, easy read with lots of crazy goings-on, be sure to check these out.


My Grade: B+


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