Writing as: Diane Henders

A Canadian writer of very entertaining books and a fantastic blog site, Diane Henders is, according to her bio, "By profession, I’m a technical writer, computer geek, and ex-interior designer. I’m good at two out of three of these things. I had the sense to quit the one I sucked at."

Series Books
Aydan Kelly Never Say Spy (2011)
  The Spy Is Cast (2011)
  Reach For The Spy (2011)
  Tell Me No Spies (2011)
  How Spy I am (2012)
  A Spy For A Spy (2012)
  Spy, Spy Away (2013)
  Spy Now, Pay Later (2014)
  Spy High (2015)
  Spy Away Home (2015)
  The Spies That Bind (2016)
  Kiss And Say Good Spy (2017)
  Once Burned, Twice Spy (2018)
  Friends In Spy Places (2019)
  A Spy For Help (2020)