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Full Name: Beatrix Rose
Nationality: British
Organization: Group Fifteen
Occupation Agent

Creator: Mark Dawson
Time Span: 2014 - 2023


Beatrix Rose is a former agent with Group Fifteen.

That department is a highly covert part of British Intelligence existing to handle the jobs that MI5 and MI6 either cannot or, more commonly, do not want to handle. Elimination is the specialty of Group Fifteen and those in the know are quite familiar with just how good its top agents can be. The head of the department is known as Control, answering to the head of MI6 but empowered with a considerable amount of autonomy.

Agents in the field are designated Twelve to One with One being the most senior or the most deadly. Since the jobs these operatives are given carry a tremendous amount of danger, the death of an agent comes as no surprise and those higher in number move to the next slot.

Rose had been Number One for several years and her holding that position was well earned. She was cold and ruthless and incredibly cagey. She was able to maintain this composure because of an outlet she had in the private sector - she was happily married with a very young daughter.

Then she made a simple mistake of looking at something she was not supposed to see during an assignment to eliminate two Russian agents. She learned the hit was ordered by Control to cover up some profitable, and very treasonous, dealings he had been doing for years to feather his own nest. Control ruled her a threat and sent five of his agents he knew could be bought to kill her.

They failed but they did kill her husband and make off with her daughter. Rose was left in an impossible position. If she went after the girl, her daughter would be killed. If she stayed around, she would be killed, and probably the daughter as well. Disappearing was the only answer she could think of.

The series begins when Rose is hunted down by John Milton, himself a former Number One and also one with a huge reason to hate Control.

Rose is tired of hiding. She is tired of not having her daughter. She is tired of Control and his goons still living. She is determined to change all that.


Number of Books:5
First Appearance:2014
Last Appearance:2023

Beatrix Rose made her first appearance in the fourth book in the John Milton series. Though the book was about Milton, she was such a major player, that book is listed as the start of her set of books.

0 Ghosts Ghosts
Written by Mark Dawson
Copyright: 2014

John Milton is given a job to track down a former associate agent, the best assassin that Group Fifteen had seen before he came along. Beatrix Rose, however, is not in the mood to be found or manipulated.
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1 In Cold Blood In Cold Blood
Written by Mark Dawson
Copyright: 2014

One of the people Beatrix Rose is determined to get revenge on is being held prisoner with others by Somali pirates. Rose is given a chance to get at him but it means helping rescue all the hostages to get a shot at one who will want to shoot back.
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2 Blood Moon Rising Blood Moon Rising
Written by Mark Dawson
Copyright: 2014

Beatrix Rose is out to eliminate two of those on her list but one of them is part of a small mercenary army in Basrah, Iraq. Group Fifteen will help her but they want a prisoner freed from that army as a price.
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3 Blood And Roses Blood And Roses
Written by Mark Dawson
Copyright: 2014

With the list of those she must destroy getting shorter, Beatrix Rose heads out to find and kill the last two but they are not waiting for her to come to them and she finds herself the hunted.
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3.5 The Dragon And The Ghost The Dragon And The Ghost
aka Hong Kong Stories, Vol. 1
Written by Mark Dawson
Copyright: 2019

A collection of three novellas originally published separately. According to the author these are "extended and re-edited versions of these stories". The adventures are:
While Devil
Nine Dragons
Dragon Head
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4 Tempest Tempest
Written by Mark Dawson
Copyright: 2019

A daughter lost...
Nine months ago, Beatrix Rose had her family brutally taken from her. Now all that matters is getting her daughter back. And Beatrix is no ordinary mother - she’s a skilled assassin who will do whatever it takes to find her child.
A daughter found...
Danny Nakamura deserted his post in Vietnam and disappeared into Hong Kong’s Walled City, vowing never to go home again. Decades later, his health failing, he’s suddenly found a reason to return to LA: the discovery of a daughter he never knew he had. But getting home won’t be easy. Danny has powerful enemies in the CIA who will do whatever it takes to keep him out of the country.
The search begins.
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5 Pistolero Pistolero
Written by Mark Dawson
Copyright: 2023

"Beatrix Rose will stop at nothing to find her missing daughter, Isabella. When the ruthless Triad overlord, Michael Yeung, offers to help in exchange for a small favour, Beatrix is forced to venture into the treacherous jungles of Venezuela to take down a local bandit terrorizing an illegal goldmine run by the vile Aurelio Rincon."
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Number of Stories:4
First Appearance:2015
Last Appearance:2017

The three novellas so marked make up the Hong Kong Stories, adventures of Beatrix Rose as she stays alive in hiding from her old boss back in the U.K.

1 Phoenix Phoenix
Written by Mark Dawson
Copyright: 2017

As Number One for Group Fifteen, Beatrix Rose is sent to Venezuela to find a missing scientist. While in country, she gets the help of a young special forces soldier named John Milton.
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2 White Devil White Devil
Written by Mark Dawson
Copyright: 2015

Hong Kong Story #1 - "Beatrix needs cash to pay for the search for Isabella. When she rescues a local man from a brutal beating in a Kowloon karaoke bar, she ends up finding moneymaking opportunities in the local underworld. The triads have a need for a woman with her particular skills, but when the boss goes too far, he has to pay the price."
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3 Nine Dragons Nine Dragons
Written by Mark Dawson
Copyright: 2015

Hong Kong Story #2 - "Beatrix and Chau have disposed of Donnie Qi, the triad gangster who wanted Chau dead. They are given work by Mr. Ying, the underboss of the Wo Shun Wo clan. But when Beatrix intervenes to save the life of a young girl who has inadvertently crossed the triads, she finds herself in direct opposition to Ying."
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4 Dragon Head Dragon Head
Written by Mark Dawson
Copyright: 2015

Hong Kong Story #3 - "Mr. Ying, the underboss of the ruthless Wo Shun Wo triad clan, wants Beatrix dead. He has Grace, the young Chinese girl who Beatrix rescued from death at his hand. Beatrix appeals to the leader of the triads, the almost mythical Dragon Head. But will he be prepared to help her? And, if he is, what will he want in return?"
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I am a huge John Milton fan. I am an even bigger fan of his creator, Mark Dawson. The man can concoct extremely exciting adventures and then put them down on paper in such a way guaranteed to keep you reading. The plots make sense, the characters are interesting and believable, and the descriptions take you wherever there is.

In the fourth Milton adventure, we are introduced to Beatrix Rose and learning of her backstory and how she was treated so horribly by her former boss, Control, made me despise the man even more than I did for how he went after Milton. When that book ended, Milton's role in the fight with Control was over. I was quite pleased.

I was also left wanting more about Rose. What was going to happen to her? How about her daughter, Isabella? What about the desire for vengeance that so rightly belonged to Rose?

Luckily, the author obviously liked the Rose saga, too, because he has brought her back in a series of tales of how she goes after those so deserving of her hatred.

The action is even heavier than in the Milton books and that is saying something. Milton takes the time to consider his actions, though when he does act, it is lightning fast. Rose has less time for deliberations and it shows in her quick responses and fast decisions. It also shows in dynamite excitement.

Great writing with great characters and great plotting makes for great reading. I like it!


My Grade: A


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