Writing as: Mark Dawson

Mark Dawson was born in Lowestoft, in the UK. He has worked as a DJ, a door-to-door ice cream seller, factory hand and club promoter. He eventually trained as a lawyer and worked for ten years in the City of London and Soho, firstly pursuing money launderers around the world and then acting for celebrities suing the media for libel. He currently works in the London film industry.

Series Books
John Milton The Cleaner (2013)
  Saint Death (2013)
  The Driver (2013)
  1000 Yards (ss) (2013)
  Ghosts (2014)
  The Sword Of God (2014)
  Salvation Row (2014)
  Tarantula (ss) (2014)
  Headhunters (2015)
  The Ninth Step (2016)
  The Jungle (2016)
  Blackout (2017)
  Alamo, The (2017)
  Phoenix (ss) (2017)
  Sleepers (2018)
  Twelve Days (2018)
  Redeemer (2018)
  Bright Lights (2019)
  Killa City (2019)
Beatrix Rose Ghosts (2014)
  In Cold Blood (2014)
  Blood Moon Rising (2014)
  Blood And Roses (2014)
  Nine Dragons (ss) (2015)
  White Devil (ss) (2015)
  Dragon Head (ss) (2015)
  Phoenix (ss) (2017)
Isabella Rose In Cold Blood (2014)
  Blood Moon Rising (2014)
  Blood and Roses (2014)
  The Angel (2015)
  The Asset (2016)
  The Agent (2017)
  The Assassin (2018)