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Full Name: Clarissa Abbot
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: L. T. Ryan
Time Span: 2012 - 2013


Clarissa Abbot is an agent for the CIA.

She is not a very willing agent, pressed into service via an interesting set of events, but she is nevertheless an agent and a darn good one when she is not having to watch her six from her own people.

Her years growing up was fairly standard, although with just her father to raise her. He was a career military officer, member of the elite Special Forces, who took her with him around the globe and as a military brat, she learned a lot about a lot from a variety of sources. The best source for instructions as to how to stay alive came from first her father and even more from his best soldier, Jack Noble, who took pleasure in showing her defensive moves and then some not-so-defensive actions. Still, except for survival training, life was normal.

That changed drastically when she moved to New York City right out of high school. She wanted independence and got it, albeit with financial help from her father. Then he died violently, murdered to keep from finding the truth about a nasty operation his commanding general was up to. It was Jack Noble who brought the news to her and it might have been Noble who would keep her from spiraling downward but he was out for revenge, not babysitting.

The money from her father's insurance could have paid her way through college. It could have paid, as she thought initially, for a long time in Europe getting her head together. Neither activity happened. Instead, she spent the next year or two more and more listless. How she eventually became an exotic dancer is not known but she did. Then Noble came to her apartment door looking for temporary refuge and her life changed even more.

Abbot is a knockout. There is no doubting that. She can use that beauty and her charms to seduce the hardest bad guy and she is willing to do what is necessary to get close to those she has to take down. She is fairly tall at 5'10" and is extremely athletic. She had gorgeous red hair and green eyes that sparkle when she is happy and seem to shimmer when she is angry. Getting her angry is never a good thing to do.


Number of Books:6
First Appearance:2012
Last Appearance:2013

Clarissa Abbot is a character who worked her way up through another series before getting her own. She is introduced in the first book of the Jack Noble series as someone who Noble knew when she was a little girl and who, as a young adult on her own in New York City is told of a tragedy by Noble. Her role is relatively small. In the next Noble adventure, taking place a couple years later, her role is far greater and she pays a huge price for helping him out. It does, however, bring her into contact with the man who would offer her a job as a spy in the first of the Noble Episodic adventures. Her role in the Noble Intentions books is quite large for a supporting character which undoubtedly made the author as infatuated with her as the readers were, so much so that she so obviously deserved her own solo series, which Mr. Ryan was kind enough to give.

1 Noble Beginnings Noble Beginnings
Written by L. T. Ryan
Copyright: 2012

While a Marine attached to a CIA team in the Spring of 2002, Jack Noble objects to the team leader's plan to execute an Iraqi family. This insurrection begins a violent path that sees he and his partner, Bear, up against a conspiracy that reaches deep into the government. Clarissa is introduced in this book and plays a small role.
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2 A Deadly Distance A Deadly Distance
Written by L. T. Ryan
Copyright: 2013

Working now for the US black ops group SIS, Jack Noble and his new partner, Frank, are out to stop a terrorist organization that is smuggling drugs and guns into the US. He soon finds that the man behind it is making things very personal with Noble. Clarissa plays a major role as someone Noble turns to for help and who ends up paying a huge price for giving it.
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3 Noble Intentions - Season One Noble Intentions - Season One
Written by L. T. Ryan
Copyright: 2013

Freelance agent Jack Noble does something out of his norm when he pauses in the delivery of stolen documents to try to help an abandoned young girl. This altruistic act puts him up against some very nasty people and sees him becoming the hunted. Clarissa Abbot is an important supporting cast member.
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4 Noble Intentions - Season Two Noble Intentions - Season Two
Written by L. T. Ryan
Copyright: 2013

Living on Crete for the past six months because the world thinks he is dead, Jack Noble feels he has gotten soft and soft is a good way to get killed when he is pushed back into action from two different directions. Clarissa Abbot is an important supporting cast member.
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5 Noble Intentions - Season Three Noble Intentions - Season Three
Written by L. T. Ryan
Copyright: 2013

Jack Noble agrees to do one last job before he retires from the business and that task takes him to England. Hunting his target, he learns that others are after the same person and they are, unfortunately, also interested in taking out Noble. The trouble reaches high into the UK government. Clarissa Abbot is an important supporting cast member.
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6 Beyond Betrayal Beyond Betrayal
Written by L. T. Ryan
Copyright: 2013

Clarissa Abbot is pulled from one assignment to look into reports of a threat to national security which is said to be inside the White House. As she looks for it, she finds there are forces out to stop her by any means available.
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The stories about Clarissa Abbot are a tad uneven but still darn good - good enough to keep me reading. In the Noble books in which she is a major co-star, she is tough, sturdy, adventurous, and kick-ass. She is pretty self-sufficient.

In her first solo book, though, paranoia has set in, at least in the beginning of the first solo romp. Everyone is out to kill her, or so she fears. Even her coworkers. Now self-preservation instincts in an agent are desired but Abbot's go beyond that. It got old quickly. AND THEN! It turns out just about everyone really is out to kill her. The switch in attitude between the Noble books and her own was the only thing I questioned.

Everything else is a hoot. She is a character I will gladly follow for however many years the author wants to give me.


My Grade: B


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