Writing as: L. T. Ryan

According to his Amazon bio: "Lee 'L.T.' Ryan lives in the suburbs of Atlanta, GA with his wife, three daughters, and one slightly psychologically unbalanced, but lovable dog. He enjoys writing fast paced suspense thrillers. When not writing, he enjoys reading, hiking, mountain biking, fishing, and spending time with the ladies in his life."

Series Books
Clarissa Abbot Noble Beginnings (2012)
  Beyond Betrayal (2013)
  Noble Intentions - Season Three (2013)
  Noble Intentions - Season Two (2013)
  Noble Intentions - Season One (2013)
  A Deadly Distance (2013)
Jack Noble Noble Beginnings (2012)
  Noble Intentions (2013)
  Noble Retribution (2013)
  The Recruit (ss) (2013)
  Noble Betrayal (2013)
  A Deadly Distance (2013)
  Never Go Home (2013)
  Thin Line (2014)
  Noble Judgment (2014)
  When Dead In Greece (2015)
  Never Cry Mercy (2016)
  Deadline (2016)
  End Game (2017)
  Noble Ultimatum (2017)
  Ripple Effect (2017)
  The First Deception (2018)
  Noble Legend (2022)
  Noble Revenge (2023)