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Full Name: Jericho Quinn
Codename: Hammer
Nationality: American
Organization: OSI
Occupation Agent

Creator: Marc Cameron
Time Span: 2011 - 2019


Jericho Quinn is an agent with the OSI

The U.S. Air Force Office of Special Investigations is tasked with providing, among other things, counter-intelligence operations in theaters in which their forces operate and that certainly includes Iraq and Afghanistan. One of their very best agents is Major Jericho Quinn.

Born and raised in Alaska, Quinn is a very intelligent and driven man who is smart enough to survive in both the civilized and not-so-humane worlds that war usually creates. He is particularly adept for the action in the Middle East. In addition to speaking perfect Arabic with the skill to mimic various dialects, his copper skin coloring, a genetic gift from his Apache grandmother, makes it far easier for him to blend in. With a beard as needed, dressed in a dishdasha, he can come and go more places than his colleagues.

The older of two brothers, Quinn earned a shot at the Air Force Academy and made the best of it, including becoming a Fulbright scholar. His love of languages and his skill at learning them, in addition to English, he speaks 4 natively and several more conversationally, made him a natural for recruitment by the OSI. His love of the action and his devotion to duty kept him there even though it cost him his marriage to Kimberly and took him away from his young daughter.

As the series begins, Quinn is out to save the lives of several servicemen captured by the enemy and targeted for execution. When he learns the location of one of the sites, he knows that time is of the essence but his superior wants to be in on the raid and orders him to stand down. He and a Marine gunnery sergeant disobey and save a couple of soldiers just as they were about to be killed.

This resulted in being brought up on charges but cooler and more experienced heads prevailed. Moreover, the fact that one of the rescued was the grandson of the head of National Intelligence, Winfield Palmer, brought Quinn and the Marine, a Cajun named Thibodaux, to that man's attention. Reviewing the service records of both men, he decide they were what he was seeking.

As Palmer explained, he had a lot of highly sophisticated tools at his disposal but sometimes the best tool was a simple hammer. Blunt, powerful, direct. Quinn and his friend were such men and though they would on paper remain in their previous positions, they would be on call when Palmer and the President needed.


Number of Books:8
First Appearance:2011
Last Appearance:2019

1 National Security National Security
Written by Marc Cameron
Copyright: 2011

The terrorist group in the Middle East has a biological weapon that could kill millions and they have perfected a human delivery system. Three such "bombs" are heading to the U.S. unless Jericho Quinn can stop them.
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2 Act Of Terror Act Of Terror
Written by Marc Cameron
Copyright: 2012

Around the country random acts of terror by its citizens have America up in arms and a witch hunt is beginning. The President decides that normal ways of handling it are not enough and he calls in Jericho Quinn to try his hand at smashing the opposition but Quinn is already marked for death.
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3 State Of Emergency State Of Emergency
Written by Marc Cameron
Copyright: 2013

To track down the arms dealer who was behind dirty bomb explosions in the US and Russia, Jericho Quinn goes undercover in the Dakar Road Rally, a race that is about to become even deadlier than a desert competition already is.
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4 Time Of Attack Time Of Attack
Written by Marc Cameron
Copyright: 2014

While seeking the one who attacked his family, Jericho Quinn uncovers a band of elite killers operating around the world. He decides that the time has come to end their services.

5 Day Zero Day Zero
Written by Marc Cameron
Copyright: 2015

Wanted for murder and being set up by members of the White House, Jericho Quinn takes his daughter onboard a flight to Russia to escape but then trouble starts on the plane and Quinn is trapped in the air.
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6 Brute Force Brute Force
Written by Marc Cameron
Copyright: 2015

With the Presidency controlled by those who want to destroy this country, Jericho Quinn is finding himself hunted and at risk of being killed by his own. Even as he must hide, he is also taking the fight to the man behind it all.
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7 Field of Fire Field of Fire
Written by Marc Cameron
Copyright: 2016

The nerve gas was called New Archangel and it was first used on Dallas. Jericho Quinn is pulled from rural Alaska to find the man who created the weapon to get a cure but the man, a Russian scientist, is suffering from dementia.
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8 Active Measures Active Measures
Written by Marc Cameron
Copyright: 2019

As the U.S. and Cuba start to normalize relations, some on both sides are not happy about it. One Cuban general has his hands on an abandoned nuke from the Cold War days and plans to explode it in Miami to put things back the way they were. When that plan is rumored, Jericho Quinn is asked to stop it.
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Number of Stories:2
First Appearance:2017
Last Appearance:2018

1 Dead Drop Dead Drop
Written by Marc Cameron
Copyright: 2017

The famous water park had an impressive slide called the Dead Drop. It is the target of a terrorist band who blow it up, killing dozens, and then taking the rest of the park's visitors hostage. One of those is Jericho Quinn, there with his daughter.
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2 The Triple Frontier The Triple Frontier
Written by Marc Cameron
Copyright: 2018

The brother of Jericho Quinn, Bo, was on a protection detail escorting an IT bigwig on a South American tour. It was in the danger zone of the border of Paraguay and Brazil and Argentina that they all went missing. Jericho Quinn mounts a mission to find him.
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I love a good hard-hitting action series especially when it is in the spy genre and this series gives me the action several times over and does it with a character that is very likable and believable. I devoured these books and if you like action, you will too.

The use of the codename Hammer, though, is a tad misleading for it makes it sound like he is just a blunt instrument and Quinn is hardly just that. He is smart, both educationally and street-wise. He is willing to get his hands dirty but he is also willing to not take the shot if it means innocent people could die. That being said, if a hammer is called for, he can be a very powerful one.

The series has some interesting and enjoyable supporting characters. The Marine Thibodaux is a hoot as is Quinn's younger brother, Bo. Bo joked in the first book that the money his family saved with Jericho's going to the Air Force Academy they were able to spend bailing him out of jail. Bo is a member of a Texas motorcycle gang that specializes in gray-area marketing.

I very much appreciate the fun that the author, Marc Cameron, put into these books. They speak of dangers that are real and possible and present the reader with characters willing to go up against them. And he does so in a very entertaining, fun read.


My Grade: A-

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RappFan32 A 2018-10-23

morris00 A 2020-07-08

One of my absolute favorites.

dbuhler A 2021-07-30

Jericho is an enjoyable character, because Cameron is an excellent story teller. But I sense Jericho''s days are numbered. Between Jack Ryan and Arliss Cutter, Cameron seems headed in a different direction. Jericho and his friends will be missed.

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