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Full Name: Jeffery Steele
Nationality: British
Organization: British Secret Service
Occupation Agent

Creator: Elliott Cannon
Time Span: 1973 - 1979


Jeffery Steele is an agent with the British Secret Service.

He was an average agent to hear him tell it. Certainly he was nothing compared to his fellow agent, Shaw Whitaker, who was the go-to guy that Steele's boss, Sir Richard Ordish, aka Tricky Dicky, would use if possible. Nevertheless, Steele was dependable, intelligent, and usually successful.

Steele did not think of himself as that smart, though. He calls himself "brawn" in his opening book, "a mere robot". He had served admirably though without distinction in the British Army Commandoes, good enough to be noticed by his superiors and recommended to Ordish when some muscle work was needed.

Prior to the first book, though, after having worked for Ordish for some time ably if not spectacularly, he was let go. While his colleague, Whitaker, was having a horrid time getting away from Ordish, Steele was practically kicked out. Though the matter was never fully explained, it was made apparent that at one point, Ordish, finding himself in a predicament, needed a fall guy to take the heat. Steele was chosen.

After twenty-two years of loyal service to first the Army, rising to the rank of Major, and then the Intelligence community, Steele was booted out in disgrace. He was allowed to keep his pension, for which he was grudgingly appreciative, but the bad feelings for his treatment over something he had not done wrong continued to annoy Steele. The fact that there was nothing he could do about it was even more frustrating.

As he put it, the man who was once an eager beaver was now hard with "few illusions". He moved to Spain where living was cheaper and tried to forget his former life. Unfortunately for him, before too long, a matter came up for which Ordish could really use a disgraced agent and Ordish knew the perfect sod to grab.

Though Steele likes to portray himself as mostly a brute, when things go bad and quick, intelligent action is needed, he is very good at being both and his survival on several occasions when he should not have lived prove it.

Jeremy Steele is part of a three-agent triumvirate written by Elliott Cannon, agents who have their own adventures but who also work together in another. The other two agents are Shaw Whitaker, a friend of Steele's, and Guy Fosse, a man Steele knows up. Of the three, Steele sees the least action with the first book being about him alone but the second book being more about Whitaker and Fosse with Steele having an important but smaller role.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:1973
Last Appearance:1979

1 A Sense Of Danger A Sense Of Danger
Written by Elliott Cannon
Copyright: 1973

Jeffery Steele had been a good agent until he was framed. This made him perfect when some time later his old boss needed someone with a lousy reputation for a job Britain could officially deny.

2 The Edge Of Hate The Edge Of Hate
Written by Elliott Cannon
Copyright: 1979

When Jeffery Steele hears that his old friend, Shaw Whitaker, is in danger, he decides to help but neither he nor Whitaker know that there is more than one person out to kill them.


I remarked in my comments on Steele's contemporary, Shaw Whitaker, that there was little to make the reader wish there was more books in the series and that holds true with the two-book Steele series. Granted with very bad things happening to the agent in the second adventure, that was a moot point anyways but Steele, though a very nice agent, is too bland to care much about.

In truth, I never got the feeling that Steele was meant to be a series character. He was a one-off who got brought back to serve a unpleasant role and that is it. His one main adventure was mildly enjoyable to read but that is best that can be said.

Oddly, the writing style is quite enjoyable and fast to read so it is a bit strange that afterwards, you tend to have little reaction one way of the other.


My Grade: C+


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