1919 - 1989

Writing as: Elliott Cannon, Nicholas Forde

A noted writer of history reference books, especially at least one on the story behind the classic Lorna Doone, Arthur Elliott-Cannon also wrote thrillers.

Series Books
Elliott Cannon
Guy Fosse The Dumbo Dossier (1975)
  The Big Chip (1976)
  The Edge Of Hate (1976)
  The V2 Virus (1980)
Jeffery Steele A Sense Of Danger (1973)
  The Edge Of Hate (1979)
Shaw Whitaker Breakaway (1973)
  The Edge Of Hate (1979)
  The V2 Virus (1980)
Other A Piece of Action (1973)
  Stand By to Shoot (1973)
  Element of Risk (1975)
  A Kind of Nightmare (1975)
  A Nice Guy Like Me (1977)
  The Treachery Trade (1977)
  Dead Reckoning (1978)
  The Tin Soldier (1978)
  Devil’s Paradise (1979)
  If You Can’t Be Good (1979)
  Dead-Ringer (1980)
  A Foe to Sleep (1980)
  The Life-Adjuster (1981)
  Nobody Loves Me (1981)
  A Question of Survival (1981)
Nicholas Forde
Other Urgent Enquiry [Mark Urgent] (1973)
  Urgent Action [Mark Urgent] (1974)
  Urgent Delivery [Mark Urgent] (1975)
  Engaged in Murder [Mark Urgent] (1977)
  Urgent Wedding [Mark Urgent] (1977)
  Urgent Trip [Mark Urgent] (1979)
  Urgent Conference [Mark Urgent] (1981)