1906 - 1987

Writing as: Dale Bogard, Paul Denver, Douglas Enefer, John Powers

A writer who penned many a book on assignment for British publisher World Distributors. According to one source, he was for many years a journalist working in Manchester.

Series Books
Dale Bogard
Other Lay the Dame on Ice [Dale Bogard] (1950)
  Lead Her Gently to the Grave [Dale Bogard] (1950)
  The Loveless Die First [Dale Bogard] (1950)
  Send Her No Lilies [Dale Bogard] (1950)
  Don’t Kill Me Twice [Dale Bogard] (1951)
  Make Sure I’m Dead [Dale Bogard] (1951)
  Nine Times Dead [Dale Bogard] (1951)
  Nobody Died for Johnnie [Dale Bogard] (1951)
  Nobody Knows the Dead [Dale Bogard] (1951)
  Pardon My Body [Dale Bogard] (1951)
  Speak Softly to the Dead [Dale Bogard] (1951)
  Dark Kiss [Dale Bogard] (1952)
  Double Kill [Dale Bogard] (1952)
  It’s Lonely on the Sidewalk [Dale Bogard] (1952)
Paul Denver
Other Black Stockings For Chelsea (1963)
  Dead on Time [Mike Power] (1965)
  The Last Laugh [Mike Power] (1965)
  Send Me No Lilies (1965)
  Striptease for Murder (1965)
  The Deadly Chance [Cannon] (novelization) (1973)
  The Golden Bullet [Cannon] (novelization) (1973)
  I’ve Got You Covered [Cannon] (novelization) (1973)
  The Falling Blonde [Cannon] (novelization) (1975)
Douglas Enefer
The Avengers The Avengers (1963)
The Man From U.N.C.L.E. The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Annual 1968 (1967)
Other The Last Door (1959)
  The Days of Vengeance (novelization) (1961)
  The Deadly Quiet [Dale Shand] (1961)
  The Long Chance [Dale Shand] (1961)
  Sammy (1963)
  The Dark Kiss [Dale Shand] (1965)
  The Shining Trap [Dale Shand] (1965)
  The Last Trick [Dale Shand] (1965)
  The Painted Death [Dale Shand] (1966)
  The Long Hot Night [Dale Shand] (1967)
  Pierhead 627 [Sam Bawtry] (1968)
  The Girl Chase [Dale Shand] (1968)
  Girl in Arms [Dale Shand] (1968)
  13 Steps to Lime Street [Sam Bawtry] (1969)
  The Gilded Kiss [Dale Shand] (1969)
  Girl in a Million [Sam Bawtry] (1970)
  The Deadline Dolly [Dale Shand] (1970)
  Riverside 90 [Sam Bawtry] (1970)
  A Long Way to Pitt Street [Sam Bawtry] (1972)
  The Screaming Orchid [Dale Shand] (1972)
  Girl on the M6 [Sam Bawtry] (1973)
  Lakeside Zero [Sam Bawtry] (1973)
  The Jade Green Judy [Sam Bawtry] (1974)
  Pacific North-West [Dale Shand] (1975)
  The Last Train to Rock Ferry [Sam Bawtry] (1975)
  Seven Nights at the Resort [Dale Shand] (1976)
  Ice in the Sun [Dale Shand] (1977)
  Farewell, Little Sister [Cannon] (novelization) (1978)
  Shoot-Out! [Cannon] (novelization) (1979)
  The Sixth Raid [Sam Bawtry] (1979)
  The Goodbye Blonde [Dale Shand] (1980)
  The Deadly Streak [Sam Bawtry] (1982)
  The Last Leap [Dale Shand] (1983)
John Powers
Other The Big Slam (1953)