1906 - 1987

Writing as: Dale Bogard, Paul Denver, Douglas Enefer, John Powers

A writer who penned many a book on assignment for British publisher World Distributors. According to one source, he was for many years a journalist working in Manchester.

Series Books
Dale Bogard
Other Send Her No Lilies [Dale Bogard] (1950)
  Lay the Dame on Ice [Dale Bogard] (1950)
  Lead Her Gently to the Grave [Dale Bogard] (1950)
  The Loveless Die First [Dale Bogard] (1950)
  Speak Softly to the Dead [Dale Bogard] (1951)
  Pardon My Body [Dale Bogard] (1951)
  Nobody Knows the Dead [Dale Bogard] (1951)
  Nobody Died for Johnnie [Dale Bogard] (1951)
  Nine Times Dead [Dale Bogard] (1951)
  Make Sure I’m Dead [Dale Bogard] (1951)
  Don’t Kill Me Twice [Dale Bogard] (1951)
  It’s Lonely on the Sidewalk [Dale Bogard] (1952)
  Double Kill [Dale Bogard] (1952)
  Dark Kiss [Dale Bogard] (1952)
Paul Denver
Other Black Stockings For Chelsea (1963)
  Dead on Time [Mike Power] (1965)
  The Last Laugh [Mike Power] (1965)
  Send Me No Lilies (1965)
  Striptease for Murder (1965)
  The Deadly Chance [Cannon] (novelization) (1973)
  The Golden Bullet [Cannon] (novelization) (1973)
  I’ve Got You Covered [Cannon] (novelization) (1973)
  The Falling Blonde [Cannon] (novelization) (1975)
Douglas Enefer
The Avengers The Avengers (1963)
The Man From U.N.C.L.E. The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Annual 1968 (1967)
Other The Last Door (1959)
  The Long Chance [Dale Shand] (1961)
  The Days of Vengeance (novelization) (1961)
  The Deadly Quiet [Dale Shand] (1961)
  Sammy (1963)
  The Last Trick [Dale Shand] (1965)
  The Shining Trap [Dale Shand] (1965)
  The Dark Kiss [Dale Shand] (1965)
  The Painted Death [Dale Shand] (1966)
  The Long Hot Night [Dale Shand] (1967)
  Girl in Arms [Dale Shand] (1968)
  Pierhead 627 [Sam Bawtry] (1968)
  The Girl Chase [Dale Shand] (1968)
  13 Steps to Lime Street [Sam Bawtry] (1969)
  The Gilded Kiss [Dale Shand] (1969)
  The Deadline Dolly [Dale Shand] (1970)
  Riverside 90 [Sam Bawtry] (1970)
  Girl in a Million [Sam Bawtry] (1970)
  The Screaming Orchid [Dale Shand] (1972)
  A Long Way to Pitt Street [Sam Bawtry] (1972)
  Lakeside Zero [Sam Bawtry] (1973)
  Girl on the M6 [Sam Bawtry] (1973)
  The Jade Green Judy [Sam Bawtry] (1974)
  Pacific North-West [Dale Shand] (1975)
  The Last Train to Rock Ferry [Sam Bawtry] (1975)
  Seven Nights at the Resort [Dale Shand] (1976)
  Ice in the Sun [Dale Shand] (1977)
  Farewell, Little Sister [Cannon] (novelization) (1978)
  Shoot-Out! [Cannon] (novelization) (1979)
  The Sixth Raid [Sam Bawtry] (1979)
  The Goodbye Blonde [Dale Shand] (1980)
  The Deadly Streak [Sam Bawtry] (1982)
  The Last Leap [Dale Shand] (1983)
John Powers
Other The Big Slam (1953)